Saturday, April 08, 2017

A Bunch of Meddlin' Cowhands

Started the day at work. I rounded up carts for about 40 minutes when I arrived. Otherwise, I gathered baskets and bagged. It was mildly steady off and on, probably due to weather that was windy and a bit chilly, but also sunny and bright. No problems whatsoever. I grabbed a few things I either wasn't able to get or forgot to get yesterday (whole wheat flour, batteries, mayo - it's on sale, money for the laundry) on the way out.

Went straight home and upstairs to discover that my front door was wide open. I'd forgotten Charlie had intended to do some repairs up here this morning. He was still working when I got in. I have no idea why his mother insisted on putting wall-to-wall carpet in the bathroom. This wasn't his idea at all; it was the landlady's. On one hand, I won't have to scrub the floor anymore. I can just vacuum it when I do the rest of the apartment. It's a good soft pile that'll feel nice on my knees when I scrub the tub, and no more cold floors after a shower!

However, I'm concerned about stains and mildew. The carpeting in the much-trafficked kitchen is in hideous shape, badly stained from constant use and my spilling things. The grayish color is awful, too dark for the bright yellow and sage green tiles in the bathroom. I also discovered when half the catalogs under the sink were soaked that the bathroom sink is now leaking. It wasn't before today.

To give Charlie some credit, he also fixed that cracked window. The windows in my bedroom are now all fine. I was less concerned about safety and more about drafts there. No one wants their heating bill going up because air's coming in through literal cracks.

Spent time working on Pinterest and my story while Charlie finished in the bathroom. Leia, the Crimson Hawk, and their crew are getting ready to cast off when they hear the sounds of electrical swords crashing. The Golden Eagle rushes to the edge of the Falcon's main deck, just in time to see Baron Vader confront The Negotiator - aka Sir Benjamin Kenton - to a duel. Ben is run through, but he vanishes before the Baron can push him away. The Eagle's horrified, but the worst is yet to come - the Death Star airship is after them, and coming closer...

Broke around 7 to have tortilla-crusted tilapia baked in the oven with roasted broccoli for dinner. Did a couple of cartoons while I ate. In the third season episode "Mutagen Monster," the western-obsessed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find themselves dealing with a steer off a stock car who was doused with radioactive chemicals. Now a massive mutant bull is running around New York. The Turtles want to return it to its regular form, but Shredder has other plans for the bovine monster.

Garfield and Jon visit "Polecat Flats" for the first time in an early episode of Garfield and Friends. Polecat Flats is a dude ranch run by Cactus Jake. The ornery old cowhand teases Jon because of his fancy outfit and ineptness with a horse. Garfield gets him back with a taste of his own medicine. Orson imagines he's "Hogules" when his brothers come around, looking to bully him. Remembering the tale of the famous strong man of Greek mythology inspires Orson to trick his brothers into thinking he's a lot tougher than he looks.

Finished out the night with Scooby Doo: Shaggy's Showdown, this spring's Scooby Doo movie. Shaggy takes the gang out west to the Crazy Q Ranch in Sasparilla City, run by his long-lost cousin Tawny. People scream in fear when they see Shaggy. It turns out he closely resembles his descendant, Dapper Dan Rogers, a notorious outlaw. People believe Dan's ghost has been attacking the ranch. The kids promise Tawny they'll look into it so she won't have to sell out to a huge development. For once, the kids are a bit stumped. None of the tourists there seem to be likely suspects, not even the little boy who is an internet star and is deathly afraid of horses or his unimpressed sister. Velma (when her horse allergies aren't driving her crazy) suspects the truth lays in the diary of the sheriff who supposedly captured Rogers. Something seems a bit fishy about his story, too cut-and-dried for the tourist trade.

Ok Scooby movie has a fun modern-west theme, with the lesson that stories change and evolve over time...and sometimes, the facts aren't as set in stone as we think they are. If you love westerns or this franchise, this isn't the best Scooby animated movie, but it's far from the worst.

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