Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hide and Go "Boo"

It was a beautiful, sunny, chilly day when I got up this morning. I watched a couple of horror and Halloween-oriented TV shows while I had breakfast. Richie has to face his fear of the local "Haunted" house in a second-season Happy Days episode. Joanie thinks he'll lose his head if he attends Ralph's party there. Fonzie reminds him that urban legends are usually nothing to be afraid of. When the party really gets scary, it's Richie who reveals the very live culprits behind the goings-on.

Ghosts and urban legends are also causing trouble for the staff of radio station WENN. In the third season Remember WENN episode "The Ghost of WENN," diva actress Hilary Booth seems to be stalked by a spirit with a fondness for stuffed birds and cranberry jelly. Meanwhile, cowardly actor and announcer Mackie Bloom has heard that the last man who read page 13 of the horror script they're doing died on the air...and he's afraid he'll be next.

Moved to The Backyardigans as I got ready for work. Uniqua and Pablo think "It's Great To Be a Ghost" when they pretend to be able to turn invisible and appear in paintings. Tyrone isn't sure he agrees. The whole ghost thing makes him nervous. When Tasha turns up and claims she can't be scared, it's the least-likely kid who finally does frighten her.

Max & Ruby have their own fun with Halloween and ghost stories. In "Max's Halloween," Ruby wants Max to be a little prince to go with her Cinderella. As usual, Max has his own ideas. He'd rather be a scary vampire! And in "Ghost Bunny," Ruby tries to keep Max out of the way with toys and treats while she and the other Bunny Scouts tell spooky stories around the campfire. Max badly wants to hear them, though...and he's the one who ultimately gives the girls a scare.

Work was pretty much the same as Monday...quiet on-and-off for most of the day. It wasn't even that busy during rush hour. Most people are probably waiting for the beginning of the month. My relief was right on time, and I was in and out.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes. I had leftover chili for dinner, then vacuumed while watching Arsenic and Old Lace. Mortimer Brewster (Cary Grant) is a drama critic who just got married to the girl next door (Priscilla Lane). He takes her back to Brooklyn, where his two maiden aunts are taking care of his uncle (John Alexander) who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt. When the night's through, Teddy may end up being the most sane person around. It turns out his aunts are killing old men with no families and having Teddy bury them in the basement. Then, Mortimer's criminal brother Jonathan (Raymond Massey) and his doctor (Peter Lorre) turn up, toting a few bodies of their own. While Mortimer tries to figure out how to get out of this mess, the local cop (Jack Carson) doesn't understand what's going on with these nice old ladies.

Like Ghostbusters, this Halloween-set black comedy is a nice alternative for people who like their horror spooky but not bloody. As good as Grant and Massey are as the brothers on the opposite sides of the law and sanity, Alexander walks away with the movie as the delightfully delusional uncle.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Very Weird Science

It was still sunny, windy, and warm when I got up this morning. I began the day with two horror-themed TV show episodes. Ricky, Alfonso, and Freddy are watching a horror movie marathon on "A Dark and Stormy Night" in the third season of Silver Spoons. When the storm knocks out the power, Ricky's dad Edward suggests telling ghost stories. The quartet comes up with a spooky tale of three young lads who discover a Jekyl-and-Hyde scientist (Edward), a lovely lady (Kate), and a very stuffy monster (Alfonso's uncle Dexter) in a scary old mansion.

Things are just as scary in downtown New York's Night Court. "The Gypsy" has put a curse on the courtroom after Harry fines her for insulting him over his ruling. Suddenly, Bull collapses and Dan's accountant drops dead in the middle of an audit. While Dan tries to save his funds, Harry and the others do a little magic of their own to prove to Bull that the gypsy is a fake...or is she?

I had almost as much running around to do today as I did yesterday. Hit the Oaklyn Library first. I had big bags of books to bring to both libraries. They were fairly busy with people preparing raffle baskets and a mother and her child looking for books and DVDs to take out. I organized the DVDs and gave the young adult novels a look.

