Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Soon It's Gonna Rain

Started off a humid and gloomy morning with breakfast and more Star Wars: Rebels. Sabine, Zeb, and Ezra become "Crawler Commanders" when they discover a crawler strip-mining metals from Lothal's surface. Sabine thinks it'll be perfect to use to get a hold of Hera at the rebel base, but it's captain sounds the alarm. As the kids try to get a hold of Hera and deal with the Imperials, Zeb discovers a shipment of slaves in the hold and frees them, and Hera works on convincing the rebel command that they need to destroy the TIE Defender factory.

The fight for the TIE factory is picked up in "Rebel Assault." Hera leads the fight in the sky, while Ezra is in charge of the ground crew. Ezra, Kanan, and the others do manage to sabotage the anti-aircraft batteries, but thanks to Thrawn's expert tactics, Hera's crew is mostly destroyed. Only she, Chopper, and one of the younger pilots survive. She manages to get them to safety, but is captured by the Imperials in the process. Kanan is horrified by his lover's arrest and runs off to find her...but he's stopped by the mysterious Loth-Wolves, who point him in a very different direction.

"Jedi Night" has Ezra once again leading the others, this time to rescue Hera from the Imperial Command Center. They fly in using gliders that make them resemble the bats constantly flying around. Ezra and Sabine distract the guards, while Kanan (who has shaved and cut his hair for the first time in the entire series) rescues his beloved Hera and the family heirloom Thrawn stole from her, just as she's being tortured by Governor Pryce. He and Hera head to Lothal's fuel reserves...but just as the kids are about to pick them up, the whole place is blown sky-high by Pryce. Kanan manages to use the Force to get them all out, but at a very high cost...

Made dinner while watching the episodes. I thought I'd try a less spicy chili after that eye-watering concoction at the Bryant House last week. I used most of a slow cooker recipe from the cookbook Lauren sent me a few years ago. Replaced celery with green peppers (I didn't have celery), eliminated the beans (they didn't fit), and added cocoa in with the spices.

Headed out to the laundromat after the chili was bubbling away in the slow cooker. I had a fair-sized load this week, thanks to everything I bought on vacation. Good thing this was the quietest it's been at the laundromat in months. I went around 1:30. All the kids were in school; their parents were at work. By the time more people started arriving, I was almost done. I worked on story notes and ignored the talk shows and gossip shows on Fox.

Put everything away as soon as I got home, then went into writing. I went back and added a few paragraphs after Yoda says they need to confront their father that discussed how Vader had hurt Leia's hand, and she re-opened the stitches fighting with Yasmin. She's afraid she'll do worse things to people if she has to deal with Vader again, but Luke reassures her that she's nothing like their father. As the train rolls into the station, Harry gallantly offers her his arm and leads her outside.

The rain that had threatened all day finally started coming down while I was writing, but the real deluge didn't hit until I was nearly done. It poured hard for about an hour and a half. I had to close all the windows at one point because the rain was coming in and soaking the carpets. The windows on the front of the house leaked, probably thanks to the rolled-up tent Charlie has tied over them.

It was only quarter of 6 when I broke for the night. Thought I'd give Super Smash Bros Brawl another shot, since dinner was still cooking. Played in a group, with three computer characters. Ugh. I did terrible. I came in second once. Most of the time, I was fourth or in a tie for third.

Finished out the Star Wars: Rebels disc as I got organized with "DUME." Each member of the Ghost mourn Kanan in his or her own way in the wake of his death in the previous episode. Zeb and Sabine attack an Imperial parade, but realize it's only a cover-up by Pryce after there wasn't enough fuel to re-open the TIE Defender factory. They managed to defeat an Imperial assassin and use him as a notice that the Rebels are far from done on Lothal. Chopper tries to reassure a heartbroken Hera. Ezra goes off to talk to the Loth-Wolves and find out more about the Force on his home planet.

Moved to Man of La Mancha and The Fantasticks after Rebels. I go into more detail about these infamous flops at my Musical Dreams Reviews blog.

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