Friday, August 14, 2020

Blues In Late Summer

Began the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Makes a Mistake" when he accidentally knocks the basket of small items he and Miss Elaina were inspecting off the table. Katarina is equally upset when she splashes pink paint on her piggy picture. The kids figure out how to fix their mistakes and learn from them. I know a bit about "Baking Mistakes." Baker Aker, Daniel, and Prince Wednesday make their share while making trolley-shaped sugar cookies. Baker Aker teaches them how their mistakes may make the cookies even better.

Speaking of mistakes, I called the PNC Bank in Collingswood as soon as I finished breakfast. They made a big mistake with that check I gave Jodie for the rent. They said they'd call back by noon, but I still haven't heard from them. I'll call them again tomorrow morning before I go to work. Haven't heard from Disability, either. I really need to get my last payment from them.

Managed to get some writing in before I headed off. Charles is hurting so badly, the others pick up his song. He stumbles over to Malade and knows what he has to do. He puts up a hand and lets Brett's energy flow into his cupped hands. Now he can give it back to his good friend.

Left for work quickly around 11:30. The first half of work was a lot busier than it has been. There were tons of big orders and people trying to shop before the rain returns over the weekend. Everyone cleared out by 3:30. I guess they all left work early for the Shore. It did pick up again, but not until I was nearly finished. I was slightly late getting out after helping a lady and her children with a large order.

My schedule next week isn't all that different from this week's. Slightly more hours, all late morning-afternoon, same days off. Fine by me. I only have writing and job-hunting planned for next week anyway. Not only is there more rain in the forecast, but I don't do a lot of running around in August at normal times. Not to mention, my elbow is still healing. I probably shouldn't be doing a lot of running around.

Took the long way home again. The traffic wasn't quite as bad this time. Dodged a little around the entrance to the shopping center. Otherwise, even Nicholson was fairly quiet. I got off at 6. Everyone must have been at home, eating dinner. The greenery is still gorgeous, thick and jungle-like around the train bridge into Oaklyn. Huge leaves wave in the breeze; the gardens sport late summer roses, rainbows of geraniums, and dainty columbines.

As soon as I changed, I put on Match Game and had leftovers for dinner. In a 1974 episode, Gene tried to explain a joke about what Tom Thumb uses as an inner tube to the panel. Marcia Wallace seems to be the only one he got through to.

The champion on Sale of the Century did buy a set of beautiful leather chairs and finally took a crack at the Instant Cash, but she otherwise didn't dominate this game like she had previously. In fact, no one dominated the game, including the one man who was another champ brought back after a technical mishap. They were both unseated by the other woman, who handily won the speed round and got the money on the bonus round with time to spare.

Jodie texted me and asked to see me earlier in the day. I didn't have the chance to get over there until almost 8:30. She had a lot of mail for me. Along with bills and more hand-made masks from Mom, there was a check for the money from Manor Avenue apartment security deposit and a surprisingly sweet letter from Willa. Evidently, she too approved of how well I cleaned the apartment. Considering all the trouble we had with her, I appreciate her note.

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with more Charlie's Angels. Went with "Angels on Campus" from the fourth season. When two co-eds from Tiffany's old sorority go missing, Tiffany rejoins Kappa Omega Psi as a big sister, while Kris claims to be a reporter and Bosley flirts with the librarian. A handsome professor (Gary Collins) is turning all of his female students' heads, but Tiffany suspects the fact that both of the missing girls came from his class may not be coincidental.

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