Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Yes, It's Hot Enough for Me

Started off the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "Movies are Your Best Escape" for the guys as they try to help two couriers make it to London with important papers. They finally decided to convince Klink and the other Germans in the camp that the war is going badly for them.

Dashed off to work even before the episode ended. Though I did do the outside trash and recycling and swept in the morning, I spent most of the day doing carts in the 90-degree heat. I slathered myself with suntan lotion at least three times and went inside frequently for water. I also ended up missing a sweep when the afternoon bagger left early to care for her daughter, as she didn't trust the sitter with her. Needless to say, I ran home as soon as possible, dodging rush-hour traffic. 

(And the next person who asks if it's hot enough for me will end up eating a cart. Yes, it was crazy-hot again today, but this time, it was humid, too. A stiff breeze did help somewhat.)

Went into writing as soon as I got in and changed. Everyone takes off from the tea party at once. The Red King sends his men after Orson, Gary, and Charles as they run into the woods with their tea things. Richard manages to get Jack on the ground long enough for Brett to flee with her boys. They wonder if they're lost again, until the Cheshire Catwoman (Lee Merriweather) reveals a door in a tree that takes them back into the main hall where they came from. 

Broke at 6:30 for a very quick leftovers dinner. Ate while watching Match Game '76. Joey Bishop keeps is dismayed when he can't get a kiss from the (male) contestant. He ends up trying to kiss the others - including Gene - anyway.

Settled down on the futon for Match Game PM. Tonight's was definitely one of my favorite later PM shows. Started out with Bill Daily taking off his jacket in the hope of calming a contestant and finished with a delighted Rita Moreno helping a gentleman win 20,000 for "Loud and __." And that doesn't even count all the times Fred Grandy managed to work the word "goat" into his answers.

Sale of the Century was another close one. The contestant bought two of the three Instant Bargains, but the one guy got two of the three Fame Games. He ended up jumping ahead in the Speed Round and just barely winning. He too opted to return for better prizes later.

Finished the night online with The Bellboy at Pluto TV. This is one of two Jerry Lewis movies my family owned in the 90's (the other was The Nutty Professor) and used to watch a lot. It was a particular favorite of Dad's. As the Paramount executive (Jack Kruschen) explains in the opening sequence, there's no real story to this one. Lewis plays Stanley, the weirdest, quietest, and most incompetent bellhop at the Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. It's a series of mostly pantomimed skits showing Stanley's adventures at the hotel, from conducting an imaginary orchestra to dealing with his exasperated boss Bob (Bob Clayton) to meeting the real Jerry Lewis and Milton Berle (himself) when they visit the hotel.

Obviously, your enjoyment of this one depends on your fondness for Lewis, slapstick, and silent pantomime. I think it's one of his better and more unique solo vehicles, but your mileage may vary. 

And I don't know where it came from, but sometime between Sale of the Century and the Match Game '91 premiere, a huge thunderstorm rolled in. I think it's gone now, and I'm hoping it won't be as bad as they say for the next few days.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Harts and Heroes

Slept in so long, it was 11:30 before I really got going and nearly noon before I had brunch. Watched Match Game '76 while I ate. They finished up the year with sweet George trying to get help from Charles with "Nail __." The last episode of the year featured Charles catching an egg with "Match Game '77" printed on it from a giant "Goody-Toddy bird." Balloons and streamers rained down during the finale after a speech from their boss and head producer Mark Goodson. 

Worked on my laptop for a while after that. I want to make covers for the DVD cases that don't have them, the ones I switched to slimmer cases. Tested the scanner with the Hogan's Heroes cover. That worked...but the actual printing gave me more trouble. Turns out printing out six covers and printings of the lists of episodes took up nearly all the black ink. I printed the episode lists, but eventually gave up on the cover. I still need to make covers, but I'll make them simple Photoshop affairs instead, with typed-in titles and maybe a picture pasted from Pinterest or online. 

Finally broke for a Summer Fruit Smoothie while watching the end of Rosie the Riveter on the TV Time Roku app. I go further into this low-budget World War II morale-booster with Jane Frazee as a woman riveter who has to share a room with three other people at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Rosie the Riveter

By 4:30, my feet were freezing, thanks to the heavy air conditioning in my apartment and the abundance of shade over it. Decided to warm up with a walk to Dollar General...and ended up getting a ride from a neighbor. I mostly went for chocolate chips, which are cheaper there. Also picked up a children's tea set and a card for my niece Finley's birthday on Saturday and a bottle of Dole Lemonade for a treat later. 

Surprisingly, the walk home was fairly pleasant. It was hot and sunny, into the mid-90's, but not at all humid. A lovely breeze kept it from feeling much worse. In fact, after being stuck in frigid air all day, I very much enjoyed the stroll.