I went home briefly to pick up the other bag for the Haddon Township Library, then headed out again. They were just as busy. I had even more to do there. In addition to organizing and shelving the kids' and adult's DVDs (the kids' S titles still don't fit) and a large pile of classical CDs, the head librarian asked me to take a look at the paperback romance shelves, which desperately needed to be put into some kind of order. That was fine. I find most mass market romance novels to be boring, but I know a lot of people like them, including my mom and sister. I got through the D titles before my stomach informed me that it was past time for lunch.

By 2:30, the sky had darkened, the wind had picked up, and it was much colder. I regretted not bringing a sweater or coat with me. I hadn't needed one yesterday or earlier. I picked up sponges at Dollar Tree, then had a quick chicken pizza steak and fries at Nick & Joe's Pizza, next-door to Friendly's. The dark-paneled main dining area with the huge, elaborate water colors of scenes of Italy was surprisingly busy when I came in. There were two other older groups and what sounded like a Hispanic family enjoying late lunches.

The clouds continued to build as I headed home. They finally burst about an hour or so later. I concentrated on cleaning for the rest of the day. Ran Disney's Halloween Treat as I cleaned the bathroom and scrubbed the bathroom and hall floor. My family taped this Disney Channel special sometime in the mid-late 80s. It's a collection of several Disneyland/Wonderful World of Disney segments (including one on villains narrated by Hans Conried as the Magic Mirror) and classic Disney horror-oriented shorts.

One of my favorite shorts is the second-to-last featured, "Lonesome Ghosts." Goofy, Mickey, and Donald become the original ghost busters when a group of bored specters invited them to their dilapidated mansion. After a lot of slapstick (including Goofy and a ghost playing around in a mirror frame), it's the trio who finally frighten the ghosts away!

Continued with a few more Disney shorts as I switched from the bathroom to the kitchen. Mickey Mouse has twice been on the receiving end of some very weird science. The classic black-and-white short "The Mad Doctor" has Mickey attempting to rescue Pluto from the title character. The rare 90s short "Runaway Brain" makes Mickey himself the subject of the experiment. Another mad doctor (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) switches Mickey's mind with that of a monster. Now Mickey has to convince Minnie he's who he says he is, despite being in a body eighteen times his normal size.

The most famous of all mad scientists may be the original monster creator himself, Dr. Frankenstein. I moved to Young Frankenstein while finishing the kitchen and making salmon with peppers and mushrooms in lemon sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner. The title character (Gene Wilder), Fredrick, isn't proud of his grandfather's gruesome legacy...until he inherits his castle and holdings. When he and his assistants (Terri Garr and Marty Feldman) discover his grandfather's laboratory, he decides his experiments might work after all. When his subject (Peter Boyle) is accidentally given an abnormal brain,  he has to figure out how to tame this beast, before the local inspector (Kenneth Mars) and the suspicious townspeople learn what's really going on.

One of Mel Brooks' most beloved spoofs is an affectionate take on the Universal horror movies of the 30s. It's a personal favorite of mine, if only for some of the witty dialogue and fun performances. (Apparently, the cast and crew enjoyed making the movie so much, they added extra scenes, just so they could keep going!) Fans of Wilder, Brooks' work, or comic horror will find much to love here.

Finished the night with one more Disney short as I cleaned up from dinner. "The Haunted House" was the first horror-oriented short Disney did with a regular character, in this case Mickey Mouse. Mickey finds himself lost in a very spooky old house, where skeletons dance, ask for organ concerts, and get involved in outhouse gags.

Incidentally, the rain ended as quickly as it came. It's supposed to be nice and chilly through Halloween, then rain this weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Believe It's Magic

Started a hazy, overly-warm day by finishing Strawberry Girl. I very much enjoyed Lois Lenski's tale of a family of farmers who move to Florida in the early 1900s, when it was still considered backwater country. They're ridiculed by their hillbilly next-door neighbors the Slaters for planting crops like strawberries and oranges instead of herding cattle. Smart Birdie Boyer is determined to help her family make the best of things and ignore the teasing from the obnoxious Slater boy, Shoestring. Turns out the Slater dad is a drunk who ignores his family and stirs up trouble. Birdie's dad has a hot temper gets into a battle over land rights with Slater. It takes a crisis at the Slater house to finally get Mr. Slater to change his ways and truly "love thy neighbor."

