Monday, February 17, 2020

Spoofs of Times Past

Got a late start and only had time for What's My Line? this morning. The panel quickly guessed that the first man sold a jump rope with what amounts to what we would now call a pedometer. All four got to try it out. Poor Henry Morgan and Soupy Sales couldn't time their jumps right and barely got anything. Anita Gillette by far out-skipped the others, and Arlene Francis didn't do too badly, either. Henry redeemed himself by quickly guessing the identity of a woman dog catcher. Arlene Francis made use of her many years of experience on the show in a mini-game that had her correctly guessing the occupations of four members of the audience.

Went straight to work after Arlene made her guesses. Considering the holiday, it wasn't as busy as I figured it would be. For one thing, we had amazing weather. Glorious sunshine, blue skies, and soft breezes replaced the rain and cold that's plagued South Jersey for most of last week. I did end up in the register a few times later in the day, when we were short on help, but I mainly gathered carts, put baskets away, shelved candy, and bagged.

Put on Tattletales when I got home and changed, and then as I finally got around to taking down the Valentine's Day decorations. Orson Bean and his then-wife Carolyn, who played for the yellow "banana" section, were the overwhelming winners today. They got every question right, joking about his slobbish tendencies and storytelling.

Worked on writing after I put the box away. Malade threatens to bring in Ira and her trolls before finally vanishing. Gene and Richard agree that they need to find a way to stop Ira and Malade's army from doing damage to them and the castle. Poor Bill the wolf is so terrified of ending up in Malade's clutches again, he refuses to help. Marcia's disgusted with him, but he doesn't want her to harm him or his servants. It's Richard who comes up with the plan to take Ira and his men by making them all invisible with the servants.

Broke for dinner at 6. Made Salisbury steaks, steamed broccoli, and cranberry sauce while watching episodes of Match Game from 1975. Psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Brothers had a field day trying to figure out Patti Deutsch and her unusual answers and Bill Daily and his many anxiety tics, along with fielding wisecracks from Gene and the three regulars. For some reason, Sale of the Century jumped back to 1985. All three contestants were pretty close for most of the game, but the champion pulled ahead and won the speed round decisively. He opted for taking that day's prize, and I couldn't blame him - it was a gorgeous white grand piano. I would have taken it, too.

Finished the night on Crackle and the Roku Channel with a "sitcom period movie spoof" mini-marathon. I Dream of Jeannie did a few costumer satires, including "My Master, the Pirate" from the second season. When Tony tells Jeannie about searching for Captain Kidd's treasure, she flashes them back on board Kidd's ship. Tony accidentally knocks the Captain overboard, becoming captain himself. His crew threatens mutiny after Tony refuses to kill a beautiful prisoner who turns out to be his great-great-great grandmother. He and Jeannie have to flee the ship and get his grandmother to safety, or Tony won't exist!

Suddenly Susan, a late 90's work-com featuring Brooke Shields, did a hilarious take on Titanic in their third season, "Seems Like Old Times." After an earthquake wrecks havoc on the offices of the magazine where she works, Susan and her co-workers help a little old lady out of a stuck elevator. Grateful to be rescued, the woman relates a fantastic story of how her mother (Susan) sang for Enrico Caruso and discovered her great love, a sweeper at a tavern (Judd Nelson, who played Susan's boss), only to lose him when the San Francisco Earthquake of 1903 hit. Check out the awesome dance routine to "Proud Mary," of all songs, here!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Adventures In Asian Cuisine

Began the day with work. Started off doing the carts and outdoor trash, but I wasn't out for long. Another bagger took over the carts around 11, giving me the chance to work on shelving a full cart of candy and helping bag for long lines. The lines were so long, I ended up in the register a few times. My hands are cracking; grabbed Band-Aids off the clearance rack, along with half-price heart-shaped York Peppermint Patties. Got my annual bag of Girl Scouts Lemonade cookies just as the girls were closing up shop.