Went straight into writing when I got home. Jack tries to drag Brett off, but first her boys protest, then Richard. Richard isn't as successful in saving Charles the Mad Hatter, who is surrounded by the Red King's men. Richard encourages Brett to flee with the boys before they try for them again; he'll hold them off.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 6. Made Cincinatti Chili while watching more Match Game '76. Mary Wickes, today best known for appearing in White Christmas and the Sister Act films, turned up on the panel for the first time in this episode. Gene gave her a welcoming kiss, which she very much got into! Later, the others compared a handsome white-haired contestant to Password host Allen Ludden.

Had a lemon ice cream float with lemonade and lemon cheesecake ice cream as Match Game PM came on. It was double your 70's drama hunks, as Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden and wisecracking Vega$ detective Bart Braverman joined Connie Stevens, Marcia Wallace, Bill Daily, Gene, and the regulars to greet a contestant from my native Ft. Lauderdale. He didn't do very well, though. Bill Daily ended up trying to help the female contestant with "Opening __" on the Head-to-Head.

I had trouble with dropouts and buffering all day. Opted for DVDs instead. In the first season Hogan's Heroes episode, Hogan finds out why you should "Go Light on the Heavy Water" when London tells him they have to destroy a seemingly innocuous barrel of H20. Turns out "heavy water" is used for nuclear weapons. Hogan, of course, first tells Klink it can grow his hair back, then outright replaces it with regular water. 

Finished out the night online with Hart to Hart. "Always, Elizabeth" is the second-to-last episode of the fifth and final season. Elizabeth (June Allyson) is Max's rich pen pal. He's been telling her he's a millionaire, and Jennifer and Johnathan are his staff. When Elizabeth comes to visit, the tables are turned in order to keep up the illusion. Max's romance derails quickly when Elizabeth's sleazy nephew first steals from them, then leads his nasty boss (Robert Davi) to them in order to pay off his debts.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Having a Heat Wave

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Fruit Picking Day" at the Enchanted Garden. Prince Wednesday and Daniel are disappointed when they can't reach the cherries and apples. Prince Wednesday's hand, however, is just the right size to find the special golden pear. "Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad" paint the door of his new playhouse and help his mother hold the cabinet door while she screws a handle on. 

Worked on writing for a while after breakfast. Jack (Klugman) the Red Knight yanks Brett by her arm, saying she's his prisoner. Brett claims she's nothing of the kind, and her older son Adam is even angrier. The Red King also wants to take prisoners. These people aren't playing his way. They're about to attack the tea table when Richard jumps in front of everyone...

Broke for lunch at noon. Had a Berry Smoothie while watching Match Game '76. This episode from the end of the year is the one where George, the sweet contestant with the big smile who would continue winning games for the next two weeks, picks up his first win. It ends with Gene practically attacking a cue card man for not holding his cue up properly. 

Hurried off to work as the second episode began. Work was on-and-off busy...but when it was on, we had lines around the aisles and not enough help to deal with them. Not to mention, I was dead tired and in the express line all afternoon. All I did was panic. We were so busy by 7, a manager went in for me so I could get out on time.

Hurried home, ignoring the stifling heat, and went straight into scrambled eggs and vegetables for dinner and Sale of the Century. The champ from the previous two days must have been really nervous, since she kept popping in before she had the answer to questions...and everyone missed two of the three Fame Games. The other woman finally bought all of the Instant Bargains and just jumped ahead of the one man, barely beating him in the Speed Round. She too opted to return for more prizes.

Finished the night online with The Sword of Monte Cristo at Tubi. Lady Christianne, aka "The Masked Cavalier" (Rita Corday), is a staunch crusader for justice against Louis Napoleon in 1858 France. She claims to hold the sword that can reveal the location of the Count of Monte Cristo's lost treasure. The minster of France, La Roche (Berry Kroger), wants the treasure for himself. He hopes to force Christianne's uncle (Robert Warwick) into cracking the code that'll reveal the treasure. The sword is found by Captain Renault (George Montgomery), but La Roche arrests him when the Captain realizes that La Roche intends to overthrow the Emperor. It's up to Lady Christianne to rescue him and make sure the treasure ends up in the right hands.

Too bad this is never more than a standard programmer, because I love the idea of a lady being the masked hero. Kroger has more fun as La Roche than anyone else does in the entire movie. Ok to check out on a boring night if you love swashbucklers like me.

