Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Wild On the Beach

Started off with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. When her mom's nurse throws her a baby shower, Doc offers up her stuffed owl Professor McHootenburgh to teach the new baby toys about their home and what's expected of them. "Hooty's Duty" overwhelms her at first, until Doc shows her that babies aren't so scary. The Wicked King steals Queen Amina's crown, but his own comes off after hers gets stuck. Doc tries to find "A Cure for a King" and a way to keep his crown on.

Worked on writing for a while after that. Ira's more than a little annoyed with this mongrel who ate his lunch and got food on his leisure suit. If Joyce can't find a home for him, he'll end up in the pound. Brett scolds him for being heartless, but he reminds her that a TV studio is no place for dogs who aren't trained for the camera.

Broke for lunch at noon. Watched Match Game '77 as I ate. Richard got into his second fight with the judges of the year when his "plastic baggie" didn't match the contestant's "bag" after four "paper bag" variations did. He once again pushed for his answer to be right, but unlike with the infamous "School Riot," his protests weren't really heard this time.

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. Work was off-and-on steady for most of the afternoon. It's Senior Discount Day, and a lot of kids who didn't finish last week were done today, or will be done tomorrow or Thursday. I did have one woman who had to put back a large order because she didn't have her food stamp card on her. She'd been reading off numbers from memory, but you can't do that at the Acme. You need your physical card here. Other than that, there were no problems. My relief was right on time. 

Went straight home and into Match Game '74. Gunilla Hudson of Petticoat Junction, Richard Deacon, and Nipsey Russell join in for a very interesting question about what falls asleep on the sidewalks in Beautiful Downtown Burbank. The sweet first-grade teacher contestant gives a seemingly shocking answer...that most of the panel comes up with, too. They have less luck with "Boot __" in the Audience Match.

Match Game '79 got even wilder during dinner. The Audience Match "Wadaya __" prompted quite a few New York jokes. Gene was more interested in keeping Bert Convy from getting a little too intimate with the contestant!

Finished the night after a shower with How to Stuff a Wild Bikini on Amazon Prime. I go further into the sixth and second-to-last Beach Party movie at my Musical Dreams Movie reviews blog. 

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