Friday, June 24, 2016

Dancin' In the Streets

Began a late morning with breakfast and episodes of Sailor Moon. My favorite episodes of the first season are the pair that make up the two-parter where Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon learn they're the Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and Prince Endymion of the Earth. Zoycite has lured Mamoru to the Starlight Tower to gain the remaining Rainbow Crystals; Usagi is accidentally along for the ride. The duo first reveal their secret identities to save each other from Zoycite's traps, then learn of their other lives when Tuxedo Mask is hurt. Sailor Moon is able to get herself and the other Guardians and cats out with the just-found Silver Crystal, but Tuxedo Mask is kidnapped by the enemy.

Spent the rest of the morning and an hour or so later at night writing. Leia has been captured by Derek Vader, the mysterious head of Dark Star Industries. She's taken to his secret factory in the hills, where Tarkin is waiting for her. They've been gathering crystals from Alderaanian artifacts and from the ruins to power a laser canon ten times stronger than any gun. Tarkin at first threatens her family's home with it, but Vader's idea is less damaging to the neighborhood and Dark Star's reputation - drugging her into talking. She doesn't, and wakes up bound and gagged in a room in the factory.

I headed out around 1:30 for today's errands. Did lunch at Phillies Phatties. I had the usual slice of cheese and slice of mushroom with a can of Mountain Dew's Baja Blast sweet lime soda. I really like that one. It's unique. It was so nice by then, I ate lunch outside at the picnic tables. It was sunny, windy, and though a tad humid, not as hot. The wind on my back felt nice and cool as I finished my slices and watched kids get cold treats at Phillies Yummies two doors down.

It was a wonderful day to cut across Newton Lake Park. Summer is in its full flower now. The leaves on the trees are big and thick and so, so green. The grass is getting a little crunchy, though. We might need some more rain.

Haddon Township Library was busy with kids now out of school when I arrived. I left the adult DVDs to other volunteers, but I did organize and shelve the kids' DVDs. I also shelved audio and music CDs and went through the adult titles, making sure foreign titles and kids' discs weren't mixed in.

I took quite a bit out for the first time in weeks! Found one of the more recent Daisy Dalyrumple books, Heirs to the Body, and a Star Wars: Rebels-based adult novel, A New Dawn. Also grabbed a discussion of the culture of the 30's and the Great Depression (which is the time when my current story is set), Dancing In the Dark. For movies, I went with the Japanese fantasy war tale Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, the 30's-set Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which I have seen, but not in years), and the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. I was waiting to get closer to summer to take out the Peanuts camp-themed set He's a Bully, Charlie Brown. It's definitely the right time now.

Went straight back to Oaklyn after I finished, briefly stopping at WaWa for skim milk. This evening was the first day of Oaklyn's new Friday Food & Farms Festival. Apparently, every month from now until September, Oaklyn is going to hold a small farm market on the block of West Clinton between Woodlawn and Manor. There was a LOT more food than there was farm. It was almost all food booths and vans, except for one woman showing off the benefits of raising chickens in the area, and one very tiny farm booth with very small vegetables. I did buy scallions and oddly long, thin radishes from them.

Ran into Rose as I was buying my veggies. She'd seen the signs too and brought her family to the event. She, Craig, and Khai were sitting with neighbors, enjoying Phillies Phatties pizza. I settled on a very sweet and coffee-tasting cappuccino water ice from Phillies Yummies. I chatted with Rose and watched Khai and his friend from school run around with the balloon he got from a vendor. He was very upset when his balloon broke off its ribbon and floated away in the wind over the roof tops!

Played Lego Indiana Jones 2 when I got home, or tried to. I did manage to get through the actual Temple of Doom, solving puzzles to get the kid Maharajah off the ledges and out of Mola Ram's control. The trouble was with the final round. I was almost done with Mola Ram's many-armed stone idol, but for some odd reason, I had to whip the head twice...and it got stuck after the second time, making the same god-awful noise Lego Star Wars did when it glitched. Damn it. I'll try again tomorrow or next week.

