Tuesday, November 06, 2018

You're Not Elected In New Jersey, Charlie Brown

It was pouring when I rolled out of bed this morning. I cheered up a gloomy day with Schoolhouse Rock shorts themed around the government and how it works. "Three Ring Government" compares how the government is organized to a typical circus. "I'm Just a Bill" introduces one of the series' most beloved characters, who explains how a bill becomes law and how long that process often takes. "The Preamble" discusses the Constitution. "Tyrannosaurus Debt" is a pointed commentary on the US debt and how it keeps growing. "I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College" is one of the most recent songs in the series. This spoof of college fight songs shows how the Electoral College works and how a president is elected.

Did a few more shorts as I cleaned up from my cornmeal mush breakfast. Olive is the last person who hasn't voted in "Popeye for President." She can't get to the polls until her chores are done. Popeye and Bluto race to see who can finish her chores for her faster.

We see what happens after a candidate takes office in the Betty Boop/Grampy short "The Candid Candidate." The townspeople come to Grampy with a long list of grievances. The old man uses his many inventions to help solve his problems.

Worked on writing for the rest of a rainy morning. Rose finally makes it to Leia's house, only to find that she's missing. There's a strange creature in her bed...one with a big nose, big eyes, and big teeth. The wolf tries to spring out and gobble up Rose, but unlike the original story, she knows how to defend herself. She hits him over the nose with a wrench before he chases her downstairs.

Broke a little bit early to call Dad and Jodie. The rain wasn't stopping. I was going to need a ride to work. Got Jodie; they'd be fine driving me. (And it's a good thing I didn't call them for a ride yesterday. Dad has doctor's appointments on Monday.)

Worked on a Crock Pot lentil stew with carrots, celery, and onions while watching Tiny Toon Adventures. The Toons did two episode that spoofed elections and politicians; I went with 'Citizen Max" from the first season. In this parody of Citizen Kane, Max goes up against Buster for school president. He ultimately frames him for cheating and gets him expelled. Plucky and Babs help Buster to get even. Meanwhile, Hamton just wants to find out what Monty meant when he said "Acme."

Did two more shorts as I got ready to leave. Monty and Buster were hardly the first Looney Tunes to go toe-to-paw in the political arena. "Ballot Box Bunny" has Bugs competing against Yosemite Sam to become mayor of their small town. They both try every trick in the book they can think of to win, but the race has a surprising conclusion.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit loses "Confidence" when his hens get sick. He goes to Washington DC to get help from none other than FDR himself, and finds out more about the programs he set up to help Americans find work.

Jodie picked me up around 12:40. She apparently had to go to the bank anyway. While we were off-and-on steady for most of the afternoon, we weren't nearly as busy as we were yesterday. I did get stuck in the registers for a while; my break was late when I had to wait for a relief. Otherwise, I was mostly either outside doing carts, or inside doing returns.

The rain had stopped by the time I left for work and was off-and-on all afternoon, though not usually as heavy as in the morning. It had just picked up again when Dad came around. It slowed down by the time I was home eating lentil stew and finally seems to be gone at press time.

Finished out "Confidence," then moved on to The Monkees. Frustrated and angry when their elderly neighbors are forced out of their homes, Mike Nesmith goes to City Hall to complain. When the mayor more-or-less ignores him, he tosses his green wool hat in the political ring to become a "Monkee Mayor." The corrupt businessman who is backing the mayor wants to turn the whole city into parking lots...and he's determined to get Mike under his thumb, too.

We move from Southern California to Milwaukee for the second season Happy Days episode "The Not-Making of the President." Mr. Cunningham is shocked when Richie opts to vote for Democratic nominee Adalai Stevenson after he gets a crush on a cute girl who is heavily Democrat. Mr. Cunningham is a Republican who swears by Eisenhower. Richie is nervous when he has to give a speech at a political rally, but as he discovers, no matter which party he belongs to, his dad will always support him.

Headed to Pittsburgh for the Remember WENN episode "Strange Bedfellows" after a shower. Husband-and-wife radio actors Hilary Booth and Jeff Singer have entered the race for City Council on opposing sides. Manager Scott Sherwood sets up a debate on the air for the two, but a third party member may end up stealing their thunder.

Switched to the Disney live-action musical The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band as I went online. I go into more detail on this one at my Musical Dreams Reviews blog.

The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

I realized I forgot to do Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost last week. I normally do this one right after Halloween, but I didn't get the chance. This time, Scooby and the gang are off to New England at the request of famous horror novelist Ben Ravenscroft (Tim Curry). He claims his ancestor Sarah was a Wiccan - a healer - and not a terrible witch, but the townspeople have been seeing her ghost in their new Pilgrim community. Is the ghost the real thing, or is Ben right? And what do the goth rock group the Hex Girls have to do with it all?

Ended Election night with You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown. The votes are in. Charlie Brown has no chance of being nominated for school president. Linus proves to be a more viable candidate, at least until he starts talking about the Great Pumpkin during a debate.

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