Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome to the Riverside Rest!

My original stories, fanfiction, and essays have a new home, The Riverside Rest. It's my name for my new apartment in Oaklyn; the name comes from "Waterton's favorite cafe and nightspot" in the Muppets holiday special Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas. The original version of my site at GeoCities, Emma's Home Town , is stil avalible to read, but will not be updated anymore. It was just too elaborate to keep up. This site is entirely for my stories and essays. There will be a few graphics eventually, but nothing fancy, and the only fan sites will be my exisitng one for Remember WENN, which I recently updated, and the PS site when Lauren and I get the time to restart it. Most of the stuff I'm interested in have far better and more extensive sites elsewhere.

Right now, there's only links and a few original stories, fanfiction, and links to my fanfics that already have a home. All of my fanfiction, finished and unfinished, will eventually be posted on this site, including the Perfect Strangers stories that were on mine and Lauren's now-defunct site and an unfinished Sailor Moon holiday epic I began a few years ago. There will eventually be more Monkees fic, Beatles fics, an original fairy tale, and of course, a new Monkees "Dream World" story from me and Lauren each month.

Please read everything and tell me what you think! I'm hoping to publish some of the original stories someday and I could use some more opinions.