Finished the night more pleasantly, with a broccoli, cheese, and scallion omelet and baking Banana Honey Muffins. Ran another episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey while I ate and worked. Jake takes a "High Stakes Lady" to Takura for a major poker tournament. It turns out there's a lot more than poker being played when he and the lady are kidnapped by Japanese agents...and the lady is far from what she claims to be.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Rains Came Late

Began the day with my first work shift in a week and a half. After it was dead when I was running errands at the Acme yesterday, I didn't think it would be that bad...and it wasn't. It did get relatively busy around noon. The carts were empty when I came out to do them during the second half of my shift. It was cloudy when I went to work. It even showered lightly as I rode down the Black Horse Pike. By noon, though, it was sunny, hot, and humid. My feet were killing me by the time I finished. I bought oatmeal (which I forgot yesterday) and the Acme's generic fruit soda and headed home.

When I got in, I read Honor Among Thieves for a little while, then went on the computer to do story work. Leia and Artie dodge the men shooting at them long enough to get back to Alderaan Manor, Leia's godparents' home. Leia finds the other thing the men were looking for in her godfather's desk - the map that lead to his major discovery. Artie's intrigued, but Clarence, Bail's worrywart assistant/translator/secretary, is absolutely frightened.

He has every reason to be scared. Gunshots shatter the windows of Bail's office, forcing the trio to take cover. While Clarence tries to call the cops, Leia hands the map and Bail's research over to Artie. He and Clarence are to take it to Luke and Benton Kenobi at the Los Angeles Daily Star. She fires at the men again to distract them. The two servants get out. Leia isn't so lucky. One of the goons knocks her out before she can follow.

The rain that had threatened in the morning didn't finally arrive until around 6 this evening. Thankfully, it wasn't a thunderstorm, just a heavy shower. (Good thing I did work early today.) I was eating leftovers and watching an episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey when it started.

A Japanese man wants to "Honor Thy Brother" by luring Jake into a trap. Jake shot down his brother the year before, and the man wants revenge. Meanwhile, Sarah is delighted when Jake tells her he's seen unregistered Japanese planes in the area, though no one else believes him. Corky's act of charity for a local fisherman gains him an unexpected and unwanted wife. And Jack the dog briefly gets his eye back, only to lose it again.

Lauren was late getting online. I played more Lego Indiana Jones while waiting for her. The last round of Raiders of the Lost Ark was really strange. After the Nazis all do disco moves (don't ask), you have to direct the energy of one of the villains from the Ark back to the villain. It was fairly complicated with one person, especially the last part. I had to get both figures on buttons at the same time, not easy when I was only controlling one.

The first two levels of Temple of Doom were slightly easier. Level one was a basic car bash-and-crash as Indy and Short Round try to out run Lao Che's men and rescue Willie. The second level was quieter. The trio have to give monkeys bananas in order to get the Shankara Stones back. Elephants are involved. It took me a while to figure out how to get everyone where they needed to be.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All Time High

Lauren and I spent her last morning here playing more Lego Indiana Jones 2. We got through most of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first round was a puzzle that had Indy and Sallah, and then Indy and Marion, figuring out how to reveal the hiding place of the Ark and navigate around snakes. (The snakes slow down Indy, who doesn't like them.) The second one was another crash-and-bash round, this time running into Germans in the desert.

Jodie called last night and said someone would come for us around 10 of 12. I helped Lauren get her suitcase and backpack downstairs around 11:40. Dad was right on time. There was no traffic whatsoever, and we had no problems getting to the Cherry Hill Train Platform. When we got there, Lauren said she'd be fine. Dad and I left her there and headed home.

(And yes, we both had a great time. I love it when Lauren and I get together. She's one of the few people who really understand me. We have great conversations. Oh, and Lauren e-mailed me around 9:40. She got into Albany just fine and is likely long at home with her parents by now.)

When I got back in, I cleaned up a bit, then headed out. I had a very few errands to run, starting with a quick stop at the Oaklyn Library. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, windy, dry, and in the mid-80's. Needless to say, it was me, the librarian, and CNN for most of the half-hour I was there. I organized DVDs, especially the kids' titles, then looked the kids' section over.

Headed to Common Ground Coffee House for a quick lunch. I had a slice of bacon and fresh kale quiche and my favorite spicy sweet iced tea. They, too, were quiet, with only two other people working on laptops. I enjoyed a blissfully quiet lunch.