Moved to Paramount Plus for The Love Boat after the Match Game '91 premiere. A retired journalist (Dennis Morgan) wishes it was "Another Time, Another Place," so he could love a nun (Jane Wyman) who is an old flame of his. A lady wonders "Doctor Who" when she mistakes a dry science professor (Arte Johnson) for a man who wrote a book on sex (Bert Parks). "Gopher's Engagement" is intended to be a joke in order to get a pushy mother (Jane Meadows) to back off her shy daughter (Maureen McCormick). Not only does the girl take it seriously, but the ring Gopher offers her turns out to be real and worth thousands.  Gopher and Issac have to figure out how to get the girl to back off, without hurting anyone's feelings. 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Pride and Matches

Began the morning with Blueberry-Lemon Pancakes and Yankee Doodle Mickey. This kid record from the early 80's features the Disneyland Chorus, the Disney characters, and kid singers performing familiar patriotic songs, plus "The Liberty Tree" from the movie version of Johnny Tremain. A very young Molly Ringwauld can be heard on "This Is My Country" and "God Bless America." Mickey sings the title song and joins Goofy, Donald, and the kids for a medley saluting the Armed Services. Mickey honors the Marines and the Air Force, Goofy gets the Army, and Donald, of course, the Navy.

Dashed off to work shortly after the record ended. This time, we were a lot busier, with lines occasionally down the aisles...but we also had more help. It would slow down momentarily, then suddenly get busy again. Thankfully, there were no problems whatsoever. The crowds thinned out enough by 6 for me to get out without a relief or the need for one.

Went straight home, trying to ignore the hot and humid weather. I had to figure out how to get my bike inside. I can't put it in the garage this week. The driveway's being redone. I discovered the hard way when I tried to drag it up the concrete step and into my place that I can't keep it in my apartment, either. Even with Jodie's help, it was a pain to get inside. It also takes up too much room in my narrow hall, which I tried to explain to Jodie in the first place. I may just lock it to a tree starting tomorrow morning.

Jodie gave me an Italian hoagie, which I had for dinner. Listened to my America the Beautiful record set while I ate. I found this collection of patriotic music released in honor of the 1986 Statue of Liberty restoration so long ago, I can't remember exactly when I picked it up anymore. Favorites on the first disc include "American Patrol," "This Land Is Your Land," "The Grand Canyon Suite," and a medley of George E. Cohen songs performed live, with people singing along in the background.

Worked a little bit on my fanfic after dinner. Brett angrily and drunkenly calls Jack out for being a traitor, while her oldest son Adam wants to know what's the "game" the Red King is always saying everyone should play his way. It's more like "everyone needs to follow his rules or else." He orders Orson, Charles, and the Doormouse arrested...but Richard won't let that happen.

Took a shower after I broke, then finished the night on YouTube with more Match Game featuring Fannie Flagg and Charles Nelson Reilly. They would remain popular panelists for the rest of the show's run (though Charles did take occasional hiatuses for other projects). One of Fannie's funniest appearances in 1976 had her wearing a long wavy wig and putting on a Brooklyn accent, making her look and sound a bit like Maple LaMarsh. Charles and tough guy Scoey Mitchilll changed seats and personalities for an episode later that year. Next year, Fannie was really in the dark when the lights went out completely when she tried to give an answer. In 1978, Charles encouraged a young officer to "attack!" when giving his answer.

Charles did some of his best work in a syndicated episode from 1981. Fed up with Charles' constant heckling, Gene turns the microphone over to him and takes his spot. His attempts to take answers and interview the contestant are adorably awkward and probably some of the funniest things he ever did.

Finish up Pride Month with this salute to two truly creatively matching minds!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Of Goofs and Heroes

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. The Gestapo want to learn "How to Catch a Papa Bear" when they attempt to capture Hogan. What they end up with is Newkirk, who went to talk to three suspicious agents in his place. While Hogan and the boys try to figure out how to rescue him, they also have to keep Klink and Schultz from realizing he's gone.

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. Surprisingly, today was no busier than it's been all week, despite it being the weekend. Everyone either went to the Shore, are focusing on barbecues and birthday parties, or are waiting for the beginning of the month and the 4th of July next week. We were off-and-on steady the entire afternoon, and never worse than mildly busy. Someone left rainbow-themed cupcakes and trays of cookies and sandwiches for us in the back, too, I'm guessing in honor of Pride Month. 

Finally got my schedule today, too. In good news, mostly later hours, Tuesday and next Saturday off. That does mean I'm not sure when I'll get my laundry done...and not only do I still have 8 and 7 hour days on Wednesday and Thursday, those are the days when the heat is supposed to be at its worst. 

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road. This will be the last day for at least the next week when it won't be too hot to do so. It was hazy and a lot more humid, but also cloudy and not really that hot. Even Nicholson Road was more dead that usual. I had no trouble anywhere, not even around the usual busy spots at the train bridge and the entrance to the Audubon Crossings Shopping Center. 

When I came home, a backhoe sat next to part of the driveway that had already been dug into. Jodie said they won't really be tearing the cement up until Monday. I'll have to keep the bike in my apartment until they're done. I moved my bike tools, the inner tubes, and the tire pump into my place for the duration...and I suspect, likely until I move. 

