Sunday, December 07, 2014

Football Birds of Prey

Started out a sunny, chilly morning with Banana Pancakes and my two In the Christmas Mood cassettes. These are Laserlight recordings of "The Glenn Miller Orchestra" playing jazz and swing versions of favorite holiday tunes, plus an original title song on the first cassette. I've had these cassettes for at least 20 years now, since the mid-90s. They were some of the first holiday music I bought for myself with my own money besides the Happy Holidays series. They're nothing really great, but they make for fun holiday background music when you're baking or wrapping presents.

Work was busy off-and-on all afternoon. Not only was it a nice day (something we haven't had a lot of lately), but the Eagles were playing the Seattle Seahawks at 4:30, and it's still the beginning of the month. It went quickly, and the only major problem was one of those people who think they can buy a 100 dollars worth of groceries with 60 dollars. My relief was on time, but I was still almost late getting out.

I briefly went home to change into regular pants (I was already wearing my Eagles jersey - we're allowed to wear Eagles jerseys to work on game days) before heading to Dad's. Jodie, Dad, Mark, and Vanessa were already watching the game when I arrived. Jodie ordered pizza and hot wings from Phillies Phatties on West Clinton for dinner. The mushroom and pepperoni pies arrived just fine, but for some reason, the guy gave us a bag of fries instead of a bag of hot wings. Not only did Jodie finally get her wings, they let us keep the fries, too. We feasted on pizza, hot wings, and plain and bacon and cheese fries.

The Eagles didn't get as lucky as Jodie did. They played pretty well in the first half. Their defense was a match for Seattle's storied "Legion of Boom." The score was just 7-7 after the first half. Unfortunately, once the Eagles' offense came out, they fell apart. I got tired of Dad's fussing and left after Seattle scored a field goal and pulled ahead.

I made a quick stop at CVS after leaving Dad's. I needed eggs and to make change for the laundromat tomorrow. I treated myself to a carton of Hood's Pumpkin Eggnog, too. I've never seen Pumpkin Eggnog before. I was shocked at the high price of the eggs - $3.79! And everyone is always whining about how expensive the Acme's basic staples are. CVS used to have really cheap eggs. I bought them because I needed them, but I won't be doing it again.

I quickly switched on the game when I got home and put the eggs and eggnog away. Alas, the Eagles' offense just couldn't get anything going. They finally lost 24-14.

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Linda said...

I have the "In the Christmas Mood" set, too! I love it!