I wanted to go out for lunch, but I forgot that my first choice, Chick Fil'A, is closed on Sundays. Despite the sun and relative warmth, it remained too cold for Sonic. Arby's gives me heartburn, and I just had dinner at Tu Se Bella with Jessa a while back.

Ended up at the new Pho Asia Vietnamese restaurant in the Audubon Crossings shopping center. My experience with Vietnamese food is limited to the delicious spring rolls I once had at a fancy restaurant in Cape May on Christmas Day in 2004. I just missed the lunch crowd; a large group left as I came in. Pretty much needed spring rolls, which I've loved ever since. Opted for a simple beef-noodle soup for lunch. It came with a plate of bean sprouts with wide, flat minty leaves. I tried eating the sprouts with chopsticks, but I don't think I did very well. The Vietnamese kids working there eventually took pity on me and gave me a fork. The sprouts actually tasted quite good in the soup; it complimented the sliced beef and thin rice noodles nicely.

Went straight home and into bed. I stayed up relatively late with Lauren last night, and it was busy at work. I needed a nap rather badly. I was so worn out, I slept until nearly 5:30.

Worked on writing for a while after I rolled out of bed. Gene finally emerges, blasting the old woman into the fence. Yes, she's the evil witch Malade. Bill runs off in fear the minute he identifies her. Marcia and Richard are all for getting rid of her, but she vanishes before anyone can do anything, threatening to bring out the Sheriff and her trolls.

Had whole wheat pancakes and turkey bacon for dinner while listening to The Pirate Movie soundtrack. This is one of my best record store finds. This is the last thing I expected to fish out of the dollar bins at one of the local music stores. It doesn't have the best reputation, but some of the songs are really fun. Mom used to like the revised lyrics on "Modern Major General," and Ted Hamilton has a blast with "I am the Pirate King." I also like the ensemble version of the finale "Happy Endings," and both "We are the Pirates."

Finished the night after a shower with Buzzr. They did their own tribute to the late Orson Bean with two episodes from Match Game, one of which, Orson's first (with Marcia Wallace), I'd already seen. The episodes of Super Password were entirely new to me, though. Orson joined host Bert Convy and Mary Cadorette of the short-lived Three's Company spin-off Three's a Crowd for the final two episodes of a week in fall 1985. Orson admitted he's a "walking compendium of useless knowledge" when he explained to a miffed Mary and puzzled Bert about the Australian airline company Qandas and what the letters stand for. "Qandas" came up in the Super Password bonus round, and Mary hadn't heard of it and didn't know how to describe it. (Research reveals they're still in business today as Australia's leading airline.)

(The also ran non-Bean episodes of Body Language featuring Mindy Cohn and Jamie Farr between the shows. I guess they couldn't bring themselves to preempt that one again after they did it last week for the Valentine's Day marathon.)

Saturday, February 15, 2020

An Armful of Sunshine

I stayed up late last night watching YouTube. Didn't get up until almost 10:30, and it was closer to noon when I finally rolled out of bed. I got up so late, Buzzr already started running Match Game. Had a very quick brunch and made my grocery list as I enjoyed the game. Orson Bean made a cameo in the beginning as he came onstage to admit he was there as a stand-in for Gary Burgoff, whose wife was about to have a baby.

Didn't get out until past 1:30. Made my first stop of the day at the Oaklyn Library. They're still in the midst of reorganizing their adult DVD and book titles. I did those, then took a brief look at the kid area. They were about a half-hour from closing when I arrived, and I saw no one but the librarian. I headed out ten minutes before closing.

I wanted to do my grocery shopping today because the Acme's had "dessert party" in the back room, with all kinds of sweet treats set out on two tables. Along with my donuts, I saw a pineapple upside-down cake, a moist pound cake, a banana pudding cake, mini-cheesecakes, brownies, a rum bundt cake, and a regular chocolate cake with vanilla icing. I tried the rum cake, a brownie, a few donuts, and slices of the rum cake and pineapple upside-down cake. The pineapple cake was by far the best of them, perfectly sweet and fruity, with huge cherries in the center. I believe the rum cake was made with real rum - I could taste the slight bite in the near-liquid topping.

