Monday, June 22, 2020

Hot Time at Home

Was up late last night and slept until almost 10:30. It was nearly 11:30 when I rolled out of bed, and almost noon by the time I had breakfast. After I ate, I made Fudgy Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies. It's way too hot to bake, but I was craving chocolate. They came out slightly softer, but otherwise tasted just as good as my first try.

Watched the 1949 adventure film Baghdad on the TVTime Action app. Princess Marjan (Maureen O'Hara) is returning to the Sahara after going to school in England. Pasha Ali Nadim (Vincent Price) claims that the leader of the Black Robes, a renegade tribe, murdered her father. She's determined to get revenge on the group, but everything isn't as it seems. The head of the Black Robes is handsome young Hassan (Paul Hubschmid), who first passes himself off as a camel driver, then a prince. He assures Marjan that he had nothing to do with killing her father and displacing her people, but she doesn't believe him at first. Pasha Nadim has been courting her ardently, but now she's beginning to suspect he's trying to play both sides of the coin...and he may be more treacherous than he seems.

Delightfully campy Technicolor nonsense lets O'Hara and Price go to town as an unlikely desert beauty and obviously villainous desert ruler. Hubschmid, a Swiss actor, makes a charming renegade leader as well. If you love Arabian Knights-style story or old-fashioned swashbucklers, you'll want to take a ride into the desert and check this out.

Switched to making a chocolate-blueberry smoothie for lunch after sliding the cookies into the fridge. Watched two episodes of Doc McStuffins from the second season while I sipped my drink. Doc's plastic turtle Theodore is "Shell Shy" when he has to compete with Hermie the Crab in the Splash Dance competition. Hermie was the most popular toy at the aquarium where they were both purchased. Doc has to fix his bent spring when he pulls his head him, then encourage him to come out of his shell and make friends. Donny's Transformers-type toy Commander Crush becomes "Commander No" when the button that powers his transformations sticks while playing a game of Tickle Tag with Gloria the Giggling Gorrilla and he has to tell her that he has no desire for a second round.

Doc is "Getting to the Heart of Things" after a guy friend of hers leaves his Coach Kay toy for her to repair. Coach Kay is supposed to whistle, but the valve that allows her to is cracked. Doc and the others reassure her that they know what they're doing and her surgery really isn't so scary. Bronty the Brontosaurs is a "Toy In the Sun" when Donny accidentally leaves him in the garden and his paint fades. Doc repaints him while teaching him and the other toys about sunburns and how humans (and fade-prone toys) should stay out of the sun's rays.

Put the TV back on Buzzr in time for Tattletales and Press Your Luck as I used the large box I got last week to pack the adult novels in my bedroom, then used a smaller one for wires, duct tape, and other things out of the antique dresser in the living room. Long-time married couple Scoey Mitchlll and his tough wife Claire were the big winners on Tattletales today, over Bill Macy and his wife Samantha and a couple I never heard of, William Gray Espy and his sweet wife Janice Lynde. The one female contestant on Press Your Luck sure had plenty of it, hitting only one Whammy and ultimately ending up with a Hong Kong vacation.

Went online after Press Your Luck ended. Finally decided I'd use slim double-DVD cases instead of a binder or case for the TV DVDs. A lot of the TV DVD sets already come in slim cases. This way, they'll all look roughly the same. Picked up two sets of CD binder sheets and decided I'd make my own CD case with the binder that was previously my largest photo album. The binder has a pretty ivy-print cover and is in fairly good shape for its age. I threw away the yellowed photo pages and kept the binder.

Got some writing in after I put the order through. Betty and Charles free Brett and her sons, Adam and David. The boys want to hear Charles' impression of Malade, but their mother insists that they have more important concerns at the moment. Gene releases Bill (Daily) the Wolf, who was chained up in the next cell. Bill's worried about Marcia (Wallace), who remains passed out in a room in the castle. It's been over a week, and no one has been able to awaken her from the sleeping spell Malade put her under. Gene assures him that they'll go after her next.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had pan-fried flounder, seared snap peas, and tri-color pasta while watching Match Game. Charles was thrilled when contestants called on him twice for the Head-to-Head and never asked Richard once. Proud mother Brett introduced her college-age daughter Leslie, who was in the audience for that taping.

The woman champ just kept right on rolling on Sale of the Century. She won two of the three Fame Games, bought no Instant Bargains, and just barely won the speed round. In the end, she opted to return for the London vacation Jim mentioned would be featured when they switched prizes.

Took a short walk after I checked a few things quickly. It was way too hot today to take one during the middle of the afternoon. Veteran's Park next-door was gorgeous this evening, all soft and shadowy. Two women sat together on a bench and chatted while a man passed me on a racing bike. Lots of kids on bikes tonight too, including one adorable little girl working on riding her pink bike.

Finished the night with an episode of Hart to Hart at The Roku Channel after a shower. "Hart's Desire" is the name of a steamy Civil War romance novel written by Jennifer's former journalism professor (Ray Walston) under a female pen name. He recruits Jennifer and Jonathan to pose as the novelist and her secretary on to accept a romance novelist award on a southern paddle wheel boat. The competition is suddenly a lot less romantic when someone kills the runner-up writer, then targets Jennifer.

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