Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Tooth and Matches

Got a really quick start today with reading Our Only May Amelia. I just had enough time to eat a small breakfast and brush my teeth before calling Uber. They picked me up in 5 minutes, and I arrived at the dentist's office in Westmont with five minutes to spare.

Fortunately, this was a lot less traumatic than my last couple of visits. It was just a routine check-up to scrape and polish my teeth. I was in and out in a half-hour and will be returning for my next check-up in early June.

There were a few things I needed at Target, mainly B 12 vitamins, yogurt, and a card for my friend Kelly's birthday on Sunday. Since I was already there and didn't have much for breakfast, I had an early lunch at the Target Starbucks. Besides, I wanted to beat the high school students there. Enjoyed a peaceful meal of a Vanilla Bean Frappacino and a spinach, egg white, and tomato wrap. The Uber driver arrived within 4 minutes and got me home in less than five.

I was just in time for the first Match Game '75 episode. This one finished off the week with Julie Harris and William Shatner. Fannie Flagg tries flirting with a very handsome contestant, and is very miffed when she's rebuffed. The others make jokes about him offending her while trying to figure out "Banjo __" in the Audience Match.

Fannie carries over to the next week, which was unique in many respects. Announcer Bern Bennett took over for Johnny Olsen, who was on vacation. Bass-voiced comedian Joe Silver and warm Good Times matriarch Esther Rolle marked their only week on the show. While Fannie keeps trying for that contestant, they help him with "Ball __." Richard has more trouble with "__ Heat." 

Went online for an hour to look up writing jobs. I'm wondering if one of the local magazines, like New Jersey Weekly or Philadelphia, would want me. There may be publishing houses in Philadelphia that could work, too. 

I've had a long week, and I'm just worn out. I went down for a nap around 2:30 and was out for about an hour. After I got up, I took the laundry downstairs, then I did some writing. Richard flirts shamelessly with Helen until Gene comes out and puts a stop to it. After they get some kissing in, they all have dinner, served by their housekeeper and Helen's friend Isobel (Sanford). She and Isobel are hoping to open a shop in town, but are worried it may be attacked by the Wild Rider Gang. Gene assures them they have a member and will be keeping their eye out for more.

Thought I'd try something I haven't done in a while. Broke to put the laundry in the dryer and make dinner at 5:30, thought it was closer to 6 when I got started. I saw a recipe in Alpha Bakery for baked chicken similar to Merlin's Magic Chicken, so I used some thighs to make that. Tossed in sauteed asparagus with tomato and whole-wheat pasta. Yum! The asparagus didn't cook that well, but everything else came out nicely, especially the moist and flavorful chicken!

Watched Buzzr while I worked. This week is their Movie Matinee Marathon, featuring episodes with Oscar-winners. I watched older black and white episodes of What's My Line? with Jack Lemmon as a Mystery Guest and an early Password with Rita Moreno as a player and Jack Clark as the host upstairs. By the time I got downstairs, we were on the syndicated What's My Line. The Oscar-winner here was costume designer Theodora Van Runkle, who did the influential 30's costumes for the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde, including Faye Dunaway's long skirts at the height of the miniskirt craze. 

Match Game '74 finished out the week with Robert Morse and Adrienne Barbeau. Morse got into trouble when he accidentally blurted his answer for a question and they had to start it over. For some reason, the second episode jumped backwards a bit. This one began with a question asking what Richard Dawson's dinner with Ann Elder left her with. (Some of the answers got a little gross here.)

Made maple cookies from that Honey Bee Cookies recipe I used at Christmas and finally remembered to bring the laundry upstairs during Match Game Syndicated. For some reason, they mixed up tonight's episodes. The third one ran first, with Brett nervous about helping the contestant with a $10,000 answer for "__ In-Law." The second episode had Charles making jokes about Brett's beaded necklace, which he for some reason wore as a tiara. 

Finished the night on Amazon Prime with The Helen Morgan Story. I go further into soprano Ann Blyth's last movie as the tragic Roaring 20's torch singer at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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