Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Championship Parade

I was once again awoken by the sound of sawing outside my door. The cranes were back, though a little further from the path this time. I drowned out the noise with breakfast and two season one Sailor Moon episodes. Zoisite challenges a wounded Tuxedo Mask to a showdown for the Rainbow Crystals in "The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess Appears." Their battle gets a lot more complicated when Usagi follows Mamoru and gets involved, too. The girls recall their original lives as the Guardians of the Moon in "Returning Memories: Usagi and Mamoru's Past." While they can't stop Kunzite from kidnapping Mamoru, they can minimize the damage he does to them and the rest of Tokyo.

Headed out around 11:30 to get the laundry done. (After it took me fifteen minutes just to find my bike. The men had wheeled it in the back...where it was blocked by the cranes, of course. They had to get it out.) The Eagles' Championship Parade was in full swing on ABC when I got into the laundromat. I had a huge load (including towels) that gave me plenty of time to watch it, too. It was huge! People had apparently been lined up since last night, waiting to catch a glimpse of the heroes of the Super Bowl.

Of course, not everyone is a football fan. The two women who showed up a bit later whined that they were tired of hearing about the Eagles, and why were they making such a big deal out of this? Because it is a big deal, especially for a city filled with people that are used to seeing themselves as losers. I ignored them, worked on story notes, and watched the spectacle with a big grin on my face.

I wasn't happy when I got home and realized what the men were doing. They were cutting down trees in the backyard. Trees that had nothing wrong with them. Trees that we need, to make clean air and keep the house cool in the summer. I hope he's not going to have all the trees cut down! Charlie already thinned out the trees in the backyard when he moved in. I think he just can't handle cleaning up after them. I stormed upstairs, folded and put away my laundry, then stormed back out. I had DVDs to return.

But first, I needed lunch. I hadn't eaten at the Westmont Bagel Shop in ages. I got there around 1:30...which proved to be just in time. They were closing at 2. According to the owner, they hadn't been busy all day. Most people were either at the parade, or taking advantage of everyone being at the parade to run errands and do other things, like me. I listened to the parade on their radio while eating an absolutely amazing "Milano" pannini - grilled chicken, spinach, and piles of provolone cheese on grilled sourdough bread, with creamy cole slaw and giant pickle slices. Yummm. It really hit the spot on a cold day. (It was sunny here, but it never got past the lower 30's. At least it wasn't windy, too.)

The Haddon Township Library was even less busy. There were a few parents amusing children who had an unexpected day off of school. Otherwise, it was me, the librarians, and one or two older folks. I mainly just organized DVDs.

Thought I'd try something a little different this week with movies. I found a disc of three Hallmark mysteries based around one of my favorite book series, the Hannah Swenson bakery novels. Having enjoyed the Hallmark McBride movies that Linda Young sent me a while back, I thought I'd give these a shot. They finally had the third season of Star Wars Rebels in; I've been waiting for that one. Also grabbed Spider Man: Homecoming. I'm not the biggest fan of the character, but having seen every other Marvel film, I figured I might as well catch this one, too.

Headed straight home after leaving the library. I wanted to get some writing in. The Giant Snoke laughs at Rey's anger and protectiveness after he slaps Luke around. He admires her spirit, and ultimately agrees to give her and her sisters a room for the night. They share that room with the Giant's apprentices Phasma, Hux, and Kylo.

The Giant has given his apprentices gold necklaces and the girls ones made of straw. It's Rey who figures out that the giant likely has something planned. She tricks the other three into taking their straw necklaces, convincing Kylo that they can grant him wishes. The only thing they get is slammed around when the Giant comes upstairs for his breakfast. Before he can figure out what happened to the girls, they're gone.

Rey suggests that Luke may be some imprisoned prince or king. He has royal bearing, and wore a ring with a royal crest on it. Rose is upset that they couldn't rescue him, too. Rey says they'll go back for him...and that someone may be looking for him. Someone who could give them a big reward. They finally head across the mountains towards the next kingdom over, the Kingdom of Alderaan.

Had a quick dinner at quarter after six while starting Rebels, then played some Lego Star Wars. Did Free Play on "Discovery at Kamino," "Jedi Battle," and "Secret Plans." Got all but two pieces and the red brick on "Kamino," four more pieces on "Jedi Battle," and five more pieces and the red brick on "Secret Plans." Picked up a couple of vehicles, including TIE fighters and an Imperial shuttle.

Finished the night online with Rebels. There's quite a few major changes as we enter the third season. Ezra, the young Jedi apprentice, is starting to show signs of maturity. He's taller, his hair is much shorter, and he's taking command more often. Sabine, the bombing and art expert, also has a new, shorter hairstyle.

Kanan, Ezra's teacher, is still getting used to his blindness. He seeks out a wise old creature called the Bendu to help him "see" with the Force in "Steps Into Shadow." Meanwhile, Ezra feels guilty for what happened in the season 2 finale with Darth Maul. He's been seeking more and more advice from the Sith (evil magic) holocron. He's afraid he'll lose his friends and he won't be able to protect them...and it's making him short-tempered and impulsive. He lets a big mission get to his head after he rescues old Hondo the bounty hunter...but his fear and anger may end up getting him and everyone into big trouble with the new head of the Imperial forces Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The next episode, "The Holocrons of Fate," picks up with the holocrons and Ezra and Kanan's relationship. Darth Maul takes the rest of the crew of the Ghost hostage while Ezra and Kanan are on a mission. He wants them to bring the Holocrons to him, both the Jedi and Sith ones. Kanan has to teach Ezra how to get through the spider-filled cave and find the Sith Holocron, but he may not be ready for what happens when Ezra and Maul combine the two Jedi artifacts.

Most of the other episodes on this disc were less dire. "The Antilles Extraction" has Sabine helping two Imperial pilots defect to the Rebellion...named Wedge Antilles and Hobbie Killian, later members of the Rogue Squadron who fought at the Death Stars and on Hoth. The crew of the Ghost are "Hera's Heroes" when they help her attempt to retrieve a family heirloom before the Imperials get their hands on it.

"The Last Battle" will probably mean more to people who have seen the previous Clone Wars cartoon series. Captain Rex, a former clone soldier, helps Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, and Zeb fight a droid assault force that was never decommissioned. When the Empire shows up on their doorstep, it's Ezra who helps Rex and the head Tactical Droid understand that no one really won the Clone Wars...and they all have a common enemy in the Empire now.

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