Needed quite a bit today, mainly things I kept forgetting in the past few weeks. I have an online coupon for free eggs from the Acme's rewards program, as well as online coupons for yogurt, bananas, and milk. Found broccoli and cake mix on good sales. Picked up boxes of My T Fine pudding mixes from the clearance racks. Restocked canned mandarin oranges and pineapple, toilet paper, buttermilk, lemon and lime juice, parchment paper, turkey bacon, plastic bags for bread, and chocolate chips.

My schedule's not bad. Early days all week; Tuesday and next Saturday off. The head bagger went on vacation again. At the very least, I'll have the time to get a lot done after work, and Tuesday is the only day this week we're supposed to get rain.

Returned to Buzzr when I got home. Let's Make a Deal had Monty Hall giving out a Mexican vacation to a lady who wanted a Hawaiian vacation and a tropical holiday to a woman who wanted to go to Mexico. The first lady ended up being one of the big dealers of the day and got cash that would likely be enough to go anywhere she wanted. A couple dressed as vacationers in sun hats and kiddie floats got the big deal, a huge stereo and TV set and a gorgeous piano.

Continued into Classic Concentration as I got organized and rounded up the laundry. The audience got unusually rowdy today as a college student and an older woman from Brooklyn both got "Take" cards...and both claimed a beautiful grandfather clock that they claimed to want badly. In the end, the young man took it back, won all the other prizes, and got the puzzle right. He couldn't figure out the car bonus round as fast, though. Alex Trebek joined in the fun, cracking jokes about his ex-wife and getting unusually loose for him.

Headed to the laundromat even before Concentration ended. I really needed to wash work clothes and couldn't put it off. For once, I picked the right time. They weren't busy at all. However, I discovered to my dismay that they raised the prices on the cheap washers another 25 cents; they're now $2.75, just 25 cents less expensive than the big front-loading washers. I'm tempted to use those from now-on, no matter how much slower they are. It got so late by the time my load came out, I ended up rushing the dryer and not letting them go as long as I probably should have.

Listened to Billy Joel on my CD player as I put the clothes away when I got home, then switched to writing. Bill the wolf figures out what happened to Brett when he sniffs around the comb in her head. The comb has been dipped in poison. Charles gets it out right away and restores her to health, though she remains groggy and sick. Marcia and Richard demand that the old woman explain herself, but she's not exactly talking.

I finished so late, I didn't break for dinner until well past 7:30. Made turkey bacon, roasted potatoes, and scrambled eggs with spinach, cheese, and mushrooms while watching more Sailor Moon. The second half of the Super S (fourth) season arrived from Amazon yesterday. The first disc kicks off with "Destined Partners? Makoto's Innocence." Makoto is thrilled when a handsome, mysterious young man chooses to dance with her at a big college party. She's so smitten with him, she stays up all night waiting for him. That young man, however, is far from what he seems...and his wooing her is part of a Dead Moon Circus plot.

Fish Eye goes after Mamoru in "Shadow of Evil: The Trio's Last Chance." Fed up with their constant failures, Zirconia tells them what they really are...and that if they don't get Mamoru's dreams, she'll return them to what they were. Fish Eye desperately tries to woo Mamoru, but he adores his dream-filled Usagi. Puzzled, the Amazon ends up befriending Usagi and trying to find out why he and his guy buddies don't have beautiful dreams like hers.

