Thursday, May 31, 2018

Party of One

Began the day with breakfast and the last few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on the disc. "Princess Twilight Sparkle" is the two part season four opener. Twilight Sparkle is expected to open the Summer Sun Celebration with a dazzling display of flight. There's only one slight problem. She just got her wings in the previous episode, and she's not used to them yet. There's soon larger problems in the land than her inability to fly. Ponyville is being attacked by needle-sharp vines from the Everfree Forest, and the princesses have disappeared. A potion from zebra witch Zecora reveals a mystical Tree of Harmony that may hold the answer.

Work was a bit of a pain. Despite it being dead the entire day, I ended up in the register for an hour. One of the managers had been called up to replace a grocery manager who called out, and they had to pull someone else to take her place. At the very least, this did give me a chance to help shelve candy. I also put some loose items away and gathered carts.

I went on the computer to do some writing when I got home, but I was distracted and didn't finish much. I did get Leia, the Ewoks, Wedge and his men, and Lando and Niem Numb into the secret passage behind the castle.

When I got off, I put on the first half of Star Wars: Clone Wars while eating Chicken in tomato-mushroom sauce and leftover macaroni salad and green salad for dinner. Moved onto Lego Indiana Jones while I ate. The tank in "Desert Ambush" wouldn't shoot, which meant I couldn't finish that round. (I figured out what I did wrong online - I'll fix it next time.) I did manage to get True Adventurer and all but two pieces anyway. I also found R2-D2, who hides under a whip spot in the first part. I was finally able to buy Han Solo, who shoots a sweet blaster. "Temple of the Grail" was a lot less difficult, especially since I already had half the pieces - and it was a lot easier in Free Play than in regular mode. I had no trouble fully completing it, up to and including True Adventurer and all the pieces.

Ended the night with a tasty fruit smoothie made with some of that fruit Jodie gave me and the rest of Clone Wars. This is the original 2-D animated series that picks up directly from where Attack of the Clones left off. We're introduced to the clones, Asaji Ventress, and several of the Jedi Masters as generals. The storyline here had Anakin being promoted Jedi Knight (despite Obi Wan's protests), then disrupting a native ritual on the planet Nelvaan. But there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye, as Anakin and Obi-Wan discover when Anakin takes the "trial by fire" and they look further into experiments on natives. Meanwhile, Mace Windu pursues General Grevious, who has his own plans for the galaxy, and Chancellor Palpatine.

Not bad. This is a far more intense and violent - but equally interesting - take on the Clone Wars and what happened between the prequels. Obi-Wan's continual annoyance with Anakin's impatience and pretty much everything else was especially funny. Look out for a lot of action, including one gross scene where Obi-Wan is absorbed into a monster and fights it from within. I just wish we could have seen them in their original 12-minute format, rather than cut into one movie. (Evidently, these constitute all of season 2.)

If you're a fan of the prequels, the characters, the Jedi, or series creator Gendy Tartarkovsky (who also did Samurai Jack, among others), this is worth looking around for.

(Oh, and I must make smoothies more often. The one I made today - consisting of fruit, peanut butter, milk, and honey - came out wonderfully, tasty, cool, and just sweet enough.)

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