Monday, November 17, 2014

Enchantment In the Rain

It was pouring when I got up this morning. I ended up spending it eating breakfast, making Norsk Apple Muffins, and watching holiday programming. My favorite traditional version of The Nutcracker is the American Ballet Theater version from 1978. Clara (Gerry Kirkland) receives a special present from her godfather - a toy nutcracker doll. She dreams that the doll comes to life, fights a wicked Mouse King, and turns into a prince (Mikhail Baryshnikov) who takes her to the Land of Sweets. 

Switched to a Thanksgiving special as I ate leftovers for lunch. Molly's Pilgrim is an Oscar-winning short subject from 1985. Molly and her family just came to the US from Russia, and she's having a hard time fitting in. Her clothing looks old-fashioned compared to the other girls, she speaks English with an accent, and her lunch is real food, rather than just sandwiches. She's looking forward to the assignment to make a pilgrim girl, until her mother makes the doll look more like a Russian girl. Molly and her classmates finally learn how the Pilgrims really came up with the idea of a harvest feast...and that it takes all kinds of pilgrims to make a Thanksgiving.

Moved back to Christmas as I got ready for work. The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas takes us to Beartown, where curious Ted E. Bear wants to know all about this peculiar time of the year. He's teased by the other bears and shunned by authority figures who think he's crazy or just plain stupid for fighting instinct. He's determined to find Christmas at any cost. A toy store brings him close, but it's a plump old man in a red suit who finally shows him the real meaning of the holiday.

Dad ended up driving me to and from work. It poured on and off all day. Work was quiet when I arrived. It was on and off too, mostly because we're still short on help. Otherwise, there were no major problems. My relief arrived just in time for me to hurry out to Dad.

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