Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Mists of Spring

Started off a gloomy morning with The Backyardigans. "Robot Rampage" was the last of their three hour-long specials. Robots in futuristic Mega City never break down, leaving robot repairman Austin and his robot Roscoe with nothing to do...until the day robots all over the city start to go bad! Austin, Roscoe, and the other kids have to figure out what's making them go haywire and stop the nefarious Professor Pablo from taking over the city!

It was showering lightly when  rode to work. This time, I spent a lot of the day outside. Did carts and baskets and the bathrooms during the first half of my shift. Cleaned the small bathroom in the pharmacy. (I had no idea the pharmacy had its own bathroom.) I was asked to sweep up around the stack of wood piles that are sold for fireplaces. I not only did that, but swept up cigarette butts, too. Of course, I had to go back out and do the cigarette butts again because I was told that I didn't do a good enough job the first time.

The misty rain continued even as I finished work. It's supposed to be even worse tomorrow, so I just changed, grabbed my DVDs, and headed back out. Took the long way across Newton Lake Park. Needless to say, on a day when the weather was misty, cold, and dreary, the park was empty. Even with the odd weather we've been having, spring is finally starting to creep in. The trees are showing the first signs of flowers, there's new green tufts of grass, and leaves are just budding on the bushes.

The Haddon Township Library wasn't nearly as busy as the Acme had been earlier. There was neither a whole lot going on, no much to shelve. I put away the few DVDs there were. I didn't even see anything I wanted to take out.

Headed across Cuthbert and down Johnson Road to Dollar General. They have the cheapest eggs in the area. I used the last of mine on the quiche. Treated myself to one of those tasty pecan rolls, too. There was a long line when I arrived as the one cashier tried to deal with an old lady who was moving at a glacier pace. Thankfully, a second one opened after about five minutes.

Headed home and spent the next few hours writing. Han and Leia take Han's horse Falcon and Luke the Unicorn down narrow country lanes to the fertile kingdom of Aldra, home of Leia and Luke's Uncle Bail and Aunt Breha. While camping out in a field, Han sees Leia braiding her hair. She talks about her mother...and Han remembers a woman who once took care of him, too. He had a mother, once. He has no idea if he still has...

Had leftovers for dinner while finishing out the Backyardigans set. Conductor Uniqua and Servant Pablo Pablovich have to "Catch That Train!" when the vehicle carrying Czar Tyrone takes off on its own. It's the "Attack of the 50 Foot Wormen" after the creature Uniqua's been observing is accidentally doused with Pablo's growth formula. While Pablo finds an antidote, Uniqua and janitor Tyrone chase the ever-expanding critter across the university.

Went right into Wii Sports after dinner. My arm was sore after all the sweeping and cart-gathering earlier. I limited my work-out to working on my golf putt on "Hitting the Green" and "Target Practice." Did my best ever with hitting balls back in tennis. Did a round of bowling and tried Spin Control. Unfortunately, I just can't control the darn ball. It always wants to go right or left, rather than straight ahead. I need to figure out how to turn my wrist the right way.

Squeezed a little Lego Star Wars in there, too. I just can't reach that last piece in "Retake Theed Palace," though the x2 extra did help me get more studs. That and Invincibility (read - I no longer lose studs when I fall or jump off a ledge or get killed) also  helped me get True Jedi on "Death Star Escape."

Finished the night with The Naked Gun as I went online. I needed a few laughs. Lieutenant Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielson) discovers a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth, masterminded by seemingly above reproach executive Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban). His partner Nordberg (O.J Simpson) originally found out about it, before thugs landed him in the hospital. Frank has to prove to everyone that he's not as crazy as he acts, save the queen during a wild Angels-Mariners ball game, all while dealing with his feelings for Ludwig's secretary Jane (Priscilla Prestley).

Hilarious police satire made Nielson a household name in comedy and continued the Proft/Zucker winning streak. If you ever run into the sequels, they're not bad, either.

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