Next stop was the Acme for my schedule and a little bit of grocery shopping. My schedule is 9 AM shifts tomorrow and Saturday, Friday off. That's fine. For one thing, the Acme was dead as a doornail today. It probably won't pick up until we get close to the end of the month and the 4th of July next week. It's the middle of the month, and the weather is gorgeous. I saw a poster for a "First Farm Friday" at Common Ground. It looks like it'll be Oaklyn's farm market, held on the last Friday of every month from this Friday through September. Checking out that will make up for not getting to the Collingswood Farm Market on Saturday.

I didn't have much of a grocery list, at any rate. Eggs were on a good sale again, so I grabbed those. Restocked white beans (cannellini this time), ground chicken, chocolate chips, cheese (went with sharp cheddar), and canned chicken. They were having a really good Betty Crocker cake mix sale. Picked up Golden Vanilla to try something at home.

Ran an episode of The Backyardigans as I got organized. Uniqua and Tyrone are asking Tasha "What's Bugging You?" Wormens, the Technicolor worm-like critters who occasionally turn up on the show, have taken over Tasha's house, and she's frantic! Mr. Spiffy (Pablo) is coming to see her house and possibly let her into his Spiffy Club. He won't let her in if her house is less-than-spotless. Bug exterminators Uniqua and Tyrone have their own ways of trying to get rid of these uninvited pests.

Spent the next few hours working on my stories and ideas for it. Leia Skylark and her godparents' long-time chauffeur and handyman Artie are being followed in the family car. Artie's a bit freaked, but Leia carries a gun in her purse and has no trouble returning fire when they start shooting at her.

After I broke for the night, I had leftovers for dinner, then made Blueberry Crumble Cookies. I loved the Blueberry Crumble Bars I had last week so much, I thought I'd recreate the flavors as a cookie. (Plus the blueberries were old and I wanted to get rid of them.) They came out pretty darn well for something I improved, sweet and very soft.

Ran Octopussy as I ate and baked. A case involving a Faberge egg up for auction and jewel smuggling turns out to be a lot more complicated when a British agent turns up dead. Enter James Bond (Roger Moore), who tracks the egg to its new owner, a Frenchman (Louis Jordan) living in India, and his boss, the elusive Octopussy (Maud Abrams), who runs the all-female smuggling ring/circus. The Frenchman has links to an East German general who wants to start World War III; Octopussy just wants to continue with her business. James has to figure out how to stop the Frenchman and the general from committing mass murder in the name of using their military might, while romancing the exotic businesswoman.

Along with The Spy Who Loved Me, this has long been my favorite Roger Moore Bond movie. I love the light-hearted, almost Indiana Jones-esque feel it has, especially during the first half. (The fact that George MacDonald Fraser, who wrote The Flashman books and the swashbuckler spoof The Pyrates, worked on the script for this movie explains a lot about the tone.) The second half in East Germany gets progressively more dour and less fun. It doesn't help that the movie really has about two or three climaxes too many and goes on for way too long.

If you like your Bond on the lighter side or are a fan of Moore's Bond, this is not a bad place to start if you have time on your hands.

Finished the night in the bath. Ahhhh. I needed that so badly after all the walking we did this week. I read books on Star Wars and musicals and listened to my "jazz and rock artists interpret Gershwin" CD.

And that finishes my vacation. As I mentioned, I'll be resuming regular work tomorrow, though I do have off Friday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

(Partly) Sunny Girlfriends

Started the morning with the Monkees album Headquarters and breakfast. Lauren was up around the same time as me. We'd heard rumblings about rain, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky at that point. It was sunny and nice, if a tad humid.

Strolled down the White Horse Pike and Cuthbert to the Westmont Bagel Shop for lunch. The kids are out of school, so we were mainly joined by older people and parents with young children as we enjoyed our lunch. Lauren had the pizza bagel and a bottle of raspberry iced tea. I went with cinnamon-swirl French toast with fresh strawberries and blueberries and a bottle of water. Yum. The French toast slices were so amazingly thick, I couldn't finish them all. Lauren didn't close to finish her pizza bagel, either.

We had a little time, so we browsed around Tuesday Morning and the Haddon Township Library, checking out sales. Didn't see anything we absolutely needed. It was just as well. The bus was, for possibly the first time since I've lived here, nearly ten minutes early. We encountered a little traffic near the bridge over Cooper River, but otherwise had no problems getting to Cherry Hill.