Went straight into writing after I changed. The Red King (Mark Goodson) insists that his men take the lot of them prisoner, reminding Richard (Dawson) the White Knight that he has no real jurisdiction in Wonderland. He has the eyes and ears of the King and Queen of Hearts...and he intends to use them and make everyone behave the way he wants them to.

I was so tired, I didn't break for dinner until 7:30. Had leftovers while watching more Hogan. The obnoxious Colonel Crittendon returns to take command of "Hogan's Trucking Service...We Deliver the Factory to You," as he's now in charge of the local underground. Hogan tries to blow up two bridges in the area and hold up traffic despite Crittendon's dubious assistance. 

The boys find the agents in "To the Gestapo With Love" to be far more interesting. The Germans send three very attractive agents to charm information out of them. The guys are practically lining up for it...but it's Hogan they fall for. 

Finished the night online with A Goofy Movie. I go further into this 1995 continuation of Goof Troop at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Friday, June 25, 2021

A Breezy Day In the Neighborhood

Began another beautiful morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Season 2 kicks off with "Hogan Gives a Birthday Party." Hogan and the boys intend to use a stolen German plane to bomb an oil refinery. Things go sideways when not only are they visited by a particularly obnoxious German general, but he's the one who shot Hogan down. He claims to know every move he makes...but maybe the last thing he's expecting is for his men to be incredibly loyal to him.

Switched to Blockbusters while doing the dishes. They're back around to the episodes with the mother-daughter team who decimated all comers. They made short work of the handsome fellow in the first few rounds, then the mother breezed through the Gold Run without missing a single question. They were mid-way doing the same to a woman when the show ended.

Listened to one of my K-Tel albums while getting organized before heading out for the first errand of the day. Decided to do my grocery shopping today instead of after work tomorrow and avoid rush-hour traffic. Took advantage of many sales and online coupons to pick up cherries, eggs, bananas, ice cream, zucchini, and peaches. Bought cherry-flavored dried cranberries for a recipe later. Restocked whole wheat flour, yogurt, brown sugar, milk, blueberries, and ground turkey. And no wonder I had today off. They were dead the entire time I was there, with no line at the express lane. 

When I got home, I did another second season Hogan's episode while putting everything away, and then as I made a Summer Berry-Banana Smoothie for lunch. Klink is the one in trouble when Burkhalter catches him plotting to take over and threatens him with the firing squad. Hogan and the boys become "The Schultz Brigade" to keep Klink from getting into worse trouble.

Went right back out after the episode ended. The laundry needed to be done. It must have been busy earlier; I barely got the last small front washer with the short time. Went to Family Dollar for mandarin oranges, pads, and a Baja Blast while the washer was going, but it didn't take long. Spent the rest of the time inside and out, working on story notes. It was too nice to stay inside for long! For now, at least, it remains sunny, breezy, and dry, if a tad hotter than yesterday, into the lower 80's. 

Heard giggling from the pool when I got home. As soon as I put the laundry away, I changed into my bathing suit and joined them. Rose and two of the neighborhood moms watched over Khai, Finley, Khai's friend Chloe, and another girl as they swam on noodles and ducked to the bottom to retrieve mermaid and squirting turtle toys. I first relaxed on a huge black and blue inner tube, then joined Finley and the girls to play with the turtles. Jodie brought out enormous crullers from McMillan's Bakery in Westmont for a treat.

(Oh, and it sounds like Jodie's trying to get work on repaving the driveway started Monday. Oaklyn's apparently giving her the devil of a time about it, including needing surveys and permits.)

After I got in and changed into dry clothes, I worked on writing. Everyone is happily dancing and singing again when Brett hears the pounding of horse hooves. Richard, his boys, and the Card Guards pull out their swords to protect the others, but Charles and Orson continue drinking their tea, and Gary the Doormouse passes out all together. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made turkey burgers, pasta, and baked zucchini fries while watching Match Game '76. Gene's glad to have his door repaired after he broke through it during the start of the previous episode, and he's even happier when a pretty contestant breaks a tie and turns to Richard for "__ Polo." Brett was even more nervous when she had to help a contestant win 20,000 with "__ Do You Do" on Match Game PM.

Pulled Lemon Cherry-Cranberry Cookies out of the oven while Sale of the Century ran. We had another close game, with everyone buying or winning something and no one really that ahead of anyone else. The champ didn't pull ahead until a stellar Speed Round. She once again decided she didn't want the camper and would come back tomorrow. 

Finished the night online after a shower with Charlie's Angels. Kelly and Kris are "Marathon Angels" in the third season when two runners in an all-woman marathon go missing hours before the big race. While they follow their replacements, Sabrina and Bosley follow the girls and call Charlie to ask about a sheikh's daughter who is also running in the race. 

