Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Under a Winter's Moon

First of all, sorry this is so late. My internet went down last night. By the time I finally finished my musical review, it was too late to write this. 

Started off my day with a late breakfast and Doc McStuffins. Donnie's action figure Sir Kirby would normally be thrilled to join Doc's sleepover with her other toys...if it didn't involve sleeping in the dark. Sir Kirby doesn't think brave knights should admit to being afraid, but a "Dark Knight" scares him. He's used to sleeping in Donnie's bright room. Doc puts on a night light for him and admits it's perfectly normal to be afraid. "Hallie Gets an Earful" when she's having a hard time hearing Doc's calls during hide and seek. She's also stubborn about it, but Doc insists that even nurses need check-ups and ear exams.

Did job searching for an hour before counseling. I see a few interesting ideas, but...I'm just not sure. I'm worried my skills won't transfer to any job. I don't want to be in retail anymore...but what can I do with the skills I have and not have to spend years in school? Spending years in school didn't do me much good the first time around.

I ended up arguing with Mrs. Stahl over it during counseling. I know I get emotional. I know I have a hard time controlling it. I'm just frustrated. It shouldn't take someone twenty years to find a decent job, no matter what her mind is like. It's hard for me to just slow down and take a breath when I'm frustrated or anxious or angry. I can't really think at all when I get upset. She wanted to know if I'm asking Karen if I really have the skills for the jobs I'm looking for.

The trouble is...I don't belong in retail, and I don't seem to belong anywhere else. I thought I asked Karen about this, but I still have no idea what I should do other than writing or office work, or where I truly belong. I'm tired of the Acme. I want to feel like a professional doing professional work, not just someone who is there for a paycheck and free health care. 

I wasn't in a good mood when I got off with Mrs. Stahl. Returned to Doc McStuffins to cheer me up during lunch. It's "Diagnosis Not Even Close-is" when Doc goes over to her friend Emmie's house to play with her puppy, and the toys are left to figure out why Robot Ray is racing all over the place. They finally come to the conclusion that there are some diagnosis that you really do need a professional to figure out. Doc and her toys create their own band when she gets a plastic trumpet from her grandma. Stuffy's close encounter with Bronty leaves him with "Bronty's Twisted Tail." Bronty runs away because he's afraid Doc will hurt his already sore tail, but Doc can't help him if she doesn't. 

Worked on writing for a few hours. Richard does retrieve his luggage and heads in the direction Gene suggested. Marcia Wallace runs the boarding house, and she already knows about Richard and how he'd saved the bank. Chatterbox Bill Daily told her earlier. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Buzzr showed three of the best episodes of the entire 1973-1982 Match Game run tonight, starting with Match Game '74. Janet Finn gets more than she bargained for when she chooses Charles for her "Russian __" Head to Head. He draws out the suspense for so long with his Walter Cronkite imitation, the others "attack" him afterwards!

Match Game Syndicated also featured a memorable contestant tonight. Ginger was a very nice and enthusiastic lady who gave some of the strangest answers ever heard on the show. Her response to what an athletic caterpillar would buy was 100 sneakers and...an accordion. In the second answer, her response to "Cuckoo __" left the entire panel laughing so hard, they reportedly had to stop taping. Gene ran all over the set, yelling "Run for your lives!" and spinning the Star Wheel. Her partner on the Head-to-Head, Robert Walden, just looked embarrassed. 

Finished the night at Amazon Prime with Under the Cherry Moon. I go further into Prince's second movie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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