Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hail, Rebels Family, and Farewell

Began a cloudy morning with more Rebels as I ate breakfast and got organized for work. Ezra and Sabine discover "Wolves and a Door" when they invade the Imperial camp around the Jedi temple at Lothal disguised as stormtroopers. Ezra discovers a mural representing the Mortis Gods of the Force that leads him to open a portal into another world. He and Sabine are found out, but he manages to escape into the door before he can be captured.

He discovers "A World Between Worlds" when he finds himself in a void between times. Checking out one door reveals Ahsoka Tano's ill-fated dual with her former master Darth Vader in a previous episode. He does manage to save her from Vader, but she dissuades him from doing the same for Kanan. Kanan sacrificed himself to save them. If he hadn't, the others would have died. The door to Lothal is still open, giving the Emperor an opening to attack. Meanwhile, the others sneak in to rescue Sabine, who is being forced by Imperial Minister Hylan to tell him more about the Gods.

Headed off to work as soon as the episode ended. I was in and out for most of the day, mainly alternating between doing carts and shelving loose items. I also gathered the inside trash as well as I could (they still haven't ordered trash bags), bagged, and got thrown in the register a few times when we were short on help during rush hours. Despite claims that it was supposed to rain today, it never did when I was work. In fact, it was hot, sticky-humid, and sunny for most of the afternoon. I grabbed a pretzel and much-needed tissues on my way out.

Dark clouds were beginning to slowly gather as I headed home. It was still just gloomy and humid when I took out the trash and recycling, and then while I did some writing. Harry drives the group to the dig site costumed as Coruscant officers. They're all nervous, especially Luke, who knows Vader is there and fears he'll come after him and Leia. Piett's about to let them through when Vader comes over...

Broke for leftover lasagna and Chinese beans sauteed in lemon juice and chicken stock for dinner around quarter of 7. Finished Rebels as I ate. Most of the major cast of the show reunite for "A Fool's Hope." Hera, Rex, and Kallus manage to convince Hondo, his crew, and Rex's ex-teammates to join the quest to liberate Lothal. Ryder, the ex-governor, seems to be making treaties with Lothal's current ruler Pryce, but he has something else in mind. Meanwhile, Ezra brings in a few helpful friends of his own - the Loth-Wolves.

The liberation of Lothal is underway in "Family Reunion and Farewell." The Rebels use Pryce to seize the Imperial Command Center, but Thrawn has arrived with reinforcements. He threatens to destroy the city if he doesn't get Ezra. Ezra gives himself up, while the others activate the shield to save the city from bombardment and Zeb deals with the treacherous assassin Rukah. The Emperor tries to tempt Ezra like he did Anakin...but unlike Palpatine's apprentice, Ezra knows better. With the help of his friend Mart, he has one last set of animal companions who'll help him take down Thrawn and drive the Empire away from Lothal for good.

Wow. Those last episodes really hurt. The thing I've always loved about Rebels from the very beginning is the family dynamic. It's been wonderful to watch these characters (especially Ezra and Sabine) grow and change in a way that doesn't often happen in Star Wars media. While I am looking forward to everything that's coming - the new Resistance cartoon series set to debut later this fall, next year's Clone Wars revival, Episode 9 - I have to admit, I'll miss this wonderful, wacky, hearbreaking Rebels family.

(And once again, you really can't come into this one without any prior knowledge of the Star Wars Universe in general, especially Revenge of the Sith, Clone Wars, Rogue One, and the Original Trilogy, and this show in particular. As much as I enjoy this show, I'd recommend starting with the movies or the later seasons of the Clone Wars show before coming here - and seeing the third season before this one is a must.)

Oh, and it did finally rain...about an hour ago, around 9. It was a pretty good thunderstorm for a while, but it seems all right now.

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