Friday, June 01, 2018

Hot Day In June

Started off the day with a quick breakfast and my new Petula Clark CD before going on the computer to work on writing. Wedge brings the group to the ball for the nobles in the throne room of Solo Castle. Lando says he'll be the noble, passing the Ewoks off as his bodyguards and the others as his retinue. The throne room is standing-room only. Palpatine, looking a lot younger than he should, announces that he intends to become king as soon as the Great Convergence occurs.

Broke for lunch at noon. Headed to work a little early. I wanted to buy a candy bar and see if I had any money on my Food Stamps card. I didn't. No groceries today. Maybe it's just as well. Work was still a bit of a pain. I ended up in the register for part of the day when they didn't have enough help before and during rush hour. Being outside wasn't much better. It was hazy, hot, and killer humid. I rounded up carts and baskets, bagged, and returned cold items.

My schedule for this week is a little weird. In good news, three days off in a row...but the first one isn't until Wednesday. I work busy six-hour days for the weekend and early part of the week, but at least they're all late morning and early afternoon. (The regular afternoon bagger seems to either have retired or is on extended leave again.) At least I'll get to go to the Voorhees Library Book Sale on Friday.

Went straight in the shower after dinner. Played Lego Indiana Jones after having leftovers for dinner. I did manage to finish "In the Mountains" and "Opening the Ark" and got the Santa character in "Mountains." Unfortunately, I ran into a glitch getting the last piece in "Shanghai Showdown," though I did pick up the second dancer character there.

Ended the night with Maze Runner: The Death Cure. We pick up where the previous film left off, with the only three original Glade residents Thomas (Dylan O'Brian), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Frypan (Dexter Darden), the only ones who are immune to the deadly disease attacking the city, join the resistance on a mission to rescue their former Maze Runner friend Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and others captured by evil company WCKD. Their friend isn't there. He's being kept in the Last City. They make their way there with the help of two more resistance members, Jorge (Giancarlo Esposito) and Brenda (Rosa Salazar). Other rebels on the inside let them in the gate...but not only are they captured when they get in, but Newt reveals that he's now sick, too. Thomas' former girlfriend Teresa (Kaya Scolederio) is the one who discovers that Thomas may have the key to curing the Flare...and that WCKD heads Ava (Patricia Clarkson) and Janson (Aidan Gillen) desperately want that cure, too.

This was ok, not great. It suffers from the same problems as the previous movies, namely the characters aren't all that interesting, and once we're not dealing with WCKD anymore, things are a lot less fun. Dark and dreary cinematography doesn't help.

I really think this series should have stayed a one-off. The first installment was actually pretty good, a unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre. The remaining two get too bogged down in their attempts to ape the dark tone of The Hunger Games for their own good. (To give 20th Century Fox some credit, at least they finished the series at all. At press time, it looks like Lionsgate is either going to release the fourth Divergent film on TV or just not bother with it.)

Like Divergent, this series is only recommended if you really love dark teen sci-fi stories. For everyone else, it's probably not necessary.

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