Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Dark and Cloudy Day

Began the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "Cupid Comes to Stalag 13" when General Buckhalter (Leon Askin) arrives in search of a husband for one of his female relatives. Hogan assumes it's his pretty young niece...but it's really her battleax mother Gertrude (Kathrine Freeman), much to Klink's dismay. Hogan tries to figure out a way to get her off the Kommendant's back.

Worked on writing after I ate. Brett continues to play Betty at croquet, and she continues to win, much to Brett's annoyance. Bill the White Rabbit hands around the tarts Brett saw guarded earlier. It's the King of Hearts who made these, as Queen Betty can't bake (and couldn't in real life). Betty has them guarded because he made them with love...and she loves her husband more than anything, except for animals and giving loud orders.

Broke for a quick lunch and more Hogan's at quarter after 11. Switched to the second season for "Tanks for the Memory." General Buckhalter's back, this time with a remote-controlled tank he intends to test at the Stalag. Naturally, Hogan and his boys want to get their hands on the schematics and see how they can sabotage their efforts.

Rushed out for work even before the episode ended. Today was the first of two cashiering shifts in a row. We were off-and-on busy, nothing overwhelming for this time of the year. I did have a few annoying customers, especially after they switched me to doing the express lane later in the afternoon, and I totally messed up giving one of the employees money on her order. Thankfully, a manager finally came in so I could get out on time.

I got incredibly lucky. Heavy clouds moved in shortly after I got to work. To my surprise, they remained just clouds and wind as I rode home. I think I felt one raindrop, but it never amounted to anything. As far as I can tell, it's still just cloudy and slightly cool for this time of year.

Finished the Hogan's episode, then put on Sale of the Century. This time, the champ dominated full-stop, even after buying two Instant Bargains. The other contestants won the Fame Games, but he kept jumping in on the questions and flattened everyone at the speed round. He picked up pastel living room furniture on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night online after a shower with tom thumb. I go further into George Pal's version of the Grimm's tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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