Saturday, July 30, 2022

They Have the Power

Got a quick start this morning with an early breakfast. Today was my 8 AM day. At least the rain had long vanished by 7:30. Indeed, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and while it was still humid, it at least wasn't as hot. 

My 8 1/2 hour day could have been worse. It was off-and-on busy, but not that horrible. It's the end of the month and a gorgeous day to boot. Most people who weren't on vacation were holding barbecues or family reunions. I did panic and get frustrated with a few customers, but no one ended up angry with me. I just wish I didn't get so upset and cause so much trouble, but I'm really not good at dealing with people and their demands. I never know what to say to their questions, and I always end up stammering and stuttering and looking like a fool. 

I actually got my schedule yesterday online, but I confirmed it today. Mostly afternoon work this week, except next Saturday, which is early again. Two days off in a row, Wednesday and Thursday, and more hours than I have been getting...but also another 8 1/2 hour day on Friday. Not only is next week the beginning of the month, but employees are starting to go on their own vacations. 

Wanted to pick up snacks and make use of some online coupons after work. Got one bag of peanut butter cookies for free and a bag of oatmeal raisin for $2.49. With an online coupon and a big sale, a container of Acme generic mint cookie crumble ice cream came to $2.58. Clementines were $2.50 with an online coupon. Grabbed two yogurts, a Pepsi Zero Sugar, a bag of nuts, deodorant, and blueberries, along with making use of a $20 off coupon leftover from the Acme's just ended "Flavor Adventure" online game.

After I got home, I changed, grabbed leftovers for dinner, and put on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Nighttime In the Neighborhood" when Daniel dons his pjs to attend a night party at the library. He loves getting to hear all the sounds of the evening with his parents and Margaret, and then playing games and listening to stories in their pajamas with his friends. 

Switched to Tubi for another nighttime tale from The New Scooby Doo Mysteries. Scooby becomes "Sherlock Doo" when he, Shaggy, Scrappy, Daphne, and Fred visit Baker Street in London to join a detective's contest. The winner gets the Blue Carbunkle, one of Holmes' unsolved cases. Shaggy and Scooby are more concerned about the Ghost of Sherlock Holmes that seems to be following them everywhere and leading them to clues.

Moved online after an early shower for Oliver Twist. I go further into this 1974 adaptation of the famous Dickens novel by TV animated action specialists Filmation at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Finished the night at YouTube, exploring Filmation's earlier shows. Having had major success with a series of cartoons revolving around Archie Andrews and his buddies, they got a touch more supernatural with another Riverside High student, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In the first cartoons I checked out from 1971, she's joined by another group of Archie comics characters, the Groovy Ghoulies. She wants to join the Riverside "Cake Bake," but her witch aunts insist on making their own "light as air" desserts. Archie, Jughead, and Reggie are sure they'll lose the "Hot Rod Derby," until they hit on making Sabrina their mascot. Sabrina's stuck with a werewolf and the rival team, but she helps the Riverdale boys win anyway.

Earlier episodes put Sabrina front and center. It's "Tragic Magic" when the kids earn enough money for their coach's salary by putting on a magic show. Sabrina wants to help Jughead have the best magic act ever, but sunspots in front of her vision keep making a hash of her tricks. Reggie's idea of having "A Nose for News" is to take incriminating photos of his fellow Riverdale students, then force him to do his homework to keep the story out of the school paper. Sabrina finds a way to turn the tables. 

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