Friday, July 14, 2023

Where's the Rain?

Started off the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Minnie's Pet Salon" is ready to prepare everyone's pets for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show. Minnie has to help everyone with their jobs, from Daisy overdoing the bubbles and she and Bella the Puppy getting tickled by bubbles to helping Pluto retrieve three frisky kittens.

Went for a short walk after that. I needed granola bars and a birthday card for the daughter of a friend at Dollar General...and just to get out. It was still hot and humid, yes, and the breeze had died down, but it was also still sunny and bright. 

Spent the next few hours after that doing research and finally finishing what's now Friends and Blank. Brett decides to have a drink on it and invites Betty out later, since Allen is filming Liar's Club. Betty also suggests bringing Charles, who is between boyfriends. Brett thanks her for lending an ear, and they head off to the studio.

I need to start focusing better. That short story should not have taken this long! At any rate, it's now posted at my Writer's Desk at the Riverside blog. I'll return to The Wizard of Blank tomorrow or Sunday. 

Got my schedule online. It's almost exactly the same as this week, with slightly earlier hours on Sunday and Monday and Friday off. I once again work at 1 next Saturday, which means I'll be able to continue to hit the Farm Market before work. I'd also like to return to Cherry Hill and further explore that enormous Library and the area around it. 

Switched to Charlie & Lola while having a really quick lunch. "I Spy With My Little Eyes" everything around me, says Lola. She's playing "I Spy" and is observing everything. Charlie's off to swim class, so she plays with her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson. Their spying somehow leads Lola to believe that there's a pack of wolves moving in next door.

Headed off to work soon as the cartoon ended. We were off-and-on busy, and likely only had long lines due to their being two lines open for the majority of the afternoon. And of course, I ended up in express again. Thankfully, I missed dealing with most of two annoying older women who hadn't read the prices on the meat and got the 4 for $20 and Multi-Package Meat sales mixed up. The two coolers aren't even that close to each other. Their cards wouldn't work, either, but at least they had the money to pay. 

Thankfully, the teen who came in for me was early. Dark clouds gathered even as I rode to work, and the wind picked up considerably. I raced home fast as I could go. (Incidentally, it did finally storm...around 12:30 - 1 AM, long after I'd gotten home and online.)

Went straight into dinner and Match Game '79 when I went upstairs. Loretta Swit, Scoey Mitchilll, and David Doye join in to hear Charles quote Toscanini twice as Brett teases him about it. The audience gets in on the lunacy too, with one woman performing "See You In September" after the contestant gives that answer to "See You In __" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished off the night with more Pick & Play from Buzzr. Once again, they kicked off with Match Game '78 featuring Joe Gargiola, Debralee Scott, and some unique camera angles. We then got two episodes of What's My Line. The mystery guest from the Larry Blyden episode was character actress Maureen Stapleton. Joan Rivers marked one of her earliest appearances on a first-season Wally Bruner episode. The contestant on Classic Concentration had far more luck with matching the cars in the episode from 1988 than they did on the later show yesterday! Contestants also did well on Press Your Luck in 1983. The ultimate champ dodged Whammies completely and picked up $8,200. 

My favorite episode from tonight was the second Tom Kennedy-hosted Password Plus, which was one of the funniest from his run. Tom and celebrity player Jim Perry argued over whether the Pyranees mountains were in South America or Afghanistan. Tom came out with an encyclopedia before the Alphabetics round and revealed they're actually in Europe. Jim stomped out, grabbed the encyclopedia, tossed it offstage, and stomped back off! 

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