Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, New Arrivals

Slept in again this morning and watched more Sean the Sheep. I finally started out to the Oaklyn Library around 11:30. There was actually quite a bit to do there. The DVDs, for grown-ups and kids, badly needed to be reorganized. There were DVDs piled on top each other...and there was plenty of room for people to put them away. I also sheved Christmas picture books that were on display in the children's section (leaving out a few books related more to winter and snow).

When I got home, there was a package waiting for me. Yay, the first of four online orders I made with Christmas money had arrived! Molly and Samantha got new dresses from American Girl. AG put out new spring outfits for the historical dolls late last winter. I picked up Molly's Polka-Dot Outfit and Rebecca's Lace Dress - I thought the latter would be more fitting for stylish Samantha than her pink-and-white-striped birthday pinafore dress. Both are quite lovely, fit the girls well, and even come with cute shoes! (Jessa will probably share the Polka-Dot Outfit. I'm glad that one comes in two pieces. It'll work with other shirts, skirts, and pants I have for Molly and Jessa.)

I had leftover Chicken Vegetable Soup for lunch while watching more Sean the Sheep. My favorite of the second batch of shorts was the one that had Sean, Timmy the Lamb, his mother, and another sheep adrift in a hot air balloon that belonged to their master's girlfriend. Bitzer the dog is hot on their trail and determined to make sure that balloon and sheep make it home in one piece!

Work was busier than yesterday, but still not too bad. It was quiet enough when I finished to get off (on time) without a relief. Good thing, because I did have some grocery shopping to do. In addition to needing to restock vegetables, I wanted to get a ham for my New Year's Eve dinner. The Acme is having big sales on many kinds of pork. I found a nice little half of a spiral-sliced ham for $5.30. I also picked up brown sugar (I was out), French vanilla mousse mix, a can of low-fat, low-sodium chicken broth to replace what I used for my Leftovers Soup, and sparkling apple-cranberry juice and whipped heavy cream to make Whipped Syllabub tomorrow night.

I have a pretty good schedule next week, too, one that's far more normal than this week's. Nope, I don't have New Year's Day off, but I don't work early like I did last year, either. I'll at least be able to go out for a nice brunch. I do have a few late days later in the week, but it could be worse. It should, at the very least, be busier next week than it was this week, thanks to the beginning of the month.

There was another box waiting for me when I pulled in. My Disney Store dolls had arrived! Normally, I'm not really interested in collecting Disney dolls beyond the occasional stuffed animal, but the new Animator's Collection Toddler dolls were too cute for words. I picked up Cinderella and Tiana. Tiana has the sweetest little smile; Cindy reminds me of the Shirley Temple dolls my mother had when she was little. Other than it took me 20 minutes to get them out of their boxes, thanks to all the twist-ties wound around them and Cindy's hair-net, I adore them. Cinderella has the prettiest, most brushable golden curls! Haven't done much with Tiana yet - I'll take another look at her tomorrow.

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