Finished the night with Heidi's Song for free on Vudu. I go further into this lovely Hanna-Barbara animated musical from my childhood at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - Heidi's Song

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Match

Considering what the weather this week's been like, it was wonderful to wake up to sunshine and blue skies. Watched the Peanuts Valentine's Day specials while eating breakfast and cleaning up afterwards. Linus is in love with his teacher Miss Othmar in Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Sally thinks the candy he buys is for her. Lucy would love it if Schroeder would leave the piano long enough to give her a kiss, while Charlie Brown is desperately hoping to get some kind of valentine from his peers. Meanwhile, Snoopy's staging elaborate and rather messy puppet shows.

The kids don't have much better luck in the later A Charlie Brown Valentine. Snoopy's recruited to write love poem's for Sally's valentine, which Linus refuses to touch. Charlie Brown keeps trying to figure out how to ask the Little Red Haired Girl to the Valentine's Day dance, but ends up going with Peppermint Patty and Marcie. Lucy continues to hangs around Schroeder's piano in the hope he'll actually give her a Valentine's gift.

The Pink Panther has even worse luck in Pink at First Sight. He's so lonely, he imagines everything around him to be a lady panther, including a child's teddy bear. He finally takes a job as a bike messenger to make money, using cassette tapes as his "specialty." Most people don't seem to appreciate his efforts, whether it's a wife whose husband mistakes his crooning recording for an attempt to seduce her or gangsters who are sent a bomb and blame him for it.

Headed out shortly after the end of the cartoon. Things started out pretty well. I spent the first hour doing carts and sweeping. It didn't start to get crazy until later, when people got off of work and headed out to pick up flowers and steak and seafood for their surf and turf dinners. I ended up in a register at least twice, but mainly swept the store and shelved candy. Picked up pads (the generic Acme brand was buy one-get one) and a bag of heart-shaped York Peppermint Patties on the way out.

Worked on writing when I got home. Marcia uses her magic to pry the witch - Malade, the evil queen in disguise - off Brett. Richard threatens her with his arrows to get her to reveal how to revive Brett and lift the curse on Bill, but she's not talking. Charles attends to his fallen friend...and he's the one who realizes what's going on, and how to bring her out of her faint...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game while I ate breaded fish fillet, roasted potatoes, and the last of the Brussels sprouts. Joan Collins joined Brett, Charles, Gene, Richard, tough Scoey Mitchlll, and Patti Deustch of the oddly creative answers for her only appearance on the show in mid-1975. The champion had stiff competition in Sale of the Century from a young woman and another man, both of whom jumped past him at a few points...but in the end, he bought both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash and managed to win in the speed round. Did even worse with the bonus round, though, missing one question and messing up another at the last second.

Switched to Sailor Moon Super S: Black Dream Hole while attempting to make chocolate donuts for the Acme's dessert party tomorrow, despite being out of eggs and milk. It's a few days before Valentine's Day, and the Sailor Guardians are all very excited to be able to give away their own chocolate chip cookies. Usagi's hoping her boyfriend Mamoru will enjoy hers far more than their daughter Chibi-Usa's. As it turns out, she has worse problems than whose baking Mamoru likes better. An evil witch has kidnapped children from around the globe and is draining their sweet dreams to energize her Black Dream Hole. If it becomes large enough, it'll swallow the globe whole! Usagi and the other Guardians join up with a gentle dream elf who befriended Chibi-Usa in order to rescue her and stop the witch.

Finished the night with a special Match Game Valentine's Day marathon of my own. Match Game was even more fun when two married people played on one panel. From married dancers Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce to Password king and queen Allen Ludden and Betty White and grumpy Jack Klugman and his salty wife Brett Somers (they later divorced or separated - no one seems entirely sure which), it's definitely more fun to match with a loved one!

