Monday, April 03, 2017

It's Baseball Season, Charlie Brown

Kicked off a sunny morning with cartoons. In honor of opening day, I ran the three baseball-themed Peanuts specials, starting with Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown during breakfast. Chuck's getting more than fed up with Lucy, the worst player on his notoriously loss-prone team. He tries to trade her with Peppermint Patty, but she wants Snoopy. Even when Chuck does manage the trade, he gets Marcie, who is polite and sweet but a terrible player. She only plays because her best friend does.

Squeezed a little writing in late this morning. Vader and Tarkin are about to prepare to execute Leia when one of Vader's men announce that another airship has been spotted and captured. Vader senses there's very important people on that ship, including a presence he sensed before, many, many years ago, and another that seems oddly familiar. He sends a couple of his men on board the ship to arrest any crew members. But the crew has their own plans...

Broke for a quick lunch and more Peanuts around 11:30. Charlie Brown's All-Stars are ready to quit. They've never won a game in their lives. Their manager tries to get them uniforms, but the sponsor won't take on a team with several girls and a dog. The kids lash out at Chuck when they find out, but regret their harsh words when Linus tells them what happened with the sponsor.

Work wasn't too bad when I got in. I spent the first hour or so doing returns. The lines started to pick up around 2. By early rush hour, they were down the aisles. I bagged and did returns as well as I could, but it's the beginning of the month, and there were a lot of unpleasant or demanding or rude customers who fussed over every single darn price.

The manager wanted me to bring out boxes of plastic bags. We were empty. Ok, but the boxes in the closet all had white plastic bags. Ours are normally tan. He said to move all of the tan bags up to the self-checkout registers. I tried to do that, but the self-checkout cashier fussed. Turns out you have to turn the machine off and on and let it re-calibrate the weight before you can add bags. And I wasn't able to finish before I got called to do a bunch of cold returns. After all that fuss, I was very happy to spend the rest of the afternoon after break outside doing carts.

Clouds started moving in as early as 1:30-2 PM. It was windy, dark, and cool when I was gathering carts, and it remained so going home. Thankfully, the wind was on my back, and I had no trouble with my ride.

Had leftovers for dinner and continued with the Peanuts when I got in. It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown, and once again, the gang is hoping to get uniforms. It's the same sponsor, but this time, all he asks is that they actually win a game. Turns out that what the Peanuts may have needed was motivation. Frieda's little brother Leland may small, but he turns out to be more of a hero than the kids could imagine.

(And speaking of baseball, the Phillies began their season with a bang, beating the Cincinatti Reds 4-3.)

Finished the night with Kirby's Epic Yarn. The snow rounds are tough! I couldn't jump high enough in the snowboarding round to get almost anything, and I took ten minutes to figure out one difficult jump in the Frosty Wheel round. Couldn't figure out King Dedede and lost too much money to get the extra two patches. I'll go back for them and try that snowboarding round again the next time I play.

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