Sophia on The Golden Girls is also competing in a race, in this case a local walk-a-thon. While she enters the 80 and over race, the others babysit for the children of the competitors. They're more than a little concerned when the father of the smallest baby girl doesn't come back for her. Blanche, who never got along well with her own children, is almost-hoping for another chance to prove she can be a good mother in "And Then There Was One."

Sports of another kind figure into the first season Designing Women episode "Grand Slam, Thank You Ma'am." Suzanne is furious when she finds out her baseball star ex-husband Jack claims to have made love with his fans behind her back in his latest book. She storms into the locker rooms to get revenge, only to learn he may have embellished the truth a tad for the publisher. 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Day In the Sunshine

Kicked off the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. The boys are supposed to execute "Operation: Briefcase" in the second season when a courier brings them an explosives-laden briefcase. The courier doesn't survive, but Hogan and the guys do what they can to get the case to a German officer who intends to take Hitler down.

Hurried off to work shortly after the episode ended. As it turned out, I didn't need to rush. We were just as dead today as we were yesterday, maybe even more. I was originally supposed to go on the register after the first two hours and let the head bagger take over. They had me in a register for all of 10 minutes around 1:30. After that, it just wasn't necessary. I spent almost the entire day outside, pushing carts and enjoying the sunny, breezy upper 70-degree weather. 

It was so nice, I took the long way home after work, despite the rush hour traffic. Everything is so green now. Lillies are out, creamy callas and flaming tigers that line the roads and wave in the breeze. Leaves are big and fat, though the grass seems to be getting a bit crunchy again.

Jodie waved me over to the pool after I pulled in. Rose and her kids, Jessa and Midnight, and a couple of neighbors were visiting. Jodie bought them pizza. I had two slices of mushroom and a slice of cheese as Rose dragged her kids out to take them home. After they left, Jessa and I stuck our feet in the warm water while Midnight sniffed around us and Jodie chatted with her friends. Another mom and her daughter arrived for a swim as we headed out.

(Jodie revealed that the driveway was originally supposed to be repaired on Monday, but she's having a hard time with the permits. She also has neighbors staying with her while they're also having their floors repaired, and she's sleeping in the den because the floor in the kitchen and living room is taking longer than planned to finish.)

Changed and went into writing after I got inside. Gary (Burghoff) the Doormouse tries to tell a stories about three sisters who lived in a molasses well, but the boys don't get it. Brett opts for another song with Charles and stuffing Gary in the tea pot instead. Richard tries to convince Charles and Orson to help him with the Red King, but they're more interested in tea and songs.

(Oh, and the full-series set for WKRP In Cincinatti showed up today, thankfully way ahead of schedule. As it turns out, the individual seasons are included in their own cases, rather than in one large case. I just got rid of the box they came in.)

Broke at 6:30 for Match Game '76. Charles comes in for ribbing when he takes off his shoes (to Brett's displeasure), revealing his large (and very flat) feet. Towards the end of the show, after someone misses a close-up, Gene reveals that one of the "camera men" is actually a camera woman. (And I love that there were camera women working on this show.)

Lay down for a rest as Match Game PM began. Jon "Bowser" Bauman, Betty White, Gary Crosby, and Laurie Macaffery of Happy Days joined in for this 1979 episode. Gene and Betty do their idea of stripping when a contestant says she's fascinated by the human body. Poor Laurie has more trouble with the Head-to-Head question "__ or Bust."

We had three new contestants on Sale of the Century. It was a very close game for the second day in a row. The Speed Round was so close, one of the women and the guy ended up in a tie. She came through in the end and decided to return for another day.

Finished off the night online with Hollywood Canteen. I go further into this 1944 showcase for the famous Los Angeles nightclub for servicemen at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

It's a Beautiful Day

Started off a fast morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Hogan and the boys are thrilled when Allied bombers attack a German bridge, but not that they failed to destroy it. They steal from the camp's weapons supply to make sure "German Bridge Is Falling Down." 

Rushed off to work right after the episode ended. It was a nice, quiet day. We were mildly busy around the usual lunch and dinner rush hours, and that was it. In addition to being between holidays and the week before the beginning of the month, it was way too beautiful for shopping. The sun was out, the sky was a brilliant blue, there was a lovely cool breeze, and the humidity vanished with the clouds yesterday. It was a perfect upper-70's day that couldn't have been nicer. I swept and did carts in the morning; when more help arrived around noon, I focused on the carts and outside trash and recycling. 

Went straight into writing when I got home. After Brett and Charles finish their number, Orson the March Hare figures he'll wake up Gary the Doormouse by getting him to tell a story. Gary's half-asleep in the teapot, but he wakes up long enough to tell a story about sisters, treacle, and a well.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '76. The feisty older man contestant had a great time here, tossing off lines and kissing all the ladies. In fact, Richard sent Fannie in to kiss him when he helped him out with the Head-to-Head!