Spent the first hour or so exploring the Cherry Hill Mall, checking out any stores we hadn't already seen at Moorestown. I found a 50% off sale on tank tops and T-shirts at Old Navy. Lauren bought two tank tops in beige and lavender. I can't pull off their bottoms, but I can do their tops. I got two v-neck tees in pale coral and pale periwinkle blue. The Jay's Video Game store there is huge, three times the size of the Game Stop next-door. I didn't see anything interesting, but Lauren found a Nintendo Game Cube wrestling game with Roddy "Rowdy" Piper she wanted. I finally got socks at JC Penney. Though they listed their Mixit socks at buy one, get one half-off, both pairs came up half-off, which was a pleasant surprise. I didn't get anything at the Disney Store, though I admired the Animator's Collection dolls (including new additions Lilo with her stuffed monster doll and Alice with Dinah). Lauren got shirts for her dad, herself, and her mom.

The clouds were moving in as we made our way over the pedestrian bridge and down to Target. Lauren just bought a Mountain Dew Code Red soda. Unfortunately, as a frustrated mother pointed out, the toy section was really picked over. I did make a few finds. Life Cereal was on sale. They just put out a new Vanilla flavor; thought I'd try it, and it was on sale. I also grabbed my favorite toasted coconut marshmallows and a Cherry Vanilla Pepsi.

The clouds were building and getting heavier. We decided it was no day to hang out, and we've been in enough malls this week. We flew straight across the Mall and right to the bus stop. Thankfully, the bus was only a little bit late. Once again, other than a tiny bit of traffic, there were no major problems getting home. Not even weather. The clouds were breaking up by the time we were on our way through Oaklyn. (It still hasn't rained at press time.)

We spent the rest of the evening playing Lego Indiana Jones 2, broken up by a dinner of chicken burgers with watermelon, steamed snap peas, and leftover marinated potatoes and broccoli. We finally finished out Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Marion and Indy have to work together to jump and whip their way over to the Russian lady, who has control of the skulls. The last part - Indy, who can't jump high, has to climb his whip to get to the same platforms with buttons Marion can jump on easily - was especially tough. We moved on to Raiders of the Lost Ark after that. Marion helps Indy get the German jerk out of her place. After that, Sallah and Indy defeat the swordsmen and German officers in the square where Marion is kidnapped.

Switched to movies around 9:30. UHF opens with an Indiana Jones spoof. The opening is a daydream from the head of George ("Weird" Al Yankovitz), a sweet guy who can't hold a job. He finally gets a position at a local station that's losing money. Thanks to the sudden popularity of a janitor-turned-kids' show host, he has the leverage to create wild, inventive shows that make Channel 62 the talk of the town. The competition doesn't like this at all! The owner of the town's other station first buys the station, intending to tear it down. When the staff holds a telethon to raise money, he kidnaps Stanley. But one should never underestimate the power of media, teamwork...or of dreamers who have found their niche.

Cult comedy has fun with everything from the violent action pictures from the late 80's to early CGI. If you're a fan of satire or Weird Al, this one is worth looking around for.

Headed on to the second 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie next. The Turtles find themselves dealing with a revived Shredder, who is out for vengeance. Leonardo is more interested in finding a new home. Donatello wants to know where they're from. Raph wants to kick some Foot tail, with or without the others. Mikey...just wants pizza and to flirt with an annoyed April.

This one is far goofier than the first, and even more dated. (The Vanilla Ice "Ninja Rap" has become rather infamous.) On the other hand, it does have some of the most quotable lines and hilarious moments from anything Turtles-related. (I love the part about the traditional pre-fight donuts.) Still a little violent for the youngest kids, but for older grade-schoolers on up who can handle the fights and ignore the rapping, this is still pretty fun.

Just finished out the pilot episode from the first show, "Turtle Tracks." Lauren goes home tomorrow. I have to go to the Acme and get my schedule before I do anything else.

Monday, June 20, 2016

In the Summertime

I didn't sleep well last night. I got up initially around 5, then tossed and turned for a little while off and on before finally dropping off around 6. I woke up for good around 8:30. Read Honor Among Thieves for a little while, then wrote in my journal while waiting for Lauren's head to pop up from behind the love seat.