Match Game '73 - Bobby & Elaine: This was Elaine's first appearance on the show...and we get a rather interesting question about another famous duo, Batman and Robin, early-on.
Match Game '73 - Jack & Brett: Jack's not happy about one of the questions, to the point where his wife has to keep him from walking out. A blissed-out Mama "Cass" Elliot becomes one of the few rock stars to appear on the show, and does rather well, too.
Match Game '74 - Bobby & Elaine: Elaine is most definitely her husband's "#1 fan," at least according to her t-shirt.
Match Game '74 - Donald & Patti: Comedy writer Donald Ross proves to be a perfect match for his equally kooky wife Patti Deustch as they and Charles help a lady become the all-time show champion at that point.
Match Game '75 - Allen & Betty: Allen comes down to defend his wife's honor after Gene makes a remark about "having Betty"; Brett, meanwhile, is having more fun doing her own idea of belly dancing to the tune of the "Star Spangled Banner."
Match Game '78 - Gene & Helen: Richard jokes that his fiancee is in the Gene's annoyance, as he's pointing to his beloved wife Helen.
Match Game '78 - Jack & Brett: Check out the end of this one, where the rest of the cast dress the two for their second "wedding"...despite them having already been permanently apart by this point.
Match Game '79 - Dick & Dolly: Married stars of Laugh In Dick & Dolly Martin join in on the fun as Gene avoids an especially excited contestant that Nipsey Russell has no problems embracing!

Here's hoping you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your own perfect match!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rainy Day Blues

Began a gloomy, wet morning with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. Three women all claimed to have written the book The Incredible Journey (which later became not one, but two wonderful Disney films). Only Peggy Cass missed it; everyone else correctly guessed #1. (Peggy thought the writer was Canadian, and the lady on the end had a British accent.) She had some really interesting stories about her research for her next book on Eskimo culture, including what narwhal meat tasted like.

Had an even better time with What's My Line? The panel didn't get close to what the 77-year-old woman did for a living - she painted houses. They were encouraged to see  how well she could match shades by creating a shade of yellow that matched the one on a board behind them. It was absolutely hilarious to watch the four banter back-and-forth, with Arlene Francis bossing Gene Rayburn around and Soupy Sales cracking cooking jokes. In the end, Soupy and Anita Gillette were judged to have the closest tint of yellow. (As it turned out, this was fairly ironic. Anita later admitted that Soupy's color blind.)

One of the managers called me early in the morning and asked me to stay later at work. The bagger who was supposed to work in the afternoon called out. I would have been happier about the extra hours if this wasn't the third time I've had to take hours for this guy when he didn't want to come in on a rainy day. I also had to chase after both the large and smaller brooms again, and I messed up the clock when I accidentally signed out for lunch after I meant to do the sweep log. I was more than happy to finally head home, especially since the rain had finally vanished by 3. (It remained cloudy and cold for the rest of the day.)

Watched Tattletales after I got home and changed into dry clothes. Orson Bean and his wife Carolyn were the "banana" (yellow) team in this 1974 episode. Perpetually complaining Nancy Sinatra and her husband Hugh Lambert gave them stiff competition...but rather ironically, the winners were troubled tough guy Robert Blake and his nervous then-wife Sondra.

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. The seemingly harmless old woman manages to stop Charles and Bill in their tracks. Before Richard and Marcia can attack her, she slides a comb into the hypnotized Brett's black-silver hair, then takes off with a cackle, believing she's rid herself of her competition and stolen her older stepdaughter's beauty.

Switched over to Match Game while making a cherry preserves and cheese omelet to go with the broccoli-cheese soup for dinner. Orson, Pat, and Joyce finished out their run with a rather handsome young fellow who mostly seemed to like Brett for the Head-to-Head, to her consternation. Sale of the Century disappointingly skipped over that college week that sounded like fun, opting to return to the usual game. This time, the contestant blasted through the competition, even with buying an Instant Bargain and the Instant Cash, but missed the bonus round in the very last second.

Did Bugs Bunny's Cupid Capers while watching the dishes. A cupid who looks suspiciously like Elmer Fudd tries to bring various Toon couples together. Bugs isn't impressed and claims he's more meddling than anything else.