Started Honey Spice Muffins as the next show began. It was TV hunk night on Match Game PM as Brianne Leary joined Bart Braverman of Vega$, Robert Walden from Lou Grant, Betty White, and the regulars for questions about whom a super salesman sold an autographed photo of to Brett. (Hint - almost everyone said her maybe-ex-husband, including the contestant and Brett.) Brett was more nervous when she had to help the contestant win 10,000 in the Head-to-Head with "Blast __."

Sale of the Century was another close one. Once again, everyone bought or won something, but the champ pushed ahead in the Speed Round. He finally decided not to try again after two close calls in a row and took a collection of high-end video and stereo equipment. 

Finished the night at TCM's on demand website with two comic mysteries. The comic thriller Seven Keys to Baldpate was filmed four times, including the version I watched from 1929. Novelist William McGee (Richard Dix) accepts an 5,000 bet to write a mystery in 24 hours beyond his usual melodramas. His publisher gives him the key to a summer resort that's supposed to be abandoned in the winter. Between a weird caretaker, thieves looking for the money they stashed there, and a feisty girl reporter, the place is probably busier during the winter than in the summer! McGee tries to solve the mystery...and learns a lesson that not everything that's mysterious has to be so dramatic.

No wonder this was filmed seven times. It's a fast and funny whodunnit where you're never sure if any of this is real, or if it's a part of the guy's story. Check it or the 1947 version out if you love a good, goofy mystery.

Mystery House is a lot less silly, and like Seven Keys, is also based after a book. Banker Hubert Kingery (Eric Stanley) claims he knows which of his five fellow officers forged and embezzled 5,000. Before the night's over, he's found dead. The police rule it a suicide, but his distraught daughter Gwen (Anna Nagel) knows better. She asks her crotchety aunt's nurse Sarah Keate (Ann Sheridan) and Sarah's detective boyfriend Lance O'Leary (Dick Purcell) to help find out who really killed her father.

This one trades the weird comedy for a straighter mystery, with Sarah and Lance working well together to sift through the officers and their relatives to uncover whodunnit, before they all leave the house. Honestly, both mysteries are worth checking out if you like your suspense on the lighter side or a little weird comedy with your mystery. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Rainy Daze

Began a late and rather gray morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Went with the show's second episode. The guys try to "Hold That Tiger" when they steal a tank, send its blueprints to the Allies, and reassemble it under Klink's nose. What they're not expecting is for "Tiger" to also be an attractive female spy with the French Resistance who is as clever and strong-willed as Hogan himself.

Went online after that to check a few things. A customer mentioned there was a fire at Dollar General a few weeks ago. Didn't see any mention of it being closed online, so I figured it wasn't a big fire and they reopened quickly. Checked my e-mail and saw a post mentioning that one of my Amazon Prime Day orders would show up earlier than expected. Good. I wanted more USB sticks to use for eventually scanning or creating covers for my DVD cases. 

Walking to Dollar General when I did was a big mistake. No sooner did I step out the door than it started raining. It wasn't hard at first, but it picked up just as I got across the White Horse Pike. It's a good thing all I needed were sugar, cooking spray, and oatmeal. Turns out I didn't have enough in my checking account to cover the whole thing. I had to partially pay for it out of my laundry money for the week.

Went online to check a few things when I got home, then had a berry-banana smoothie for lunch and made Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies while watching Moon Over Miami. I go further into this early tropical vehicle for Betty Grable at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Pulled the Chocolate Chip Cookies out of the oven as the second half of Tattletales began. Jack Albertson and his elegant wife Wallace were the big winners today, over kooky couple Donald Ross and Patti Deustch and diminutive ingĂ©nues Jackie Joseph and Ken Berry. The last question was especially funny, since Patti admitted that Donald pretty much lived in his own world and "only just learned the Watusi." 

My Amazon boxes arrived just as Press Your Luck began. Not only did the ports come, but the DVD cases for Hogan's Heroes, Soap, and WKRP showed up early as well. I switched Hogan's, Soap, and many of the cartoon sets to slim 4-disc cases while watching a young man dodge Whammies long enough to win two big trips and a pool table. 

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Brett joins Charles the Mad Hatter to perform "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat" on top of the tea table. The others eventually play and sing along, turning their act into a big hit. The boys want encores, but Richard would rather try to remind them that they're there to recruit the tea-loving trio to fight against the Red King.

Broke for eggs and steamed snap peas for dinner while watching Match Game '76. Gene's garish bright red coat prompted several jokes throughout the episode, including Brett running out to hug him and a crack from Richard about them visiting Disneyland. Meanwhile, Mary Ann Mobley tries to explain an especially weird clams answer from her and Brett and Charles argue in the beginning. 

