Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Music of the Night

Began a cloudy day with breakfast and another horror-themed episode of The Monkees. "I Was a Teenage Monster" from later in the first season has the groovy quartet hired to teach a hulking android (Richard Kiel) how to sing. What the monster's mad scientist creator really has in mind is to put the boys' musical abilities into the monster! When they figure out what's going on, science-loving Micky has to try to switch them back.

Did a quick Three Stooges short while I got ready to head out. They're hired by an inventor who wants them to keep an eye on his new ray gun. A group of spies are determined to "Spook Louder" and scare the trio out of the house...and away from the machine. Meanwhile, someone is going around, throwing pies randomly.

First stop of the day was the Oaklyn Library. I wanted to squeeze some volunteering in and see if they had any horror musicals to review. Not a whole lot going on over there. It was pretty much just the librarian and me. I mainly organized the DVDs. Fished the 2004 version of The Phantom of the Opera out of the horror section for the blog.

Work wasn't much busier. There wasn't even much traffic on Nicholson Road when I headed down that way. By mid-afternoon, it was sunny, chilly, and windy, too beautiful to be grocery shopping! I got quite a bit done today, despite the quiet. In addition to gathering carts and baskets and doing the outside trash and recycling, one of the managers asked me to sweep the patio and water the potted marigolds for sale in the front of the store.

Sweeping the patio proved to be a lot easier than watering the plants. It wasn't really bad on the patio and took me less than an hour. Using the hose is more complicated. I've watered the flowers before, but not in a long time. You have to pull the hose out of a closet on the side of the building, attach it to the nozzle, drag the sprayer all the way over to the plants in the front of the store, and retrieve a key from the floral department to turn the water on. I totally forgot about the key. One of the produce managers had to help me there. I did manage to get them watered when it was turned on and I figured out how to work the sprayer.

As soon as I finished, I grabbed skim milk (I ran out yesterday) and hurried home. Did some writing when I got in. Leia finds her way to the top of the Jedi Temple. She's learning more than she ever thought possible about the Jedi, their ways, and why they created their huge doomsday weapon. At the very top of the temple, Luke and Harry are tied together, swinging from a thick vine over a pit of bubbling molten metal! Palpatine and Vader are holding them hostage. Their lives for her sword, they say. Leia won't do it, but the guys are scared, and the vine won't hold much longer...

Had dinner at 6:30. Watched another popular comedy show from the mid-60's as I ate. Get Smart made it's first venture into horror with "Weekend Vampire" in the first season. Someone has murdered three CONTROL agents, and always during the weekends. The victims have two puncture marks in their necks that look like vampire bites, and Max hears a strange melody before the third murder. He and 99 go undercover as stranded newlyweds to find out of the owner of the flute is a real vampire, and what he has against other agents.

Finished the night after a shower with The Phantom of the Opera. I go into more detail on this dark operetta at my Musical Dreams Reviews blog.

The Phantom of the Opera

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