Saturday, July 16, 2022

Hot Harvest

Quickly had breakfast this morning before heading out to run errands. It was nearly 11:30 before I made it to the Collingswood Farm Market. Even at that hour, they were elbow-to-elbow with people looking for meat, cheese, produce, and honey for their summer barbecues and birthday parties. Though the flower sellers were already packing up, other booths overflowed with summer fruit and vegetables. I saw eggplant, yellow squash, peppers, corn, blackberries, raspberries, and nectarines for the first time this year. Bought a dozen ears of corn for a friend and nectarines and blackberries for me. 

Made my way across Collingswood past Newton Lake Park to Target next. They were also really busy with families picking up groceries and things for trips to the Shore. All I needed was date bars; found Banana Chocolate Chip Larabars on sale. Looked at notebooks, but ended up grabbing more disinfectant wipes. 

Dodged noon traffic on Cuthbert long enough to make my way down to the Royal Mile Coffee Shop, an almost literal hole-in-the-wall nestled next to an abandoned restaurant on the White Horse Pike, across from WaWa. They basically specialized in hot and canned coffee drinks. Their tea drinks were hot only, not a good idea on a humid 90-degree day. Ended up across the street and down the block at a quiet Dunkin' Donuts for a too-sweet frozen chocolate.

My last stop of the day was Dollar General. I realized after Dunkin' I forgot to pick up packing tape at Target. I want to send something to Mom before she moves at the end of the month. Grabbed a card for her, too, and a Diet Dr. Pepper for a murderously humid and hot day. 

Between the heat and the clouds building up on the horizon, I figured it was time to go home. Went upstairs and got organized while watching Match Game '77. The first episode had Richard and Gene holding a mock "funeral" for Polly Holliday's broken floppy microphone. The second one had Gene pushing their move to mornings before The Price Is Right. Bob Barker was even on the show that week, and Gene teased Roger Dobowitz, a producer and cue-card boy who also worked on Price

Spent the rest of a blissfully calm afternoon working on Blank In Wonderland and the Pinterest page accompanying it. Dick Martin is the cowardly Lion, while Dolly Reed Martin is the sweet, giggly Unicorn. Jimmie the Dodo and Orson the March Hare reunite with their friends there, having escaped the White Castle in the guise of messengers for Queen Betty. They partake of dry white and brown bread when the fighters stop for the day, as Dolly flirts with her ex and reminds him that she won for the moment.

Broke for a quick dinner at 6:30. Watched another All-Star Family Feud episode while I ate. While some episodes of Your Hit Parade, a weekly line-up of hit songs on TV and radio from the 30's through the 50's, do exist on YouTube, they're not nearly as easy to find as Leave It to Beaver. I did recognize Giselle McKenzie and Bea Wain, but the gentlemen were entirely new to me. At any rate, it was a close game, but in the end, Jerry Mathers and his group went on to the Fast Money (and did very well, too). 

Finished the night on Tubi with the 1999 TV version of Alice In Wonderland. I go further into the last "straight" retelling of the famous fantasy novel to date at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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