Saturday, January 12, 2019

Everybody Gets a Movie

It was still sunny and dry when I got up this morning. Had a quick breakfast before continuing with my organizing and clearing out in the apartment. I got rid of another stack of books and pulled a very few CDs. I've actually kept the music and DVDs pretty well cleared-out over the years, and I've tried to be better about buying movies and music I won't really listen to.

I called Rose right after breakfast. Yes, we're still going down to Cape May County tomorrow. The weather isn't going to be bad enough to make the roads impassable. She says she wants to pick me up early, around 9.

Ran Teen Titans Go to the Movies while I puttered around. After the Justice League accuses the Titans of not being legitimate because they don't have their own movie, Robin (Scott Menville) becomes obsessed with getting into films. Even villainous Slade (Will Arnett) tells them that they don't take things seriously enough. The kids try to break into the Warner Bros lot, but Jade Wilson (Kristen Bell), the director in charge of superhero movies, tells them she'd only hire them if they were the only superheroes on the lot. After an attempt to keep all superheroes from being born fails, they do manage to get the crystal that Slade was after.

Wilson, seeing their fight with Slade, changes her tune and says she'll make a movie about them. When the other kids find a huge "Doomsday device," they decide that something "smells of the fish," as naive alien princess Starfire (Hynden Walch) puts it. Despite insisting that it's only a streaming service, Jade still drops the other Titans from the movie and retools it to be about Robin only. He's thrilled at first...until he realizes not only how much his friends mean to him, but who Jade is and what she really has in mind for her "streaming service."

I've only seen bits and pieces of the show on Cartoon Network. It can occasionally be funny, but it's usually just weird. Thankfully, this movie's a big improvement. Yeah, it still has the same strange random humor, but the gags tie surprisingly well into a thoughtful (if cliched) story about how Robin's desire for legitimacy nearly pulls the Titans apart. It actually has a lot of fun playing with the show's reputation for being too goofy, the DC live-action universe's reputation for being too serious, and with the flood of superhero films that have been coming out lately. (Interesting note: This was Stan Lee's last animated cameo before his death and his only cameo in a DC movie.)

Yes, the story is thin and cliched, and to be honest, a lot of the gags - especially about recent superhero movies - will probably be dated in a few years. I still recommend this for fans of the show, or anyone who enjoys a good comedy and wants to see the recent tital wave of superhero extravaganzas taken down a few pegs.

After a quick lunch, I decided to try making fudge again. This one follows the original cake batter fudge recipe from Pinterest more closely. I don't think I put in enough milk; the resulting fudge was tasty, but very crumbly.

Ran two episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures while I worked. Babs and Buster relate two "Brave Tales of Real Rabbits," with "And All that Rot" spoofing Sherlock Holmes stories and "Day for Knight" making fun of "St. George and the Dragon."

"New Class Day" throws out even more parodies. Batduck (Plucky) and Decoy (Hamton) try to join "The Just-Us League of Super Toons," but are rejected for not having powers. When Wex Wuthor (Montana Max) strips them of their superpowers, it's Batduck to the rescue! "Sound Off!" pays homage to black-and-white silent shorts as Babs and Buster find a dialogue-free way of getting Dizzy to leave their picnic alone. "A Night In Kokomo" has fun with the Marx Brothers movies, with Buster as Chico, GoGo as Harpo, and Babs making a perfect Groucho.

Ran one last classic Looney Tunes short as I got ready for work. "Robin Hood Daffy" does everything he can to convince Friar Porky to join his Merry Men. The good friar, however, is not amused by his swinging into trees and his "buck and a quarter quarterstaff."

Work was a mess all afternoon. Not only do the Eagles play the Saints in the playoffs tomorrow, but we're supposed to get snow. It's only supposed to be between a dusting and maybe two inches, but a lot of people were treating it like a blizzard. I'm wondering if it's because we haven't had any snow since that one storm in November. I tried to help the head bagger with the carts, but I kept getting called inside to either go in for a cashier's break, or take lines. Not to mention, by the time I was doing carts, clouds had moved in, and it had begun to feel colder and a bit more damp.

I was so glad when I finally got out of there. Went straight home and on the computer. Han confronts Baron Jasper Du Hutt at the stables. Hutt now owns Han's family's lands and holdings after they were confiscated for taxes. Han's trying to buy them back, but he lost the shipment of illegitimate drugs from the Orient he was supposed to be selling. He swears to Jasper that he will get him the money, with interest.

Broke for leftovers for dinner at quarter of 6. After I ate, I cut the fudge and layered it on parchment paper in a tin. Yes, some of it did crumble, but most of it seemed to hold its shape well enough. I hope everyone enjoys it tomorrow.

Finished the night before a shower with the Disney Robin Hood, which I cover at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Robin Hood (Disney 1973)

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