An interesting story of survival and family that deservedly won a Newberry Award. Linda Young says Lenski apparently wrote a lot more stories set in other parts of the US, but most of them are out of print. I may have to keep an eye out for them.

I finished the book and my journal writing so late, it was noon before I got to the laundromat. I had a lot of clothes that really, really needed to be done. Thankfully, though it was busy when I came in, it cleared out pretty fast. By the time I was unloading my clothes from the dryer, I had the place to myself.

I finished more Bowery Boys while quickly putting away my laundry. Ghost Chasers is the third of five Bowery Boys horror-themed movies, and my personal favorite. Here, the guys are pursuing Margo the Medium, a phony psychic whose business has been bilking older women in their neighborhood. They're not the only ones who want to discredit Margo. A ghost named Edgar also wants to stop her from sullying the good name of ghosts everywhere. Naturally, only Sach can see him. The others are wondering if Sach has finally least until he and his ghost friend get them out of a few tight spots.

It was 1:40 when I finally got out of the apartment. Even trying to take a short cut down Hood Road to Crystal Lake Road and Euclid Avenue, I was still 15 minutes late. I was very upset with myself when I got in. I don't like being late. It looks bad, and it isn't fair to the other person. Mrs. Stahl said she was more worried about me riding up there on my bike than being late. This lead us to a discussion of one of my biggest problems - I just can't seem to reign in my emotions, especially when I'm upset or frustrated or scared. I know I'm hard on myself. I just want to do better. My emotions always seem to take over. I'm so afraid of what people will do and say.

I also discussed my holiday plans. Halloween isn't that big of a deal with me. I like dressing up, but I'm not a big fan of horror, or of partying, which is what most adults who don't have kids do for Halloween. I've mellowed out a bit on most holidays. For every holiday but Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, if I get off, great. If not, great, I make extra money. I no longer care whom I spend Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with, either. I enjoy my time with the family, but I also like being able to relax and run holiday-related DVDs all day.

That said, I still get a little down at Christmas. I love that holiday, all the lights and fuss and especially the baking, but the emphasis on family in many traditions and a lot of the media makes this single woman feel a little left out.

Mrs. Stahl pretty much just said "try to work on your emotions, and we'll discuss it further next time." I'll try, but as I keep trying to explain to Mom, it's not that easy to overcome a lifetime of bad habits.

It was hard to be upset when you walked out into a blue sky and oddly warm 78 degree day. I had a very late lunch at Animo's Burritos and Juice. They moved into Cold Stone Creamery's old building a few doors down from Starbucks' and a block from Mrs. Stahl's office a few months ago. I hadn't had a chance to eat there since they moved. While my favorite "Quick Chicken" burrito is gone, I did enjoy the tasty Chicken and Gucamole burrito - it also had spinach, tomato, and Amino's house vinaigrette. The Green Lemon Aid juice (apples, lemons, greens) wasn't nearly as good. They really overloaded the lemons there! It was almost too sour to drink. I didn't finish it. They were surprisingly busy for 3 in the afternoon, with families coming in from walks, older couples enjoying each other's company, and office professionals using the Wi-Fi.

I rode down Haddon Avenue after lunch, stopping at Primo's Water Ice in Westmont for a cool treat. I figured Pumpkin was appropriate for the time of year. (It tasted faintly of mint - mint chocolate chip must have been the last flavor the girl scooped out.) They were busy with kids just out of school. An older girl played with her sisters in the "Ice Box" events room in the back, and more kids were coming as I was leaving.

I continued into Collingswood, turning to Atlantic Avenue to avoid the rush hour traffic on Haddon. I'd been putting off getting my hair done, but it was now too frizzy to ignore. Thankfully, the Hair Cuttery was empty when I arrived. I just had my hair trimmed and layered. I don't get as much cut off in the fall, since we're coming up on the winter. I just get tired of the frizz.

I made a brief stop at the Rite Aid next-door for Halloween cards, then went straight home. When I got in, I made Turkey Stir Fry from leftovers for dinner while watching Ghostbusters. A trio of former Columbia University professors (Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, and the late Harold Ramis) go into business for themselves as professional ghost hunters. At first, the only client they can get is a classical musician (Sigorney Weaver) who seems to have the spirit of a god in her refrigerator. Eventually, business booms, so much that they hire a fourth guy to help out (Ernie Wilson). When the musician and her nerdy neighbor (Rick Moranis) are possessed by a pair of evil deities, the Ghostbusters are on the case...if they can get past the petty bureaucrat (William Atherton) with a grudge against them.