Brett and Charles continued to bicker into Match Game PM as I returned to switching DVDs. Conrad Bain from Mork and Mindy, Dick and Dolly Martin, and Marcia Wallace got to join the fun here. A handsome young man who made donuts appreciated Brett helping him with "Free and __" in the Head-to-Head.

Sale of the Century once again started close, with everyone buying or winning something. The champ just barely jumped ahead in the Speed Round. He decided he really wanted to wait on some of the prizes and opted to return tomorrow. 

Finished the night online with free offerings at The Roku Channel. It's a two-for-one mystery on Charlie's Angels in the third season episode "The Jade Trap." The girls have to figure out who killed a woman millionaire living at a residential hotel for wealthy folks and how a cat burglar manages to steal treasures from supposedly secure safes in the hotel.

The ladies of The Facts of Life are excited when a real princess comes to their school in the season 4 episode "A Royal Pain." They're thrilled to have her in their room, until little Tootie (Kim Fields) learns the truth - she's run away from four schools and intends to run from theirs as well. It takes a midnight meeting after her parents don't visit to convince the girl she's better off staying and making new friends than constantly running. 

(By the way, the rain continued off and on until around dinnertime. The sun didn't come out until I was finishing my eggs.)

Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer's Off to a Hot Start

Started off my day with breakfast and a fourth season episode of Hogan's Heroes. Klink wonders "Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?" when Hogan tries to retrieve a code book from his office. Not only is he able to get it back, but he learns that Klink will be receiving an award from a propaganda director on the radio. Turns that they're supposed to kill the propaganda director...but they're less happy about that when they learn the director is a very attractive woman (Ruta Lee). 

Worked on writing for a while after I ate. The boys are more impressed than the adults when Charles tells Brett not to talk about beating Time. Time is a him, and he knows him...or did. He didn't appreciate his singing and murdering time at a concert. Brett climbs onto the table top with him for a performance to demonstrate.

Broke for a quick fruit and yogurt lunch at 11. Ran an episode of the current Muppet Babies while I ate. Fozzie's worried that newcomer Rowlf might be "The Best, Best Friend" when Kermit gets along very well with him. He first tries to compete with him to win Kermit back, then imitate him. The kids are "Counting Kermits" when he asks Bunsen and Beaker to make clones of him, so he can play with everyone. Bunsen's machine ends up making way too many clones, spreading Kermit too thin and making him understand the value of the word "no." 

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. It was a little less busy at work today, but not that much. People are still stocking up for their kids being home, and many may be worried about the storms we're supposed to have tomorrow. There's a lot of people using the WIC Checks for families with infants and young children, too, and they take time to do. Not to mention, though it was sunny, hot, and humid when I went to work, clouds began moving in around 5:30-6 PM. By the time I dashed out, it was still humid, but also windier and a lot darker. 

(By the way, I made it home just in time. It started raining about 20 minutes after I got in and has rained and thundered off and on ever since.)

Came in time for the second half of Match Game PM. Season 4 in 1979 ended with Marcia Wallace, Joe Santos of The Rockford Files, Dick Martin, and Elaine Joyce joining Gene and the regulars for jokes about what the astronauts want for recreational equipment and what instrument would put Dolly Parton in pain. Dick Martin ends up having to help a young man with the 10,000 Head-to-Head question "Off and __."

For some reason, Sale of the Century jumped way back to summer 1985. The champ bought two out of three Instant Bargains, but the one guy jumped ahead of her in the Speed Round. Since they were still letting people buy the prize or keep coming back until they could afford all of them at this point, he opted to return and try for a speed boat.

Finished the night online at Paramount Plus, starting with a second season episode of The Love Boat. A Kiss-like costumed hard rock star (Sonny Bono) learns about "The Sounds of Silence"...and figures out the sounds he'd rather make...when he falls in love with a deaf girl. Issac thinks it's "Murder on the High Seas" when he mistakes the plot a pair of mystery novel authors (Peter Lawford and Dana Wynter) are working on for an actual plot to kill the Captain. Doc tries to help a slovenly gambler (Charlie Callas) become "Cyrano De Becker" to impress his newlywed wife (Jill St. John) who wishes he'd pay more attention to her than the horse track.

