Friday, February 24, 2023

Angels In the Night

Got a really quick start today. I had my counseling appointment with Karen this morning. Had just enough time to read, write, have breakfast, and call Uber. I suddenly recalled Karen saying we'd meet at the Haddon Heights Library this time instead of Collingswood, so I made sure the driver took me there. He arrived in 7 minutes; got me there in less than 5. 

Karen arrived only a few minutes after me. Turns out she originally wanted to meet at Haddon Township, not Haddon Heights. She didn't know the difference between the two. She ended up following the driver all the way up to Haddon Heights! At any rate, the library did have a study room, and we were able to talk.

I'm just frustrated with how long this is taking. I just want a good, solid job, so I can make money and buy a condo. I'm tired of the Acme. I've hated this job for 20 years. I want out, and now. I'm tired of waiting and everyone telling me I need to do this, that, and the other thing before someone will hire me. All I want is a job writing or in an office. I assumed they'd find me one back in August and September, when I did that work for them. I expected to have been out of the attic and into my own place within a few months, not a few years. I expected to find a job out of college. I went to half the offices in North Cape May and Wildwood, but no one would hire someone with no experience and who didn't know the boss or their family. 

I don't think people understand how much the Acme is driving me crazy. I keep the job for the health insurance. That is the ONLY reason. It's boring, it's overwhelming, I don't like dealing with the customers, I don't multi-task well, and my hours waver between pitiful and too much. I need something solid, with a chance for advancement and hours that either I make or are the same every week. I've been there for 15 years, but there's people who have been there 30 or 40 years. I'm never going to get respect or get anywhere. 

Karen said I needed to change my availability at work so I don't end up working so late. I did that right away tonight. I didn't get the chance to call Mrs. Stahl and ask her about the companies that hired disabled people she looked up. I'm  not sure she wrote them down. She just repeated them to me. 

She dropped me off at my place afterwards. I went online briefly, then had lunch while watching Match Game '75. Orson Bean, Mary Ann Mobley, and Patti Deustch join in to see Richard and Patti be the only ones to get a question right. Richard had no luck with "__ Rich" or "__ Sack" on the Head-to-Head.

Did some job research after lunch, then worked on writing. The room Marcia shows Richard is small, but clean and quiet. She does say that meals are included, but there's no drinking, smoking...or significant others after hours. The last gives Richard pause, but he still agrees to take the room anyway. He does add that he's eating dinner elsewhere, though.

Broke to get ready for work at quarter after 3. Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I changed. "Daniel Gets Frustrated" when he can't get his favorite stuffed animal Tigey to sit on top of his block tower...and his mom gets pretty frustrated when they knock it over, too. They take a step back to asses the problem, then ask each other for help. Daniel is "Frustrated at School" when he can't find the pretend spaghetti to play restaurant with his friends. Teacher Harriett encourages Daniel to back up and try to remember where he last saw it.

Had no trouble taking Uber to work. It was windy and chilly, in the 40's, but it was also sunny. The lady driving me here arrived in 7 minutes. To my surprise, I managed to get a driver at 8 PM in less than 2 minutes. They were both expensive, since one was at rush hour and the other was late, but I did get to work and home on time.

Work was a pain. Good thing it was also a short shift. There were only two cashiers today, and one was express. I was the only regular cashier all night. The other called out. People are still having problems with the government cards. One man got upset when he had to leave behind the seafood he wanted because his card didn't work here. A woman wasn't any happier when her card paid for all but a little of her order, making her wonder what that was it didn't pay for. I really, really wish the government would explain these darn cards to the users better! We don't know anything about them, only how to ring them. 

At least I was able to get my schedule...and it's much better than last week's. Sunday is the only relatively early day. Nothing later than 6:30 this time. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday off. Still not enough hours, but at least they're not as bad. 

Soon as I got home, I went straight into the shower, then upstairs to finish the night with Charlie's Angels. They're "Little Angels of the Night" when three call girls are murdered in an apartment building. All of them are blonde and beautiful, which makes Charlie and the ladies wonder if there's a killer on the loose. They pose as residents and talk to a doctor who specializes in psychopathic behavior to find out what's going on...and discover that their subject is as close as the Italian restaurant across the street...

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