We ran Tom & Jerry cartoons as I ate breakfast. Headed out around 10 to catch the 10:37 to Moorestown. I had to stop at WaWa really fast for money, which didn't help. Neither did the heat. It got into the lower 90's here today, though at least it wasn't that humid. We just missed the bus and ended up sitting at the stop on King's Highway for an hour. At least it was covered and in the shade.

The bus finally arrived around 11:45. The traffic was a little busy going through Haddonfield and Cherry Hill, but it wasn't bad. The worst of the road work seems to be done, too. There were no problems getting to Moorestown.

Started at FYE this time. Lauren wanted to exchange a t-shirt she bought for her dad on Friday for a larger size. Neither of us bought anything else there - their selection wasn't any better after the weekend.

Took advantage of the remodeled Food Court to check out their wares. Lauren had a slice of pepperoni from Brooklyn Pizza. I had a beef hot dog with onions, relish, and mustard and a bag of the same kind of skin-on steak fries I got at the Pop Shop last week from Moon Dog Grill...and they were just as good. The bag was so full, I shared them with Lauren.

Wandered around in Boscov's next. I didn't see any socks I could afford. I really need socks right now. Lauren did get a Monopoly-themed card game to play with her folks. The line at the sales desk was long and annoying. She must have been there 10 minutes.

Went outside next to check out the stores across the street. Briefly looked at Dick's for errand-running sneakers (nothing I liked) before heading further down. Too far. Lauren wanted to go to Game Stop, but I hadn't realized how big the East Gate Shopping Center was. It took us 20 minutes of hiking in the heat to get down there. At the very least, the store was a good size, and we did find what we were looking for. I got the first Lego Indiana Jones game, and Lauren picked up her own copy of the second one, along with the Angry Birds Trilogy.

Briefly stopped at Ross Dress For Less on our way back. They're pretty much the same thing as Kohl's and Nordstrom Outlet, a cheap (and dark) place for fancy clothes leftovers. I didn't see anything I wanted. Lauren bought a blouse for work.

We were tired and sweating bullets after our long walk. Made our way back to the Food Court, this time to Rita's Water Ice. Lauren had the brilliant idea to get frozen drinks. She had cherry-lemon. I opted to go more decadent and mixed mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream. Oh yummm. Sweet and minty, with lots of teeny-weeny chips and a few big cookie pieces. It really hit the spot after all the walking we've been doing.

That pretty much ended anything we wanted to do at the Moorestown Mall. We spent our last 20 minutes waiting for the bus. It took a little bit longer this time - we got stuck in rush-hour traffic in Haddonfield and Cherry Hill. We finally made it home around quarter after 6.

Had the last of the leftovers for dinner while watching more Tom & Jerry. After we ate, I hit the shower, then we played more Lego Indiana Jones 2. We finally decided it was time to move on, dodging man-and-plastic-eating ants to finish out the second part of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and move on to the third and final half. Oxley and his Crystal Skull helped us get around the ants in the first round. The second round was another "everyone run everything into each other" vehicle free-for-all, this one with car-boats in the jungle.

Speaking of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I put that on to finish out the Indiana Jones series when we went online. An older (and somewhat wiser) Indy (Harrison Ford) is now after the title object, which may be related to something completely out of this world...and out of his comfort zone. He gets help from Mutt (Shia LaBouf), a motorcycle mechanic and the son of his old flame Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen).

A lot of people were hard on this one when it came out. That was probably over-hype talking. I think this is a lot of fun, and no stranger than any of the other Indy movies. (I'd still begin with one of the 80's movies before coming here, though, especially Raiders.)

We're finishing out the night with the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. (Lauren and I are both big Turtles fans.) A crime wave is spreading across New committed by thieves who use ninja moves. April O'Neal thinks there's a lot more going on here than the police will admit. She learns she may be right when she's helped out by what turns out to be a quartet of goofy over-sized teen turtles who practice the same kinds of moves. With the help of sports-loving vigilante Casey Jones, April and the quartet learn a bit about teamwork and the importance of family.

Another old favorite of mine. A lot of the references haven't dated well, but I like the mildly dark atmosphere. For older kids and fans of the original 80's/early 90's Turtles, this is well worth your time.

