Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Dolls, Harts, and Ski Bunnies

Started off my morning with breakfast and a new episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Mr. Malik Comes Back to School," and the kids are happy to see their substitute teacher again. They're especially delighted when he introduces them to his hermit crab! They love imitating the crab's walk and hearing a story about hermit crabs...but Daniel and his friends learn there's a time to play, and a time to do what the teacher says and move on to the next activity. Daniel and Katerina don't want to stop building their snow cat, but Mrs. Tiger insists on taking them home for "Daniel's Wintertime Walk."

Went straight into changing the dolls into their own winter clothes after I finished eating. Samantha is in her gray Buster Brown school dress and black boots and tights. Josefina sports a blue empire-waisted floral gown I bought for her on eBay a few years ago. Barbara Jean also wears a hand-made eBay outfit, a butter-yellow mini-dress with long sleeves pintucks on the chest. Felicity's ready to hit the trails in her emerald-green Riding Habit and tri-corn hat. Ariel gets Julie's Casual Outfit with the orange peasant tunic, dark blue corduroy gauchos, and nifty boots. 

Whitney wishes the river would freeze up again so she can go skating in Molly's Skating Outfit and Springfield Collection skates. Molly's nice and cozy in her Play Outfit with the blue plaid flannel shirt, navy-blue corduroys, and the oxfords from Kit's School Outfit. Jessa mixes and matches pieces from her own meet outfit and the one from 2004 - the thick black corduroys and yellow sweater she came with, the flower-print long-sleeved t-shirt with sequin trim and turquoise sneakers from 2004, and a bucket hat. 

Watched Ski Party while I worked, and later while I puttered around online. I go further into this winter extension of the Beach Party films at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Caught a little bit of Password Plus while eating a quick lunch. Buzzr has finally started showing the Tom Kennedy-hosted episodes from 1981 and 1982. Bill Cullen returns to the show as a panelist here, joined by lovely Barbara Rhodes.

Headed off to work soon as I finished eating. Barely got there in time...but as it turned out, we were off-and-on steady, and frequently quiet. It's the middle of the week and the middle of the month. Most people are probably waiting for the holiday weekend. Had some customer trouble, including with one man who kept insisting on using his card, even when it clearly wasn't working. And of course, my last one was a large familly who took so long, I was late getting out.

Hurried straight home after that. Had dinner while watching Match Game Syndicated. Brett's delighted when someone gives her a paper doll version of her wearing her long-sleeved black gown, but Charles isn't as impressed. They can't figure out David Doyle's impressions in the end, either.

Finished the night online with a fifth season episode of Hart to Hart. Two friends of theirs seem upset when they see footage Johnathan shot during a ski trip of someone hiding around their car. That someone would do anything to get that footage, which links him to "Larson's Last Jump" and the death of a champioon skier..including holding the Harts and Max hostage at gunpoint. 

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