Tuesday, May 31, 2022

It's a Most Unusual Day

Kicked off a sunny, hot morning with a quick errand run. Needed to stop at the bank for money first. Headed down Cuthbert after I left, dodging the lunch rush hour traffic, then pushed up the hill past McDonald's (and their long take-out line) to the Haddon Township Library. Dropped off a pile of books, then headed home. Not only did I have too much to do today to linger, it was too hot. It jumped into the mid-90's, and though it was a bit breezy as well, it still wasn't a day to be doing much running around.

Had a quick lunch while watching Match Game '77. Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while I resumed dusting. Daniel and O the Owl are disappointed when a shower disrupts their trip in the cardboard trolley they made. They take it inside, but can't figure out where they should go. X encourages them to plan "Daniel and O's Road Trip" together. "Daniel's Puppet Plan" is to set up a show for his mother and X at the library. With a lot of creative planning, he can get Miss Elaina and Prince Wednesday to join in, too.

Moved on to The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That next. I thought "Be Cool" was certainly appropriate for our current weather! I'm not the only one sweating in the heat. Nick and Sally are playing badminton in the backyard, but now they're way too hot. The Cat takes the kids to the desert to show them how animals who live in constant heat cool off. They go on an "Elephant Walk" in the African savannah to see how an elephant uses its trunk. 

Had counseling at 2 PM. Not a whole lot to report, under any circumstances. I'm waiting to hear from the counselor who is supposed to help me job-hunt. My next appointment is my long-put-off dental cleaning, which I'll be doing next week. I'll try to get to the gynecologist sometime this summer, but I was hoping to find something closer to home. Rose still isn't speaking to me or Mom, and I still think she's being silly about the whole thing. She fusses at me about not behaving like an adult, and here she is, shutting people out just because they won't do what she wants. That's not adult behavior, either. 

I'm looking forward, not only to Lauren's visit, but to a nice, quiet summer. I may try to take a day trip to Atlantic City or maybe a weekend in the Poconos later in July or in August, but...like so many of my plans, I come up with ideas, then never end up doing them. I make lists, I do research, but in the end, I don't have the money or the time or just never get around to it. 

Returned to dusting after I got off the computer. Watched A Date With Judy while I worked, and later as I finally dragged the mattress I borrowed upstairs. I go further into this adorable teen comedy featuring Jane Powell and Elizabeth Taylor on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

It took longer than expected to find an Uber driver who would take me into Philly at quarter of 5. In fact, it took nearly a half-hour for him to arrive, and then we hit traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway. Thankfully, I was only about ten minutes late arriving at 30th Street Station. Met Lauren at the departures sign. She was fine with my being late, too. It gave her a chance to use the bathroom.

Thankfully, it didn't take nearly as long to find a driver to take us home. It probably took longer for us to find her amid all the cars picking up passengers outside than for her to drive us into New Jersey. She went through South Philly and Camden, past Lincoln Financial Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, and XFinity Live, avoiding all the traffic on the highways. 

After Lauren took her stuff upstairs, we decided we wanted a walk and went down the street to Crown Gyro & Chicken, the same place I ate at on Sunday. Since it was past 6:30, they were a little busier with older men picking up their orders. We both had rice dishes. She had shrimp, vegetables, and rice; I had fish. The fish was good, anyway, perfectly fried and crispy, but the rice was far too spicy for me! I gulped down my Diet Coke in a hurry. 

Took a short stroll down the White Horse Pike and back around to Johnson to walk off our meals. Besides, by 7 PM, the sun wasn't nearly as strong, and the breeze felt wonderful. Everyone must have still been eating or avoiding the heat. We saw no one but a few people walking dogs out and about. 

I put on more Daniel Tiger when we got in. "Daniel's Bicycle" belonged to his father, but he repaired it just for him. Daniel's nervous about riding at first, but his father encourages him to keep trying. Likewise, "Katerina's Magic Trick" doesn't come out perfectly at first, but she keeps working at it until she gets it right. 

Finished the night online with more Match Game; went with nighttime episode this time. Started with the one I missed when we were having dinner. Two of the most hapless contestants to ever play the game turned out rotten answer after rotten answer. Once again, one only made it to the Super Match because Charles matched each of them once, then matched them again in a tie. Charles wasn't really happy when he didn't choose him for the Audience Match, though!

I wish Buzzr would show the earlier nighttime episodes. Some of my favorite shows from the entire series were made for prime time. There's the two incidents where Gene thought Richard had a crazy answer on the Audience Match, only to see them turn up on the board. The episode after the Admiral Television answer was just as wild, with Charles and Richard showing of "your basic big picture hat society." A question from an episode a few weeks later prompted lots of "Raid" jokes. There was also the time Orson got so excited after the contestant won the Head-to-Head, he ran down and kissed everybody, and the twinkly-eyed older man who kept flirting with Brett, to her delight. 

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