Tomorrow, we're off to the Cherry Hill Mall to spend Lauren's last day here in as much air conditioning as possible.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hot Fun In the (Almost) Summertime

We really slept in today! I wasn't up until around 10. Lauren didn't get going until over an hour later. When we did finally get moving, I made us Silver Dollar Blueberry Pancakes while I ran the first half of my new K-Tel collection. (I'm really happy with how the pancakes came out, too. They cooked perfectly, even with the blueberries. Lauren loved them. I'll have to do them silver dollar-sized more often.)

Had just enough time to dash for the bus to the Market Place after breakfast. It was only slightly late, surprising for a holiday Sunday. The traffic wasn't bad, either, a little iffy in Westmont but otherwise fine. We were in Cherry Hill in less than 20 minutes.

Decided we'd start in the back and work our way to the big box stores. The Barnes and Noble wasn't busy, either. Lauren didn't get anything this time. I found the other Star Wars book I looked at when we were in Moorestown on Friday. The Lando Calarissian Adventures is an anthology of three Lando-centric action tales released in the wake of Return of the Jedi in 1983. I've had the Han anthology since the late 90's, but I've never been able to find the similar one for Lando. Han and Lando have long been my favorite Star Wars characters (along with Leia and Chewbacca). Like Leia, I guess I have a thing for scoundrels. ;)

Lauren was hungry, and lunch wouldn't hurt me, either. Besides, it was nearly 3 by then, past time to eat. I forgot our original choice, Chick Fil' A, is one of the few major chains that closes on Sundays. We ended up at 1,000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza, a brand-new pizzeria on the very end of the Market Place, next-door to the Philadelphia Eagles store. They were dead as a doornail when we arrived. I liked the dark, cool brick-and-Formica look they had going. They have a make-your-own pizza option - we did that, opting for a small half-mushroom, half-pepperoni pie with Coke for Lauren and Coke Zero for me. We chatted about Star Wars and geekdom while enjoying our pie. (And our pie was tasty. I loved the soft crust. I must go back there the next time I'm at Market Place.)

After brief looks at Best Buy and Dick's, we strolled over to the Christmas Tree Shop. Normally, I don't have much use for them after the holidays, but they have a surprisingly decent food section. Lauren picked up soda-flavored frozen slush bars for a dollar. I grabbed Bigelow's Vanilla Chai Tea (which was much cheaper there than at the Acme) and 50 muffin cups for a dollar.

The real reason I wanted to go to Market Place was to use at least a few of the many coupons I've been getting for Bed Bath and Beyond. I needed new bath mats rather badly. The rubber on the old ones have been flaking for months. They were surprisingly not all that busy, either. I've seen much longer lines there during the weekdays. I had a hard choice, but I finally picked two very soft polyester plush mats in vanilla and sage. Lauren picked up a few sundries - she's gotten blisters from all the walking. I was hoping they'd have fans, but I didn't see any there, or at Best Buy.

Tired of walking, we finally plopped down on a black metal bench outside of a jewelry store so Lauren could put Band Aids on her blisters. We moved to the grassy meridian to await the 5:45 bus. It was on time, and once again, there were no problems getting home.

I really, really needed a fan. We stopped at Family Dollar on the way back to my place. They had a huge pile of fans in their main window. The first one I picked had a damaged box. The lady at the desk grabbed a newer one. I got that, and we got going.

When we made it home, Lauren called her dad, and I called my stepdad in Cape May County. In good news, Dad-Bill's cancer is in remission, enough that he just came back from his first long fishing trip in months. However, that left him too tired for a long conversation. Mom had just come from her job at the Ferry and was even more tired. She did give him his own wind chimes for Father's Day. He was trying to figure out where to put them when I called.

Lauren chatted with her dad for over an hour! When she finally got off, we ate leftovers for dinner (Lauren finished the tuna salad), then played more Lego Indiana Jones. We went back to the first level and did more bonus rounds, including one that involved flying a plane, and another driving round. (This one, thankfully, in broad daylight on a desert plain.)

When we went online, I put on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It was rather appropriate, given we meet Indy's dad (Sean Connery) here. Indy's in pursuit of the missing Professor Jones, who had finally gotten clues to the location of his long-time obsession, the Holy Grail. Trouble is, the Nazis are on its trail too, including the beautiful Dr. Elsa Schneider (Alison Janney). Indy and his dad haven't spoken in years, but now they have to work together to elude the Nazis and learn a bit about the nature of bonding...and letting go.