Finished the night with Love Me Tonight. I go further into one of the most delightful musical romantic comedies ever made at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

My Funny Valentine - Love Me Tonight

And here's a few more vintage specials from YouTube on the funny side of love for your Valentine's Day enjoyment:

I Love the Chipmunks Valentine's Day Special
The Bernstein Bears' Comic Valentine
The Popeye Valentine's Day Special: Sweethearts at Sea
Ducktails (1989): A Ducktales Valentine
For Better or For Worse: A Valentine From the Heart
A Goofy Look at Valentine's Day (Disney Educational Short)
Cathy's Valentine
A Special Valentine With the Family Circus
He-Man: Prince Adam No More
From Disney With Love
Muppet Babies (1984): Be My Valentine

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Whale of a Tale

Began the morning with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. Three members of the panel questioned women who claimed to have written a book on American wedding rituals, from huge Polish weddings to "quickies" in Vegas. Bill Cullen dropped out early, claiming he'd read the book. Once again, the choices were all over the map, but in the end, the writer was #2, the one who'd never been married. The panel didn't do quite as well on What's My Line? None of them could figure out that the candy the woman worked with was actually Cracker Jacks - she put the prizes in Cracker Jacks boxes.

Work largely went much better than it did yesterday. For one thing, it was pin-drop quiet when I got in, and it never did get more than mildly steady. I spent most of the morning alternating between putting carts away and shelving items. The weather was nice for it, too, a little cooler than it has been, but sunny and windless. Switched the focus to shelving and sweeping after another bagger came in at noon. By the time it started to pick up and I'd started bagging, I was just about done.

Needed a few things after work. Tomorrow is Jessa's birthday, and I wanted to buy her a gift card. I keep forgetting to pick up yeast, too. I like to experiment with bread recipes in the winter. Also treated myself to those delicious chocolate "everything" (peanut butter chips and pretzels) cookies.

Put on Downton Abbey when I got home while I had a snack and changed. This time, I started with the right episode, the first show of the third season. There's finally going to be a wedding at Downton as the series begins. Mary and Matthew prepare for their vows with an onslaught of relatives, including Cora's eccentric American mother Martha (Shirley MacLaine). Sybil and her Irish former chauffeur husband are also among the guests. Tom's views on Irish nationalism offends Lord Crawley, but Matthew manages to calm everything by making Tom his best man. Meanwhile, Anna is still trying to get Bates out of prison, and Lord Crawley makes a disquieting discovery about their financial status.

Worked on writing after the show ended. A little old lady in tattered peddler's rags appears at the gate. Bill smells something familiar - and unpleasant - about her, and Charles and Marcia don't trust her, either. She does seem to have a hold over Brett, enough to get her to consider her basket of trinkets, including a beautiful and deadly comb...

Broke for dinner at quarter after 6. Watched Match Game episodes while eating leftover beef vegetable stew. The late Orson Bean offered his Vermont wit to a pair of shows from 1975 that also included sweetly daffy Joyce Bulifant (who happily promoted her new country album) and TV and stage actress Pat Finley.

Decided to try something different after dinner. I found a recipe for rye soft pretzels in one of the vintage bread recipe books I picked up from yard sales last year. Thought it would be a great way to get rid of the last of the rye flour I've had forever. Turned out I didn't quite have enough for pretzels, so I added whole wheat flour and made multi-grain pretzels. It was a very simple recipe that cooked quickly and didn't even require rising...and it came out quite nicely, chewy with a nice, crusty outside.

Watched Sale of the Century while the pretzels baked. The young man from the last few days had some stiff competition from the another fellow with a long face on the other side. They kept going back and forth all day, with both buying Instant Bargains. They even tied in the speed round, with the champ just barely winning. He didn't get as lucky in the bonus round this time, though...

