Thursday, March 07, 2019

Dolls On a Windy Day

I was still feeling a bit nostalgic this morning after watching Top Gun last night, so I put on the original She-Ra while I ate breakfast. "The Laughing Dragon" is Sorrowful, a scrawny fellow who is good-natured, ticklish, and a major coward. He has to find his hidden courage when his new friends in the Great Rebellion are attacked by the Horde and several of Hordak's boys.

Dressed the dolls for the month after the cartoon ended. Most of them are in green for St. Patrick's Day. Ariel borrowed Molly's navy argyle meet outfit sweater (which does have some green in it) and wears it with wide-legged jeans and Josefina's riding boots. Josefina is in her Harvest Outfit with the sage-green skirt and the long-sleeved camisa (shift) with the pretty embroidered flowers on the neckline. Whitney swiped the navy skirt from Molly's meet outfit with the green-sprigged turtleneck that came with the 90's Girl Scouts outfit, white tights, and blue flats. Felicity wears her friend Elizabeth's celery-green "Summer Gown." It has a quilted petticoat that really makes it more appropriate for spring. Molly wears a shamrock-print dress I found at a yard sale with white tights and the black strap shoes from Samantha's current meet outfit. Jessa's in an emerald-green wrap blouse I picked up at a doll clothes booth in the Deptford Mall, the jeans from the mid-90's modern collection, and Springfield Collection sneakers. Put Samantha in her mint-green Special Day Dress that just retired last year, with white tights and her red strap shoes.

Headed out to run errands as soon as I finished with the girls. Ran into Charlie working on the siding on the house as I headed out. He mentioned an inspector would be coming around at 5:30 on Monday. Ok, that's fine.

The first stop on the list was The Square Meal on West Clinton Avenue for lunch. They're a sandwich shop that specializes in sustainable, seasonal-based dishes. They'd updated slightly since the last time I was in there, with a changed menu and remodeled seating area. I had half of a roast chicken sandwich, the broccoli and edamame pasta salad, a soft ginger snap cookie sandwich with citrus cream filling, and a can of La Croix grapefruit sparkling water. Yum! The sandwich was tasty, but very messy. (The chicken was shredded and wouldn't stay in the ciabatta bun.) The salad was amazing, tangy and earthy, and the cookie sandwich was so nice and soft! I enjoyed my meal while chuckling at a father and his two young children by the window.

Next stop was the Haddon Township Library. It flurried a little on my way over there, but it mostly remained cloudy and cold (if not as bitterly cold as yesterday). They weren't that busy and were saving most of their DVD returns for other volunteers. I just shelved the adult DVDs. Lauren mentioned that she watched Rear Window last night. I hadn't seen that in ages and thought I'd give it another look. Grabbed more Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, this time with a Valentine's Day/love theme. Also grabbed the PBS special on the history of superhero comics from 2013 in preparation for my next fanfic.

I had to stop at Target on my way home. My computer mouse is dying. The scroll wheel will only scroll downwards, and that erratically. It was time for a replacement. Alas, the cheapest wireless mouse they had was gone; I went with the second-cheapest. I needed sugar anyway; also bought a frozen pie crust and lemon juice to make Lemon Meringue Pie.

Dodged the rush hour traffic on Cuthbert and headed straight home. Finally finished out The Adventures of Han of the Hood when I got in. Vader finally admits that he's Sir Andrew of the Skywalking Clan, and yes, he murdered the Jedi and killed Han's father and destroyed his family's manor for Palpatine. He agrees to turn himself in...just as King Bail returns from the Crusades. He lingers long enough to pardon Han and the others, make Leia the new queen and Han the Sheriff, give Luke land for a monastery on the Irish island of Atch-To, and toss Vader in jail.

That took way longer than I'd planned, or it really should have. I was going to do more with the second half, but I think I just lost interest. The vast majority of the stories I've done since late 2017 have been fantasies in one way or another, many of them fairy tales or set in medieval times. I think I need to switch things up a bit. The next story I have planned will be a little more sci-fi oriented than fantasy. Leia Ortega, Harris Arietta, and Lucas Skyman fight for truth and justice in the corrupt Coruscant City in 1977 as part of the superhero group known as the Rebel League. Their main villain is Darran Veder, the city's mysterious Chief of Police, and the town's mayor, Steven Palpatine.

At any rate, here's The Adventures of Han of the Hood, for your reading enjoyment!

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It was past 8 PM when I finally finished writing. I had a quick banana-strawberry smoothie for dinner, then made that Lemon Meringue Pie. Or I tried to. I didn't realize how much went into making lemon meringue! I had to cook the custard-like base, then make the meringue. I didn't want to turn on the noisy mixer, as it was late by then, so I beat it by hand. Which was a mistake. It never set. I gave up and put it in the oven. Not only did it take much longer to cook than it should have, but I ended up with very sweet egg-topped lemon pudding. I guess I'm just not suited to meringues.

My musical review tonight went better than my baking. Here's my take on the 1968 Oscar winner Oliver!, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


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