My long-time favorite Indiana Jones movie. Sean Connery and Harrison Ford are hilarious as the battling father and son who have more in common than they want to believe.

Finished the night with two episodes of the original late 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Lauren is a huge fan.) "Attack of the 50 Foot Irma" has the nerdy receptionist being accidentally hit by Krang's growth ray. Not only is she now knocking over half of New York, but she's on a diet...and has a giant-sized case of the munchies! Donatello has to figure out how to get her back to her right size.

"The Maltese Hamster" is a hilarious spoof of film noir and private eye movies. Donatello narrates the tale of how gangsters used high-tech weapons to overrun the city...weapons provided by Shredder. Shredder is after a small hamster statue that April bought from a junk shop. Now the Turtles have to protect her and figure out why that statue is so important to Shredder.

We were originally going to Atlantic City tomorrow...but Lauren pointed out while we were eating pizza that it's going to be in the 90's again. Not only is it too hot for hiking around on a shade-less boardwalk, but we've both done a lot of walking as it is. We're going to make a return visit to Moorestown instead. She wants to return one of the shirts she bought from FYE, and I want to check out their Dick's and the sock selection at Boscov's. (I forgot to do that on Friday.)

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all dads, including those whose children are four-legged or feathered (or estranged archaeologists). :)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm Doin' Fine Now

Lauren slept so late, it was quarter of 11 before we got going. I ran an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures as I finished breakfast and she got organized. Buster, Babs, and Calamity go "Inside Plucky Duck" to see what makes him tick. Like many boys in the early 90's, one of the things making him tick was Batman - or at least, a spoof, "Batduck" (with Hampton as Robin and Elmyra as Alfred). The second episode had Plucky stuck in a wild take that turns him into a walking eyeball.

We finally got to the Collingswood Farm Market around quarter after 11. Even at that late date, it was still busy as heck. The watermelon I got from Jodie should be ok for fruit, but I needed a few vegetables. Snap peas are finally out. I bought those and a nice little head of organic Romaine lettuce.

I haven't wandered around Collingswood for a while, and it's been even longer since I've done it with Lauren. We ended up at the record store first. Lauren browsed, but she eventually headed out and went a few doors down to a toy shop that specializes in games and educational items. I came up with one of the MGM double soundtracks, this one pairing the 1954 remake of Rose Marie with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and another double-disc K-Tel pop collection.

Lauren and I met for lunch at Sabrina's Cafe around noon. As one of the newest restaurants in eatery-heavy Collingswood, they were packed when we arrived. We ended up getting seats at one of the high island tables in the middle of the room. I had a tuna salad on multigrain bread with sprouts, avocado, and tomato and sweet potato fries dusted with powdered sugar. Lauren had fish tacos. Both were HUGE, overstuffed and delicious. For once, even I couldn't finish my sandwich or my fries.

We browsed around a bit after that. We both hit pay dirt at Frugli Consignment. I found two Lands' End items, khakis for work and shorts. Lauren found a good dress shirt for her dad for Father's Day. I didn't get anything at The Candy Jar. Lauren bought a bag of orange cream hard candies for her dad and a small bag of Dum Dum Lollipops for her. (She says she loves them, but the regular bags are too much for one person.) I bought a discontinued bar of lime-coconut soap at a natural soap seller.

At least it was a beautiful day for a walk, into the mid-80's, sunny and breezy. We enjoyed our hikes to Collingswood and back to my apartment. After playing some more Lego Indiana Jones, we went back out to get our laundry done. They were really busy, but Lauren was down to her last shirt. I washed some things, too, including my summer quilt.

When we got home, I made scrambled eggs with cheese and steamed snap peas. We watched Raiders of the Lost Ark while we ate and Temple of Doom later. The first two tales of Indiana Jones has him searching for the title religious artifact with his former lover Marion Ravenwood. The Nazis dog them at every turn, but in the end, it's history that has the last laugh. Temple of Doom goes more into fantasy as Indy, the Chinese kid he's currently protecting, and a spoiled singer seek the lost stones from an Indian village.

Returned to Lego Indy between movies. We're not getting very far there. We can't figure out where to go next. We got past the driving round with the huge Russian cutter vehicle, but we keep finding bonus rounds before the regular ones.

Tomorrow, we're going to sleep in, then take in the Market Place and say "hi" to my dad for Father's Day.