Finished the night after a shower with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in honor of Kirk Douglas, who also passed away last week. Douglas plays Ned Land, a rowdy sailor who is on a Navy expedition with Professor Pierre Arronax (Paul Lukas) and his loyal assistant Consell (Peter Lorre) to find the "sea monster" that's been destroying ships. The "monster" takes a bite out of their ship as well, leaving them stranded. Turns out it's actually a monster-like submarine that belongs to Captain Nemo (James Mason), a scientist who made many great discoveries, but lost his family and was tortured by an island nation that wanted them. He now attacks all ships that make war or threaten to destroy others, destroying them and killing their crews before they can be destroyed. The ship and the energy that powers it fascinates Arronax, but Ned and Consell just want out of there. They'll have to dodge a massive squid more dangerous than any "monster" if they want to get the word out and stop Nemo before he does any more damage.

Possibly Disney's best live-action sci-fi film outside of the Star Wars series. The special effects won an Oscar at the time and continue to impress. The squid occasionally looks like the rubber puppet it probably is, but sequence builds it up well, and it remains terrifying. Mason gives one of his best performances as Nemo, who wants to stop war, even if it means killing others to do it. Douglas gets to play against type as a more roguish Han Solo-esque hero than usual for him, and even shows off a fairly attractive voice for the catchy sea shanty "Whale of a Tale."

It moves too slow for younger kids, but older kids on up who love steampunk or are willing to give an older science fiction movie a try will love this one.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sweethearts and Matches

Kicked off a rainy morning with breakfast and the second half of Press Your Luck. This time, the first two contestants were hit with Whammies and knocked out of the game almost immediately after they began. The young man remaining won by default, but Peter Tomarken told him he could use his spins anyway. He used about half his spins (including a few he got from the board) before calling it quits after hitting a Hawaiian vacation, which is just about the most sensible thing I've ever seen anyone do on this show. The mother and daughter kept winning on Blockbusters, easily beating a sweet young woman with a dog named Alice and doing well against another handsome young gentleman.

Watched Match Game while getting ready to go to work. Gary Burgoff, Loni Anderson, Marcia Wallace, and McLean Stevenson ended their run with Marcia giving an unusual answer on the Head-to-Head, McLean pledging Gary's money to help the contestant, and Gene and McLean happily ogling Loni and joking about her hair being on McLean's shoulder.

It continued to shower as I headed off to work. I just went on my bike and got wet. It slowed down shortly after, and was gone all together by 4. The weather wasn't the problem. I spent the first half of the day alternating between sweeping the store and gathering carts...but somehow, the large broom vanished after lunch. I have no idea who took it or where it went. All of the departments have their own large brooms. I tried sweeping with a smaller broom, but it just didn't work. Ended up spending the last hour outside and skipping the sweeping all together. It may have been just as well. By then, the sky was mostly blue, the sun was out, and it had turned into a rather pleasant late afternoon.

Headed straight home and onto the computer after work. Marcia and Richard try their hardest to get Bill to tell them what's going on. He tries, but he just can't spit it out. Brett's really not feeling well. The black magic that permeates the castle is getting to her, and she's worried about her stepmother, the evil witch Malade...or is there something else lurking in the shadows outside of the garden that's waiting to spring on the unsuspecting group?

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Jodie's bagged broccoli and cauliflower from the Super Bowl fondue party was getting soft. I cooked it with onions in milk, cheddar cheese, and home-made vegetable stock and made Broccoli-Cheddar Soup. Had it with a baked breaded flounder fillet and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Returned to Match Game while I ate. Late comedian Orson Bean, stage and TV actress Pat Finley, and adorably goofy Joyce Bulifant joined Gene, Brett, Charles, and Richard for a show from 1975. Joyce's silly jokes and Orson's wry observations added to all the fun, including Brett and Charles starting in on each other again.

Sale of the Century went equally well. We had a new champion, a young man who bought the second Instant Bargain and still managed to blast the other women away. He even did well in the bonus round, winning it at the last second even after missing an answer.

Finished the night with Sweethearts. I go further into this romantic comedy vehicle for 30's operetta stars Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews.

Sweethearts (1938)