Monday, February 07, 2022

Hard Times In the Rain

Perked up a gloomy, wet morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Jodi is "A New Friend at School" who would rather play with Prince Tuesday than her neighbor Daniel. They assure Dan when he's feeling left out that friends can meet new people without leaving behind the old. Likewise, Dan's upset when Jodi and Miss Elaina play "splat ball" (tossing around a deflated ball) and forget him. They assure him that just because Jodi is "A New Friend at the Playground" doesn't mean Elaina doesn't enjoy playing with Dan too.

Spent the next few hours doing research on local apartment buildings. Sent two e-mails to the managers of Creswood Apartments in Collingswood and Oak Terrace Apartments in Audubon. The latter originally turned me down in November, but that was for a one-bedroom apartment. This is for a slightly cheaper studio. Besides, even if they can't take me, I'm hoping one or both will know more about third-party guarantors. (Plus the manager who turned me down in November at Oak Terrace was really sweet about it.)

I also looked up more third-party guarantor businesses. I'm not sure why Mary Johnson thinks they don't look legitimate. Lots of apartment buildings, especially in New York, use them. I also checked listings at some of those companies that own larger apartment buildings. One building in Audubon was expensive and wouldn't be open until late March. One in Stratford was far cheaper for a decent apartment...but that required more research on Stratford. I know it's on the White Horse Pike, because the bus to the Voorhees Town Center goes through it, but I otherwise know nothing about it. Research revealed it's ten minutes from the Runnemede Acme and nine from the one in Voorhees, and that there's a library a few blocks from the Pike. 

It was quarter after 3 when I finally broke for lunch. Quickly made a chocolate banana smoothie while watching Super Password. Arrived just in time to see Patty Duke lead her contestant to 20,000 in the Super Password bonus round with plenty of time left. She continued to have good luck, getting a later Password Puzzle right in three words. 

Hurried out to do the laundry at almost 4. It's probably just as well that the laundromat was busy. I had other things to do, anyway. Hit Family Dollar after I put in my wash for mandarin orange cans and cooking spray. (I also wanted vinegar, but they only had huge jugs. I just need a small bottle.) After the laundry went in the dryer, I rode across the street and down the block to the Oaklyn Library. Returned the Hat Shop books and took out another mystery from Laura Childs, Pekoe Most Poison

(Oh, and it was showering lightly when I got out, and looked like it had been all day. I don't think we ever got that ice they were talking about yesterday. It's rained lightly off and on for almost the entire day, though it was stopping again by the time I rode home.)

Jessa sent me a listing for a small studio apartment on the border of Collingswood and Westmont, near the PATCO station and Krispy Kreme, while I was at the laundromat. It's small, but it's much cheaper than most of the places I've looked at, and I liked its old-fashioned dark-wood look. I sent off a quick request to see it on HotPads.

Called Mom shortly after getting home. She's one of the few people who understand - or are willing to hear - how terrified I am right now. I have two weeks to find an apartment, but I just do not make enough money to live anywhere, let alone here. The only person who has offered to take me in is over an hour away in Cape May, I haven't seen her in over 20 years, and only has a room. Neither my family, nor any of my other friends have room for me. Rose hasn't called me or spoken to me since Mom told her on January 27th that she couldn't take me in. 

We bungled this badly. Rose, Jodie, and I should have talked this over no later than when Jodie seriously started talking about selling in June...and we probably should have discussed it even sooner. Like over the phone when Dad was still alive, right after Dana and Jesse moved out in April 2020. No one said what would happen to me if I moved there and he died. I assumed I'd keep on living there, and Jodie would find someone who would keep me on. Jodie even said she'd try to find someone who could let me stay. 

And there's that nasty little word - assume. The only people who can afford to buy a house this size aren't exactly in need of extra income from a stranger. Rose assumed Jodie would keep the house or never get around to selling it. And then, when she did sell it, she figured Mom could take me in, and wouldn't hear anything else. Likewise, Jodie assumed Rose would take me in. Rose can't fit an extra body in the bungalow where her family lives, and Mom's lease forbids roommates (and her house is even smaller). No one listened to anything besides their own assumptions, including me, until it was too late. Now I'm desperately looking for an apartment with little income in a hot market during a pandemic, and half my family is furious at each other.

At least I have a little support. Mom's been great and is at least trying to help, and so has Jessa. The listings Jodie texted me indicates she has some idea of the trouble I'm having (even if they weren't much help). I think her new boyfriend may have mellowed her a bit, too. Most of what I've heard from her side of the house has been gossip and talk about him, not complaining about Rose and being unable to sell right away.

Finally let Mom go around quarter of 7 for dinner. Had eggs and steamed green beans while watching Match Game '78. Jon "Bowzer" Bauman shows off his amazingly long, thin legs in high-top sneakers and tight jeans as part of his Sha-Na-Na 50's costume. The others have more fun giving ribald answers to a question revolving around what a girl lost on the roller coaster and the Audience Match "Crown __." 

Super Password host Bert Convy and Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden made Match Game PM extremely pleasant to look at. Patty Duke was more interested in the sweet (and very pregnant) young woman who looked a bit like her. There's also Charles' jokingly directing his answer to the Audience Match "__ Is Enough" to Brett, and a nervous Bert hoping to help the young lady win $20,000 in the Head-to-Head with "Bite the __."

Finished the night online at Shout Factory TV with a few much-needed laughs via Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Magic Voyage of Sinbad is actually a 1953 Russian epic called Sadko, about a sailor who goes off in search of the Blue Bird of Happiness to help save his city. The movie itself is actually interesting to watch and really rather lovely...but the American dubbed dialogue, along with some dated special effects, push this to the border of camp and makes it a heck of a lot easier for Joel and the robots to make fun of it. 

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