Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Band Wagon Angels

Started off the morning with breakfast and Archie's Weird Mysteries at Tubi. The current soap opera Riverdale wasn't the first time someone attempted to go a darker route with Archie Andrews and his Riverdale High pals. This DIC cartoon from 1999 has Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Reggie involved with genuinely spooky supernatural goings-on in and around their town. 

They often had a topical angle, like "Mega-Mall of Horrors." All the kids adore the new mall that just opened and its generous owner Mr. Arcetti. Everyone that is, except Jughead, who would rather get burgers at their usual hang-out. Jughead is the only one who notices when kids keep disappearing and the mall puts local stores out of business. Those unlimited credit cards Mr. Arcetti gives the kids are a lot more harmful than just maxing their accounts...and the new mannequins around the mall seem strangely familiar...

I originally had counseling today...but when I checked my e-mail, I learned it was canceled. Mrs. Stahl had a family emergency. Oh well. I'd just do today what I originally planned for tomorrow. I saw several thrift shops listed in the little town of Merchantville, just a few minutes outside of Cherry Hill. Thought they would be worth checking out. I couldn't really hang around anyway, even if I wanted to. They were attaching solar panels to the roof, and the banging was incredibly loud. 

It would have taken me two busses to get to Merchantville, so I took Uber. They arrived within 7 minutes. There was no traffic anywhere, not even in Cherry Hill. The lady pulled up on Park Avenue, Merchantville's main street, in less than 20 minutes. 

Merchantville's downtown is a bit run down compared to Collingswood or Audubon. Many of the Edwardian-era storefronts seemed to be closed or in the midst of remodeling. I did run across Irrina's Closet turning down Center Street. The little consignment shop was stuffed from top to bottom with designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and costume jewelry. Irrina herself kept pointing out where things were, even when I didn't need the help...but she also directed me to a half-price rack in the tiny back room. Dug up a really nice black suede skirt that would be great for interviews in colder weather and was only $14.

The Blue Monkey Tavern was a block from Irrina's. The heavy entrance door made me wonder if it was a speakeasy at one time. A church bell had just clanged noon as I arrived, so I was surprised it wasn't busier. There was no one at the dark wood bar, and only a few couples and groups of older ladies enjoying lunch at the booths. Too bad. They were missing out. My chicken prosciutto mozzarella sandwich was amazing, with perfectly cooked chicken topped with fresh cheese and sauteed sweet red pepper. The slender, crispy fries were almost as good as the ones from Crown Chicken and Gyro.

Alas, I had no more luck in Merchantville after lunch. I forgot today is Tuesday. Most thrift shops and local stores tend to close on Mondays and Tuesdays. I did check out a toy and collectibles store, but their collection of vintage and new action figures held no interest for me. I finally gave up and called Uber again from a bus stop. I wanted to check out the Goodwill in near-by Maple Shade. The driver was there in 8 minutes again

I must have pushed the wrong button, because I somehow ended up back at the Audubon Crossings shopping center. No matter. I directed the young man to the Goodwill in the back of the mall. Not the Goodwill I had in mind, but at least I made some finds. Picked up the original cast LP for the Sondheim 80's show Sunday In the Park With George and the full season seat for Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show. Rose and I loved the show and the corresponding toy line in the mid-80's, and it's the incarnation of Super Friends I still remember best. (Sunday In the Park wound up being half-price.)

Made a brief stop at Five Below for water, then at Marshals to use the bathroom and look around. Picked up a huge and adorable sunflower-print bag for 70 cents and more of those yummy coconut strips I found at Trader Joe's. Took the long way home down Nicholson and the White Horse Pike so I could stop at WaWa and pick up a cool (and overly sweet) Tropical Smoothie.

At least the weather was perfect for a long walk. Yes, we were hot, in the mid-upper 80's. We were also sunny, without a cloud in the pale blue sky...and more importantly, we were dry. Not a bit of humidity today, which went a long way to making it seem less warm than it was.

Worked on writing for a while after I got in. Brett wonders where her marriage went. She misses Jack...but she also wants to prove to him that she can make it on her own. She has a good, steady job and friends who can help her out. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched The Band Wagon while I ate. I go further into one of Fred Astaire's best movies, about a washed-up dancer looking to make a comeback on Broadway, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night at The Roku Channel with the first-season Charlie's Angels episode "To Kill an Angel." Kelly takes a little autistic boy on an outing to an amusement park. He runs into two murderers who drop their gun. Kelly's shocked when the boy, not realizing it's dangerous, shoots the gun at her. Horrified, Kelly and Jill track down the owners of the gun and the little boy's real mother in the hope of finding out where he is now, who used that gun originally, and why he had it. 

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