One of the best comedies of the 80s is a long-time favorite of mine. I grew up in a place where ghost sightings seemed a little more likely than most. If the stories are to be believed, Cape May may have more spirit residents than live ones. My sisters and I used to run around our house in the dark with backpack "Proton Packs," looking for ghosts.

Ackroyd, Murray, and Ramis are all excellent as three very modern mad scientists; Ramis is fun as the ultimate annoying neighbor, too. A little too spooky for the young ones, but for families with older kids and anyone with fond memories of this franchise from their childhood, this is still a great deal of fun and is highly recommended. (Even if you're normally horror-phobic, like me.)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bowery Monster Mash

Began another gorgeous fall morning with a spooky episode of Get Smart from the first season. Max thinks a "Weekend Vampire" is killing off control agents with an object that leaves two puncture-like marks in the victim. The Chief has a different idea and sends 99 and Max after a former Control scientist who was fired after performing strange experiments.

Switched to a pair of scary animated shorts as I got ready for work. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has to deal with "Spooks" when his girlfriend Kitty makes a deal with a Phantom of the Opera-like character. Daffy Duck has his only go-around with Witch Hazel in "A Haunting We Will Go." When his niece runs home frightened because she just saw a real witch, he's determined to show her that witches aren't real. This witch isn't real...not exactly. A tired Hazel turned Speedy into a witch and leaves him to take care of her home, which leads to all kinds of complications when Daffy turns up trying to figure out who this lady is!

Work was fairly quiet for most of the day...until rush hour, when it once again got busy. Other than I was tired and frustrated with myself, work went fairly quickly. My relief was late, but a manager was nice enough to come in for me.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes, then ran the Bowery Boys as I made Peanut Butter Cookie Bars. The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters is probably the most popular of the five horror-themed movies done throughout the series. Sach and Slip want to talk to the Gravesends into turning their lot into a park for the local kids. The Gravesends, however, have other ideas. Two mad scientists want Sach and Slip's heads for their robot and gorilla. The younger woman is a vampiress and is out for blood...literally. Granny wants to feed them to her man-eating tree! The Boys now just hope they can get themselves and their heads out in one piece!

The Boys weren't the only ones who dealt with horror and scary characters. Larry Appleton learns a lesson in the power of the imagination in the fourth season Perfect Strangers episode "Aliens." After watching 12 hours of a horror movie marathon at a Halloween party, Larry dreams that Balki is an alien who is bent on taking over the Earth!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Battle of the Birds

Started a gorgeous, sunny, windy morning with Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast while listening to Witchcraft...! I found this 50s LP at a yard sale about two or three years ago. It's an instrumental collection of magic, witch, and supernatural-themed standards - "Old Devil Moon," "In the Still of the Night," the title song. It makes great background music in the fall when you're short on time, since it's not that long.

Work was very, very busy all day! Everyone must be getting ready for all the fall and Halloween parties this week, along with the Eagles-Cardinals game tonight. Thankfully, there were no major problems, and the day went quickly. My relief was one of the college boys who is always on time.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes and listened to my Halloween cover cassette until the game came on. It was crazy. I've never seen a game with so many penalties. There was a penalty every other minute! Lots of injuries, too. I still don't know what happened to that one Cardinal player who had the nasty concussion. In the end, the Eagles made too many mistakes, including two big turnovers that cost them chances at points. The Cardinals out-ran them 24-20.

I had more luck with dinner. I made a tasty variation on the Cincinnati Chili recipe from Kit's Cooking Studio. I used the sweet spices with no cocoa (I'm out) and with green peppers and carrots added for more color and vitamins. The Apricot Honey Bread I made from the recipe in The Pooh Cook Book came out even better, perfectly moist and tender with just enough sweetness.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Perfect Fall Weather

It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny morning when I awoke to this week's American Top 40 re-run. We jumped back in the 80s four years to 1983. Country, New Wave, pop, soul, duets, and dance songs were the rage when I was 4 years old. Hits that late October included "True" by Spandau Ballet, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie, "Say, Say, Say" by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel, and "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" by Air Supply. That week's number one song was the biggest hit duet in a year filled with them, "Islands In the Stream" by Dolly Pardon and Kenny Rogers.

