Thursday, October 20, 2022

Ghosts A-Go-Go

Overslept this morning and barely had time for breakfast before I dashed out. At least the weather was nice for rushing. It was a gorgeous, perfect fall morning, 50's, sunny, and breezy, with a radiant bright blue sky.

And that may have been the most exciting thing to happen all day. I ended up in a register again, but we weren't really that busy. It got steady off-and-on, but the worst thing I encountered was a gentleman who threw a fit when he had only two items and the express lane wasn't open. They closed the express lane so it can removed and made into more self-checkouts. There were two lanes open, but neither were express. While he was a bus driver and probably in a hurry, he didn't need to carry on and be as loud as he was, either. A woman in my line got so tired of listening to his growling, she let him through in front of her.

(Oh, and later in the afternoon, they did move the express sign down to that lane.)

This time, I went straight home. When I got in, I changed and watched The Ghost In the Invisible Bikini while eating popcorn and working on putting together those mystery bags. I go further into this horror-themed Beach Party movie, the last in the series, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Did some writing after the movie ended. Bill reminds Gene that he prefers to work without a script. He hadn't had much fun doing It Happened to Jane, but he's not sure why Gene didn't want billing. (In real life, Gene didn't want billing because he didn't think his performance was very good.) 

Broke for dinner at 7 PM. Match Game '77 tossed out a lot of jokes about snow and shoveling when the panel has to answer "__ Shovel" in the Audience Match. Orson Bean and Lee Merriweather help them try to figure out why the police desk sergeant thought the new prisoner was weird and meet a contestant who wants to be a game show producer. 

Finished the night online with several vintage Halloween specials from the 80's and 90's at Tubi. The Halloween Tree from 1993 has a quartet of children getting ready for trick-or-treating, only to discover their best friend Pip, who loves Halloween, was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. They follow the ambulance to the hospital, taking a shortcut across a spooky ravine. It ends them at a dark old house, with a huge tree covered in pumpkins outside. Mr. Moundshroud (Leonard Nimoy), the owner of the house and the tree, insists they help him find Pip's spirit after he carries away a pumpkin with his face. They travel through 10,000 years of Halloween history, learning something about the significance of their own mummy, monster, witch, and skeleton costumes in the process.

Jerrica Benton has an equally exciting and spooky holiday in "Trick or Techrat" from the second season of Jem. She and the other Holograms want to hold a benefit concert to earn money for restoring an old opera house. Their rivals the Misfits are just angry they're holding a concert and hold a Halloween show of their own. Their slimy manager Eric Raymond lends a hand to a developer who wants the land the opera house is on by trying to scare the Holograms off and make them think the building is unsafe. One of the orphans from the Starlight House does get spooked and runs off...but she's the one who finally takes down Eric and his goons when she finds out what they're up to. 

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