Thursday, July 20, 2006

Holiday Road

I'm feeling much better, at least mentally, than I did on Sunday. With everything that happened at the Acme, Sunday would have been a bad day even without the injuries.

It could have been worse. My left knee is twisted. My right wrist is sprained. My legs and arms are either deeply bruised or just look ugly but move fine. I currently have my knee up, and both knee and wrist will be put in braces when I work tonight and were when I worked Tuesday.

I did take Monday off. I spent it with my sister Rose, her boyfriend Greg, and her puppy Kelsey at Rose's apartment in Audobon Park, about five or so minutes from my apartment. It's probably just as well I took the day off; temperatures in the Philadelphia/Camden area hit 100 Monday (and were only slightly lower on Tuesday, though they've since dropped). I spent Monday napping, watching Nickelodeon cartoons with Rose, and playing with Kelsey, who is way too cute. She licked my face, nibbled my toes, and fell asleep on one foot. : 0 )

I've tried to rest as much as possible the rest of the week, though I did work Tuesday night and am working again late tonight. (I originally had off yesterday.) I really shouldn't have taken Monday off, since I had lousy hours this week, but my knee was really killing me at that point and I was still feeling low after Sunday's myriad disasters. Calling my mom helped, and so did staying with Rose.

I finally got to chat with Lauren last night. My trip to visit her in Massachussettes next week is still on. I'm just going to have to be a little more careful with my knee. My knee is feeling better; the wrist still hurts a bit. I'm still walking slow and can't make any sudden moves on the knee.

I'm glad I decided not to call off the trip. I'd just feel lousier if I did. We've planned this for months. The change of scenery will probably help, and so will that mountain air...and being around my best friend.

Now, off to pack...

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