Sunday, February 25, 2018

They Say It's Wonderful

Slept longer than planned this morning. I had just enough time for Banana-Peanut Butter Pancakes and the original cast album of Annie Get Your Gun before writing this morning. Ethel Merman headlined the 1946 Broadway production as Annie Oakley, who can shoot just about anything you can throw at her, but discovers that "you can't get a man with a gun" when Frank Butler (Ray Middleton) prefers softer types of gals. They join competing wild west shows, then discover that both shows are going broke. They hope to make a merger...if Annie loses to Frank at one last showdown.

The book is slightly dated; "I'm an Indian Too" offended so many people, it was cut from the 1999 Broadway revival. Ironically, two numbers that were cut from the 50's movie and the 60's revival, "Who Do You Love (I Hope)" and "I'll Share It All With You," which were written for the second couple and are heard here, were restored in 1999. "Hope" is cute enough that I'm glad they brought it back. I'm also fond of Annie's "I've Got the Sun In the Morning" and "Doin' What Comes Naturally" and her two duets with Frank, the lovely "They Say It's Wonderful" and the hilarious "Anything You Can Do."

Worked on writing for an hour before work. Poe brings Leia back what he thinks is the water..but almost poisons her when it turns out to be muddy river water. Benjamin and Armitage bring the real Water of Life. They send their huntsman Finn out to kill Poe to keep him from talking. Finn isn't fond of the elder princes and helps Poe escape instead. He takes him to the far-away country of Canonica, where his friends Rose and Paige live. They help Poe get a job in a stable. Poe's happy with the horses, but he still misses his adopted mother and Rey...

Headed off to work shortly after getting off the computer. It's a good thing the rain we had this morning was long gone by the time I got in. I spent most of a busy day outside, doing carts. It was really bad early-on. We couldn't keep them filled. Things started to slow down around 4 as it became clear that the rain wasn't coming back, and we were just going to have a cloudy, damp day. When it slowed down enough for one bagger to be outside, I did all the trash and recycling and mopped the bathrooms. Also helped a family out to their car and brought an older woman a mechanical cart when hers was slowing down. She was really nice to me, too, praising me effusively for my kindness and cheerfulness.

When I got home, I had a quick dinner of leftover beef-barley soup, then finished out the night with Lego Star Wars. Did a couple of short rounds first. Got the red brick and a few more pieces on "Count Dooku" and "Darth Vader" and a few more pieces and True Jedi on "Cloud City Trap." (I just cannot get True Jedi on "Darth Vader." I fall into the lava too often.) Also did "Lego City," one of the two bonus rounds where you have to destroy, knock down, or blow up a generic Lego city set to get a million studs and earn a gold brick.

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