Thursday, September 14, 2023

It's a Beautiful Day

Started off the morning with breakfast and the first season of Sailor Moon. "Usagi Vs. Rei: Nightmare In Dreamland" takes the Guardians to a local amusement park where people have been disappearing. Rei wishes Usagi would stop trying to get on the rides and play with the animatronic animals and pay attention to their mission. Usagi wishes Rei would calm down and enjoy herself. They learn to work together when Ami is among the people put to sleep in the Candy Castle by the animatronic princess, who is a lot more sinister than Usagi suspects.

Switched to Tiny Toon Adventures as I pulled out my suitcase and dusted it off. "Bugs and Babs Go Hawaiian" has Babs and Buster Bunny (no relation) heading off to the title island. Buster would be happier if they didn't go there by plane. He's terrified of flying. Things don't get any better when they arrive at first. Dizzy eats their luggage, and they lose their money. Babs pulls out a credit card and insists they make the best of things, but even she starts to worry when there's a volcano about to go off. (Oh, and this episode was the one written by three thirteen-year-old girls as part of a contest. I think they did a terrific job. It's one of the funnier episodes of the second season. They even appear early-on in caricatured version of their real selves.)

Went through my suitcase while the cartoon was on to see if I needed to replace or restock anything before I left. My shampoo and conditioner bottles were almost empty, and I finished off the body wash the last time. I'd pick up some today, along with snacks for the trip and this weekend. 

Put on Match Game '77 as I got organized, then headed out. First stop on my long list was the bank for vacation money. I pulled up to one of the outside ATMs, but that was probably a mistake. I had to rush getting the money when a car pulled up to the driveway.

Headed down Atlantic and across to Westmont for lunch. I love Que Ricas, a little Venezuelan restaurant in the shopping center across from the Westmont Theater Gym. They sell arepas, cornmeal bread with various fillings. I had "curvy queen," a chicken salad with shredded Gouda, guacamole, and grilled plantains, along with a can of Diet Coke. Oh, yum! The plantains added a just-sweet-enough touch to the salty chicken salad. It was amazing. 

Was in and out of several stores over the next hour. Picked up yogurt and a salad for the train from the Westmont Acme. Rode up to the Westmont Plaza and hit Sprouts for granola bars and coconut milk. Got the toiletries at Target, along with a new toothbrush cover and two bags of nuts. Thought I'd try gummy multi-vitamins that were slightly cheaper (and probably better-tasting). 

No wonder everywhere I went today was quiet. Only Target had a line, and there was barely anyone in Sprouts. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Upper 70's, breezy, and sunny as can be. Couldn't have been a more perfect day for an errand run. It was just too nice for most people to be shopping.

Went straight home after I left Target. Put everything away, then enjoyed popcorn while watching Road to Bali. I go further into the sixth Road movie and the only one in color at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Looked up jobs next. When I had no luck there, I went into writing. Joyce heads down the road with Charles the Scarecrow and Rover, wondering about Queen Bretta and what happened to her court. Charles admits he might know something, but doesn't really remember it. Joyce wonders how a scarecrow came to be in the queen's employ.

Broke at 7 for dinner and more Match Game '77. Richard's the only one who gives a decent answer for "__ Practice." He also gets to help out with "Divide __" in the Head-to-Head. Don Sutton is more than happy to show off his strong pitcher's arm and part of his chest later in the episode. Gene's not as happy when Brett tries it!

Finished the night online with The New Scooby Doo Movies. The gang is stranded in the small town of Winona, Missouri after they accidentally run the Mystery Machine into a truck. They encounter fellow Hanna-Barbara mystery solver Speed Buggy and his human pals, who are trying to figure out what "The Weird Wind of Winona" is and why it's causing the town's population to decline. 

Went to the Eagles-Vikings game after that. Once again, the Eagles started strong, but faltered in the second half. Thankfully, they did play better than on Sunday, finally running past the Vikings 34-28. 

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