Monday, November 01, 2021

Hard Times Under the Sun

Slept in this morning; started the day with oatmeal and grapes for breakfast while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Feels Two Feelings" when he is happy to play with his baby sister Margaret, but disappointed when she can't join him, O, and Katerina. He's happy when X teaches them to fly a kite, and frustrated when it won't get off the ground. X and Mrs. Tiger insist you can feel two things, and that's ok. He's scared and excited to ride the Ferris Wheel at "The Neighborhood Carnival." Prince Wednesday tosses rings on milk bottles with him until he's ready to ride.

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. Work was a bit of a pain. Three cashiers called out this morning, probably due to the aftereffects of holiday celebrations and the Eagles' big win. The head bagger had to take a register...which meant later in the day, they had to pull me to gather carts. Today is the first day of the month, too, and a lot of people who just got government money are doing their shopping. At least the weather was gorgeous. Sunny, bright, windy and warm, but not overly so for this time of year.

No trouble with Uber either way. The one picking me up arrived in less than five minutes. The one going home took more like fifteen, but it was the start of rush hour. Hit no traffic, and both rides went smoothly.

Tried to write that letter explaining my financial situation when I got home, but I wasn't sure how to begin. What can I say? How do you explain something like this? Nothing seemed right. I should probably call Rose, but she keeps talking about how busy she is. I'll look up a template for this tomorrow.

Finally went into writing instead. Jack and the card guards attempt to attack Brett, but as she points out, they're nothing but a pack of cards. Betty can't reach her to take off her head, either. The Cheshire Catwoman poofs down below to cause even more chaos. Meanwhile, the Red King is still trying to convince Allen and Betty to give up the kingdom...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. I was going to try making an Italian dip with white beans, but it turns out I had no white beans. Just ended up making a black bean stove-top casserole with green peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. Not bad, actually. Turned out much better than it should have, given its tossed-together origins. 

Watched Match Game '77 while I tried to figure out what to do about dinner. The panel had an extremely hard time figuring out the answer to the Audience Match "Huey __," especially when one answer was a political figure most of them didn't recognize. They had an even more difficult time dealing with a contestant with a pompadour that made him resemble a 50's rock star. 

Did the dishes during Match Game PM. The Audience Match got kind of crazy here, too. At a loss to figure out a third answer for "Mad as __," Charles Nelson Reilly blurted out "Mad as Sylvia." Bill Daily had an easier time with "Heads __" during the Head to Head. 

Took down the Halloween decorations while watching the original Good Eats. I completely forgot about that set I found at the Collingswood Book Festival last month. Since I'm thinking of making a pie sometime in the near future, I ran "Crust Never Sleeps" from the second season. My pie pastries always come out too heavy or don't come together. Alton claims that the way to make it tender and flaky at once (and avoid being pummeled by boxing puppets) is to use butter and shortening. I don't know. That sounds even heavier to me. 

Finished out the night after a shower with Charlie's Angels on The Roku Channel. Jill becomes a "Mother Angel" in the third season when she has to watch over an 11-year-old girl who witnessed a murder. This poor-little-rich-kid has not only lied before, but she's trying to be older than she is, making the Angels think she's telling tales. Even so, Sabrina poses as an Irish maid and Kelly a snooty society photographer to get the goods on the playboy the kid has a crush on who is far from whom he claims to be.

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