Ran a couple of horror-themed shorts from Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater as I got organized for my errands. "The Phantom of the Theater" isn't whom Hello Kitty and her friends think it is when they find themselves dealing with scary pranks behind and under the stage. Catnip isn't happy to be playing the non-too-glamorous "Frankencat," a mad scientist who is bent on creating the perfect robotic monster (Grinder the Bulldog). She gets more into "Catula," a milk-obsessed vampire who meets her match in Hello Kitty and her buddies.

I checked out two yard sales in Oaklyn and Collingswood but found nothing of interest. Went right to the Collingswood Farm Market after that. The Farm Market is on its last month. Several booths are gone, and others were replaced by craft booths. There's still quite a bit of produce to be had, though. Green beans and eggplants are done, replaced by the first celery of the season. I ended up with apples (tiny Golden Delicious), cranberries, mushrooms, a tomato, and a red and a green pepper.

I spent the next hour riding around Collingswood, looking for three yard sales I just could not find. I never saw any other yard sales today. At least it was a lovely day for a ride. It was very windy, but the sun was shining, and it felt warm, but not hot. The air had the slightly smoky, leaf-crackly musty smell of fall. Almost everyone has their Halloween decorations out. Most of Collingswood doesn't get too heavy into the darker side of Halloween, but I did see some pumpkins and cobwebs on bushes.

Speaking of Halloween, I gave myself an extra special seasonal treat on the way home. Matt at Dinosaur Dracula did a blog post on the Ghostbusters-themed doughnut Krispy Kreme has out this month. I was willing to try a Stay Puff Marshmallow doughnut. There's also a doughnut with a gummy version of the Ghostbusters symbol on the front, but when will I ever again be able to say again that I ate the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man? The doughnuts are appropriately marshmallow-filled (it tastes vaguely of maple). Still too sweet for my blood, but not horrible.

I made a quick stop at CVS on the way home for a sparkling pineapple-coconut drink and Pantene curl formula conditioner (they seem to be the only ones with a curl formula) before heading for the Oaklyn Library. Probably due to the beautiful weather, there wasn't much going on there. I organized the adult DVD section and a few kids' DVDs, but was otherwise in and out in 20 minutes.

When I got home, I had the last of the bean-vegetable soup with the other half of my baked acorn squash while watching some slightly spooky New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episodes. Pooh finds himself caught in the middle when Piglet's "not so scary story" turns into the tale of "The Monster Frankenpooh," thanks to a horror-loving Tigger. "Things That Go Piglet In the Night" frighten the little fellow so, he runs out of his home in a pillow case that makes him look like a ghost. The others think the Hundred Acre Woods is haunted and search for the "spookables." Pooh and Piglet think they're on "Pooh Moon," but they're really just at the other side of the Hundred Acre woods, lost after Tigger's camp-out ghost story gets out of hand.

Switched to Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost as I did some chores around the apartment. The second Scooby direct-to-home-media movie has the gang in Massachusetts, visiting the home town of popular horror author Ben Ravenscroft (Tim Curry). The town is gearing up for their huge fall festival. This year, they're especially excited about the concert by local goth-rock group The Hex Girls and the tourists coming to the puritan village they built over the ruins of their old town. The appearances of the ghost of Ben's ancestor, who was burned at the stake for witchcraft, is bringing even more excitement. Is the ghost really a witch like the stories say, or was she merely a misunderstood healing women, as Ben keeps insisting? And what do the Hex Girls have to do with it all?

One of the best Scooby movies, especially for older kids. The Hex Girls proved so popular here, they would turn up again in episodes of What's New Scooby Doo? and Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated.

I worked on organizing all the junk I'd piled up in the back room to be donated during the movie. To my surprise, it was mainly clothes, books, and videos. Clothes go into the donation bins in the back of the Acme or in the Westmont Plaza's parking lot. The media will go to the libraries I volunteer for. The very few things that fall into neither of those categories (including all those DVD cases I cleared out this summer) will go to the church thrift shop.

