Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Hot Days of Summer

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. Doc can't sleep when she wakes up after her dad reads her a story about a five-armed purple monster. "Doc's Dream Team" helps her get some shuteye, and see that her nightmare isn't scary as she thinks. Chilly finally does "melt" after playing pirates with the others...or loses his stuffing when he rips open. "Filling Chilly" requires cotton balls and convincing Chilly that getting stitches isn't such a bad thing.

Dashed to work as the episode ended. Once again, the morning started out well. It was cloudy, cool, and killer humid. I spent the morning sweeping and gathering carts. I was supposed to have more help in the afternoon, but one bagger called out, and the other was pulled to stock the dairy shelves after sweeping once. I spent most of the afternoon sweeping and pushing carts alone. 

It didn't help that today was Senior Discount Day and we're two blocks from senior housing, or that the sun came out later in the afternoon (though it remained hot and sticky). I kept getting tossed in the register, thanks to the long lines we had and little help. Plus, the bathrooms keep breaking down. They'll fix them, the toilets will flush...and then half-way through the day, they stop again, and we have to call the plumber. I was in the register for so long the last time, I was almost late leaving.

Rushed home, ignoring the sticky weather and my fogging glasses. Went straight into writing after I changed. Brett and her sons aren't dealing with the Wonderland way of playing croquet well. Brett can't control her flamingo, and David's tries to bite him. Only Queen Betty, of course, seems to have any idea of what she's doing.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '76. Fannie Flagg and stage legend Ethel Merman join Gene, the regulars, and Robert Hegyes of Welcome Back Kotter to help the contestants through three tie-breakers in a row. Phyllis Diller joined in for Match Game PM, including helping a contestant with the "__ the Flag" on the Head-to-Head. 

Worked on No-Bake Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies during Sale of the Century. The game started out a lot closer. The champ was behind for most of the game, but found a money card on a Fame Game and blew everyone away at the Speed Round. He picked up a gorgeous diamond ring for his wife on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night on TCM with Viva Las Vegas. I go further into one of Elvis Presley's best vehicles at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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