Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wide World of Wii Sports

I awoke to clouds that were sort-of broken up, like they didn't know what to do. Cheered myself up with Lemon Ginger Pancakes. I added a little too much lemon juice and not enough ginger. Put in some more sugar to balance out the tartness. Burned them a bit, too. Ran the Bee Gees' Greatest set while I ate. I needed some "get up and go" music, and disco is about as "go" as you can get.

Work wasn't too bad when I came in, but it got insane during lunch time. While I did get the bathrooms and a cart of returns down and rounded up the trash, I was never able to get to the candy. We're short on help right now, too. Two of the older managers are on leave due to surgery; several college kids took the week off too. I think I also saw someone on military leave. At least there was enough help that I didn't end up doing carts until a half-hour before I left. By that time, it had slowed down so much, they didn't really need me out there.

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road. By 3, the clouds from the morning were vanishing quickly. (It sprinkled a teeny tiny bit while I was doing carts, but that was it. We never got any snow showers.) While it remained a bit chilly and very windy, it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been earlier. I might have been better off taking the Black Horse Pike, though. Nicholson and Atlantic Avenue were busy with Sunday drivers enjoying the sudden change in weather. West Clinton was busy with people enjoying the music and libations at Tonewood Brewery and the Oaklyn Manor Bar and with kids riding around and chatting with their friends.

Worked on writing when I got home. Leia, Obi-Wan, and Jyn pick up Chirrut and Baze at a decommissioned temple on their way to the wharf area. Three friends of theirs are seeking information on Palpatine's arrival and the missing prince. Leia knows that's the direction Han went in, too. They finally find Han in a decrepit tavern among nasty people...including one green fellow who may or may not have shot first...

Broke for a quick dinner of leftover fish tacos at 6:30. After I ate, I went on the Wii...but I decided I wanted to try something different tonight. One of the first games I got for the console was Wii Sports, mainly because it came with the console. Thought I'd try playing the games and getting a little workout in.

There's five different sports to try - tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing, and golf. You can either play actual games with other avatars (Miis) or players, or play one-on-one "training" and "fitness" mini-games. Played three rounds of tennis. I didn't win, but I actually hit the ball and got into the swing of things, so to speak. That's more than can be said for baseball. I have a mean fastball - I struck a few Miis out - but I can't hit for beans. I never seem to time the bat right. I pretty much did the same at bowling as I usually do in real-life - not bad, not great. (Didn't do golf tonight. I thought it might take too long, so I concentrated on shorter games.)

Did by far the best at boxing. Got the best workout from that, too. Whew - no wonder boxers are so buff! I was sweating a bit after I finished doing a few rounds on the "bags." I actually managed to KO the guy in the regular game after three rounds. I guess I have been building up all my muscles, dragging around those carts.

Finished the night with a few soundtracks. Ran the score of Superman: the Movie in honor of Justice League yesterday. One of John Williams' most iconic scores features the famous Superman title intro and the lovely "flight" theme. (Which later became the hit "Can You Read My Mind?" for Maureen McGovern.) Went to YouTube for another iconic Williams score, the four soundtracks for the Indiana Jones films, including "Raiders March."

Here's all four Indiana Jones soundtracks on YouTube:

The Indiana Jones Collection

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