Went right into the bath after the movie ended. Ahhh. That was nice. I listened to one of my Lost In Boston CDs of music cut from Broadway musicals (including four dropped from I Do! I Do!) and looked over The Happiness Project while I relaxed.

Switched to Mad Monster Party as I started dinner. One of the few full-length features done by Rankin-Bass is one of the strangest horror cartoons I've ever seen. Baron Von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) calls together all of the great monsters of the world to attend a huge party and meet his heir, his nerdy nephew Felix (Allen Swift). His assistant Francesca (Gale Garnett) isn't too keen on the idea. The monsters are even less so, especially the Bride of Frankenstein (Phyllis Diller) and her mate. Felix really doesn't want the job, but the monsters would rather get rid of him than listen. Jealous Francesca really causes a mess when she invites the last monster on the planet who should be on the island!

Very, very weird. So weird, it makes even Phyllis Diller look fairly normal. It's too bizarre for little kids expecting Rudolph, but for older kids and teens who are willing to try something a little different, it's worth a look.

And I'm proud of how my dinner came out. I made a delicious meal of the turkey tenderloin in cracked pepper sauce I bought yesterday, roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower, and baked sweet potato. Oh, yum, yum. Other than there was too much pepper in the turkey sauce, everything came out just perfectly.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunset Dinner at Sonic

Started a sunny, cool morning with breakfast and Moonlighting. In the fifth season episode "I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld," Maddie and David find themselves confronting their mortality when a client dies of a heart attack while waiting in their office. Shortly afterwards, his partner arrives, looking for something he had on him. The duo find themselves being chased by three spies, spending time with a corpse, and arguing over the idea of the afterlife and if there really is anything "on the other side."

I actually showed up a little early at work. I thought I was supposed to be there at 11, but the schedule said 11:30. At any rate, I did stay until 5:30, and it was probably a good thing, too. We were busy all afternoon, and it just got worse during rush hour. I was just barely able to shut down and get out on time.

(Oooh, and I got a compliment from two managers and a customer. Someone gave me all 10s for dealing well with a customer who was nasty yesterday. I'll have a five-star card up for a drawing for a 50-dollar gift card this week.)

I went right into grocery shopping after work. I didn't need a whole lot this week. The big thing was meat. I found a small seasoned turkey tenderloin with a manager's coupon. I'll have that for dinner tomorrow. Pillsbury Cake Mix was 99 cents - I bought a box of Devil's Food Cake to replace the chocolate mix I used earlier in the week. Restocked unbleached white flour, applesauce, double A batteries, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (not on sale, but Smart Balance doesn't make the 50/50 butter anymore).

Next week's schedule is slightly better than this week's. I'm still not happy about having to work early on Sunday (though 9:30 to 3:30 does mean I'll be out just in time for the Eagles-Cardinals game). I work 1 to 7 on Halloween. That means I'll miss trick-or-treat, but should be back in Oaklyn right on time for the parade. The parade is supposed to be at 7, but Oaklyn parades NEVER start on time. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, Tuesday for counseling.

After I did my shopping, I went over to the Audubon Crossings Shopping Center for what may be one of my last dinners at Sonic of the year. Despite the nice night, the patio wasn't busy when I arrived. I got my loaded cheeseburger, tater tots, and cherry limeade quickly. By the time a couple of pre-teen boys were ordering Dr. Peppers and bacon cheeseburgers with extra cheese, I was finishing my limeade and enjoying the gorgeous magenta sunset over the Black Horse Pike.

When I got home, I put everything away while running another horror-themed TV show episode. Even Wonder Woman's feeling a bit creepy in the second season episode "Seance of Terror." A little boy with psychic powers is being forced by his con-artist guardians to lure three diplomats from an important peace conference. Wonder Woman has to find where they've been taken and convince the kid that his powers are worth a lot more than being used for con games.

Donald Duck lets his imagination run away with him in the freaky mid-40s Disney short "Duck Pimples." A dark and rainy night leaves Donald at home with a scary pulp mystery that gets a little too real in his overheated brain!