Thursday, March 29, 2018

Yahoo, It's Spring!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day when I rolled out of bed this morning (too late). Threw on Strawberry Shortcake In Big Apple City as I ate oatmeal and a mandarin orange cup. Strawberry's off to the title fruit-based metropolis to compete in The Big Bake-Off on TV. The Peculiar Purple Pie Man is the other contestant, and he'll stop at nothing to make sure he wins the gazebo prize. Good thing Strawberry has a lot of new friends helping her out, including eventual series regulars Orange Blossom and Lemon Meringue.

Rushed out to the laundromat as soon as I was finished breakfast. I'm not going to have the time the rest of the weekend to get it done, and there wasn't really much to do anyway. I worked on story notes while half-listening to The View and Action News and watching several families start their own loads.

The mail box was filled with stuff for me, for once, when I got home. Along with a cute Easter card from Mom and Dad-Bill, there were envelopes from the gynecologists' office. Seems they have no further need at me at this time and, at least with this, I have a clean bill of health.

Put on some Good Eats as I put everything away and had a quick lunch before work. I thought the episode about making marshmallows was appropriate. This is something I might actually be able to try, since it's mostly just sugar, water, and corn syrup. Among the recipes Alton uses it for are his own Peeps and Moon Pies. (The former is why I thought this would be appropriate for Easter.)

I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. By the time I made it to work, it was in the upper 60's, breezy but not windy, and stunning as can be. We were busy when I came in, but the crowds thinned out as early as 2:30, and it was off-and-on steady for the rest of the night. I spent the entire four hours outside, gathering carts and outside trash, and had no problems whatsoever.

Did another Alton episode when I got in. Ate leftovers while watching "Orange Aid." Alton shows how oranges can be used to make several popular desserts and condiments, including orange sherbet, Orange Julius, and my favorite, orange marmalade.

Did a quick session on Wii Sports next. My work has paid off - my workout session went much better, and my "workout age" was far lower. Also did some more golf Target Practice and got a bronze medal on hitting balls in baseball.

Finished the night changing the American Girl dolls into their formal spring and Easter outfits. Once again, I'm not going to have the time this weekend. This year, Samantha is in Rebecca's Lace Dress and tights. Molly wears her Polka-Dot Outfit. I love Kit's Springtime Outfit on Whitney, who looks cute in pink. Jessa goes extremely 90's in the 1997 Birthday Outfit with Josefina's mules (it's still too chilly for the purple jellies that go with that jumper). Felicity also wears her Birthday Gown and Floral Pinner (apron), and Josefina is in her Feast Day Outfit.

One of the traditions of the 80's that most people don't remember today are the half-hour animated specials that usually came out during the spring on syndicated stations. Often advertising whatever toy they were selling that year, most of these cartoons can come off as a tad cutesy or overly whimsical today. Some, like Strawberry and Rainbow Brite, are still pretty well-remembered; others, like Peppermint Rose and Rose Petal Place, are actually pretty interesting and a little darker than you might think. All are worth looking into if you grew up when I did or are a fan of the animation and dolls of the time.

The Magic of Herself the Elf
Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name
The Charmkins
Rose Petal Place
Rainbow Brite: The Beginning of Rainbow Land Part 1 Part 2
Star Fairies
The Yum-Yums: The Day Things Went Sour
Peppermint Rose
PJ Sparkles

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