Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Hotter Than Harts

Got up with enough time to do some writing this morning after a fast breakfast. Charles agrees to try to end the quarrel between the lion and the unicorn and get Red King Mark's crown back. Brett goes with him in the hope that they'll know how to get through the next square. 

Quickly wrapped a gift for a friend, then hurried out. While not cloudy at all, it was also hot and killer humid, in the lower 90's. And of course, I got out late and was in a hurry. I arrived there sweaty and just barely on time.

Most of the rest of the afternoon wasn't nearly that bad. It was mildly steady during the rush hours, then totally dead the rest of the day. It's the middle of the week and the middle of a month that really doesn't have much going on after the 4th of July. We're between holidays now, too. 

The only really major problem was, of course, the last customer of the day. She came through with twelve 24-packs of water and six bags of shredded cheddar, but didn't realize she couldn't buy the water with her healthy choice card. Apparently, you can at Walmart, but not at the Acme. She was nice about it, but she still left without buying anything. 

At least it didn't take as long to deal with her as the people who didn't understand how the WIC Card worked behind me! They held up that line for almost a half-hour and didn't end up buying their groceries, either. I wish the government would be better about explaining how these programs work when people sign up for them. 

Oh, and I finally heard from the lady at Abilities Solutions. She of course called me while I was riding to work. I got back to her during my break. I'll call her back on Friday after I get my schedule to let her know when we can talk. 

Went straight home. Changed and had leftovers for dinner while watching Match Game '77. Polly Holliday, best known for playing sassy waitress Flo on Alice, joins Fannie Flagg in making this a southern-fried week. Gene, of course, wouldn't let her alone until she threw out her signature line "Kiss my grits!" Meanwhile, Brett and Charles exchange jackets while Richard has to figure out "__ Onions" in the Head-to-Head.

For some reason, Buzzr skipped the next Match Game PM and ran the one where Joyce Bulifant wore a bright yellow jacket trimmed with feathers that lead to a lot of "Chicken Little" jokes. Debralee Scott was more interested in flirting with the handsome young male contestant. Later on, Richard really freaked out the contestant when he did one of his famous fake-outs while answering "__ Majors" on the Head to Head.

Finished the night online after a shower with Hart to Hart. Max learns that "Ex-Wives Can Be Murder" when his ex, whom he previously believed dead, turns up at the airport. Turns out she's being pursued by jewel thieves who want the stolen diamond necklace she and her brother took from them. They kidnapped Max to exchange him for the necklace...if only Johnathan and Jennifer knew where the lady hid it!

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