Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dolls on a Busy Day

Began this morning with She-Ra during breakfast. Probably my favorite episode on the DVD set I have is "Enchanted Castle." Adora and Bow help an old woman on their way to a mysterious castle. When they're captured by the castle's owner, an evil sorceress, they have to find a way to escape. The duo is surprised when the old woman comes to their aid, but she's more than she seems...

First on the agenda was finally getting the laundry done. I put it off for way too long. My clothes pile was huge. I got there just in time. Only half the washers were available, and the rest were taken less than twenty minutes after I arrived. Spent the whole time working on story notes and vaguely listening to other people chatter around me.

Went straight home and put everything away. Dad called shortly after I finished. I called him earlier to ask if he wanted to go to the bike store today. Not today; Jodie had just bought a new car, and they were going to head to a winery they like. We'll go Thursday morning.

then went right back out. I had to run a few errands, starting with this week's volunteering at the Oaklyn Library. Everyone must have been out enjoying the day. I only saw one other older man reading at a table and the librarian. I organized DVD, peeked at magazines, and went on my way.

Backtracked to West Clinton Avenue for lunch. Phillies Phatties is probably the cheapest place to eat in the entire area. Two slices and a can of soda are only $3.50. I enjoyed my lunch while watching March Madness college basketball. (Memphis was playing Cincinatti; apparently, Cincinatti won, 70-60.)

Strolled down West Clinton and up to the White Horse Pike to pick up a few things at Dollar General. Looked at laundry detergent (I used up the last of mine on that big load), but their prices weren't even as good as the Acme's sales. Did get cake mix and cough drops. Also tried a pecan roll that was so soft and chewy and good! It was the best nut roll I've ever tasted.

I'm glad I went for a walk instead of on my bike. This was a day to be savored. While it's still chilly for this time of year and a bit windy, the sun was warm on my back. The snow is melting fast, revealing tufts of emerald grass and the first crocus and daffodils of the season. There's buds on the trees and sprouts in people's gardens.

Vacuumed as soon as I got in and put everything away. It had to be done. This is something else I shouldn't have put off. The kitchen in particular was really bad, thanks to a flour spill when I was putting away the new white flower yesterday.

Next on the to-do list was dressing the dolls for St. Patrick's Day and early spring. Jessa wears a bright green wrap blouse I picked up from a doll clothes booth with drawstring cargo pants and penny loafers. Whitney's also in bits and pieces - paired the green-sprigged turtleneck from the 90's modern Girl Scout uniform with Molly's original navy "meet" skirt, tights, and the flats from the Coconut Fun Outfit. Put Samantha into her only green outfit, her just-retired Special Day Dress. Felicity's in Elizabeth's Summer Gown...which, with it's quilted petticoat and pale celery green color, is really more appropriate for spring. Found Molly's hand-made shamrock print dress with the rickrack trim at a yard sale; she wears it with white tights and Sam's black Mary-Janes. Josefina sports her Harvest Outfit with the sage-green print skirt and beautiful embroidered flowers on the long-sleeved camisa.

Worked on writing after I finished with the dolls. Obi-Wan, Leia, and the wolf manage to pass themselves off as servants and a guard dog. They find their way to an office, where Obi-Wan learns that a high-profile prisoner is being kept in the top of the tower. The wolf sniffs a familiar scent on a finely carved bow and scabbard. Leia uses these to get him to lead them to his master. Obi-Wan tricks one of the guards and knocks them downstairs, while Leia stabs the other two.

The dirty, foul-smelling tower cell holds only a chair, a straw pallet, and a battered man bound in chains. He's dirty, his long brown hair hangs lankly to his shoulders, and his once-fine clothes are in rags. The wolf runs to him immediately, recognizing his smell. He calls the wolf Chewie, but doesn't seem to recognize much else.

I got so into writing and doing research, it was past 7 before I broke for dinner. Had leftovers while playing more Lego Star Wars. Completed "The Great Pit of Carkoon" and "Cloud City Trap," getting all the pieces in both and True Jedi on the former.

Finished the night online with YouTube. When I wrote the Remember WENN fanfiction The Adventures of the Crimson Blade back in 2015, a lot of my research involved watching old silent and public-domain swashbucklers on YouTube and taking notes on interesting ideas. I decided to try that again, this time with medieval romances and sword-and-sorcery tales. Began with the 1922 silent tale When Knighthood Was In Flower. Marian Davies plays the sister of Henry the VII, who is being forced to marry King Louis of France. She's really in love with her brother's Captain of the Guard. They try to flee, but are captured after a melee at a wayside inn. She's locked in, and he's about to be sent to the gallows. Will these lovers ever be united?

I don't know. The copy currently on YouTube is missing the last 20 minutes. What's left is worth checking out if you're a fan of historical romances, including some sumptuous sets and costumes. My favorite part by far was Davies trying to pose as a boy, including her demand for a gigantic meal and subsequent duel.

If you're interested, here's the YouTube link:

When Knighthood was In Flower

Oh, and don't forget to switch your clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time!

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