Friday, August 31, 2018

Out There

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and some public domain Gumby. He accidentally creates a "Robot Rumpus" when the automatons he assigns to take over his household chores go too far and start destroying the house and yard. "Gumby Concerto" and "Too Loo" takes him to Music Land, where he puts on a concert and helps two lost notes find their home. Gumby's dog Nopey is "Stuck On Books" when he gets wedged between a book and the area they're entering.

Worked on writing for a little while after breakfast. Yasmin finally orders her fattest and most fearsome bodyguard to show Luke the door when he asks a few too many questions she doesn't want to answer. Luke dodges the huge man, but he's gaining on him - fast. He has to find a way to put this guy out of commission...

Broke for lunch and more Gumby at 11. Gumby and Pokey somehow lend General George Washington a hand at Trenton in "Gumby Crosses the Delaware." They think they're "In the Dough" when a piece of bread dough offers to show them around the oven, but he may have something more sinister in mind than a tour. "The Glob" is a bit of paint from Gumby's artworks that turns into a monster and chases them around the toy store and through several books.

Headed out for work shortly after the cartoon ended. Other than I got tossed in the register twice and panicked both times (this was my first time using the new system with customers), it wasn't bad. Went surprisingly fast, for a day that was off-and-on busy. I swept up a mess in the front of the store, gathered inside and outside trash, mopped the bathrooms, did returns, and gathered carts and baskets.

Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. In good news, I have Sunday off (which means I'll be able to go to Dad and Jodie's party), along with next Friday and Saturday, and by far the most hours I've gotten in months. I'm less happy with working 8 hours two days in a row and 7 the day after that, but between the increased hours and a more normal shift on Labor Day, I'll at least have a great paycheck going into vacation.

It's just as well that I didn't really need much in the way of groceries. I don't have much money right now. Picked up Cool Whip, Nutter Butter cookies, and pudding mix for an icebox cake for Sunday. Restocked black beans, diced tomatoes, skim milk, yogurt, Belvita breakfast cookies (found their pumpkin spice flavor on a display), crushed pineapple, cereal, and plastic bags.

I was originally going to go to Oaklyn's Final Friday Festival after dinner for a snack. By the time I got home, it had started to shower. The rain picked up as I was unpacking. Not to mention, I was tired from spending a lot of the day on my feet. I ended up just staying home, eating leftovers for dinner, making a Peanut Butter Icebox Cake, and finishing out Gumby. "Sad King Ott's Daughter" is being forced to marry the Black Knight. Gumby and Pokey come to his rescue. "The Black Knight" in an earlier short has put a spell on a dragon and used it to terrorize a kingdom. Gumby comes to their aid. "Gumby Racer" pits Gumby and Pokey against the Blockheads. They use every devious tactic they know to force the duo off the road.

For some reason, I thought today was Saturday and ran The Hunchback of Notre Dame tonight. I still reviewed it for Animation Celebration Saturday at my Musical Dreams Reviews website.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney 1996)

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