Of course, there's other slovenly gamblers on Paramount Plus. Oscar Madison of The Odd Couple gets an ulcer after not taking care of himself before a big deadline. When he keeps cheating while at home, Felix figures the best way to get his friend to rest is to take him on a cruise. This ain't no Pacific Princess, though. Oscar learns that it's "Sometimes a Great Ocean" when Felix books them on a cruise for senior citizens, then drives everyone crazy trying to organize activities for them. 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dads and Matches

Started off the morning with breakfast and Silly Symphony shorts on DVD and Disney Plus in honor of the summer solstice. "Summer," "Night," and "Frolicking Fish" are all variations on the "animals sing and dance in time to classical music". "Fish" has the title sea creatures dodging an overly playful octopus. "Playful Pan" starts out as Pan brings out the animals and trees of the forest to play, but he's the only one who can save them when the woods catch fire. "Bugs In Love" are rescued from a nasty crow by their fellow bugs, who use everything from paste to needle-and-safety pin bows and arrows to get rid of it. 

"Flowers and Trees" is the first three-strip Technicolor short and the first animated short to win an Oscar. It's a bit like "Playful Pan," this time without Pan. Here, a boy and girl tree are very much in love. A withered old tree wants her for himself and attempts to burn the forest down in order to get her.

Worked on writing between cartoons. Brett's starting to think Charles the Mad Hatter is almost pretty funny, even when he starts rambling about time. Richard's just trying to recruit him and the others against the Red King, who wants everyone in the under-kingdoms to play the game his way. 

Headed out shortly after "Flowers and Trees" ended. Work wasn't busy when I arrived. It didn't pick up until after 1:30, when people returned from the Shore and realized they now had kids at home for two months that needed to be fed. At least everyone was in good moods, especially those out-of-school kids. I got two compliments on my new watch (including one from a sweet girl) and another on my smile. It did pick up later in the afternoon, to the point where I was glad that it died enough by 7 for me to leave without a relief.

Rushed home the second I got out. I wanted to catch at least a little of the Match Game Father's Day Marathon on YouTube. More fathers than you might think played this game, from actors like Tom Bosley who played dads on TV, to real dads who mentioned their children on the show. Richard Dawson had two sons, Gary and Mark, whom he was a single dad to. Gary Burghoff's little girl Gina appeared an in adorable episode where Gene carried her in with Patti Deustch and Donald Ross' son Max Ross. CHIPs actor Robert Pine's son is Chris Pine, best known for playing Steve Trevor in the current Wonder Woman films. McLean Stevenson's cute and intelligent daughter Jennifer appeared on the end of a 1978 episode. He'd bring two equally adorable and funny kids out of the audience and onto the panel to play along with them in two episodes of the 1981 syndicated shows.

Bring your dad to play along with some of the wildest fathers to ever appear on television! 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Dodging the Rain

Awoke to a slightly sunny morning. I did oversleep a bit, but not to the degree of yesterday. Had enough time for a non-rushed breakfast and a fourth season episode of Hogan's Heroes. "The Missing Klink" is the wrong target of kidnappers with the French Resistance. Hogan and the guys have to convince the Germans he's actually worth saving, before either the Resistance or the Gestpo shoot him in the back.

Hurried off to work after the episode ended. Today was the first of three cashiering days in a row...and for a holiday weekend, it could have been a lot worse. We were off and on steady all day, never overwhelmingly busy. First of all, like I told a lot of customers, most people are probably celebrating Juneteeth and Father's Day by heading for the Shore. Second, if they're not at the Shore, they're at graduation parties. Third, the weather wasn't great, sticky, cloudy, hot, and humid. It was still slow enough by 4 that I was able to shut down with no relief.

Did my grocery shopping when I got off. Grabbed molasses, two small boxes of bamboo tissues, and more honey peanut butter off the clearance racks. Most suntan lotions are buy one, get one or half-off. I went with two of the Acme's generic "dry rub" lotion. Had online coupons for mouthwash, yogurt, butter, grapes, and a donut. Found lobster cakes for dinner on a good sale, and blackberries on an even better one. Restocked apples, bananas, spinach, milk, and vanilla extract. 

My schedule next week is fairly similar to this week. Same Tuesday and Friday off, even more hours. Later days on Sunday and Monday, but at least I am off Tuesday, when we're supposed to get a major storm.

Speaking of storms, it did finally rain around when I finished up my shift. By the time I'd done my grocery shopping and headed home, the rain had slowed down to a gentle sprinkle that barely made me damp. It did pick up a little bit, but by then, I was rounding the corner onto Hillcrest. The rain died shortly after I got home, and to my knowledge, hasn't been seen since.

Returned to Hogan's Heroes while changing and putting everything away. The only way the boys can find out about "Operation: Hannibal" is through a general's daughter, who's been feeding London information. Thing is, she won't give them that info unless they guarantee her father will be safe and not find out what she's up to. 

Worked on writing for a little while after I got everything organized. The boys think the unsolvable "raven-writing desk" riddle is hilarious, as do the Mad Hatter and March Hare. After a couple of snifters of blackberry cordial, Brett's starting to see the humor, too, even if she's not happy about Charles insulting her hair. 

Broke for dinner at 7. Had the lobster cakes and leftover asparagus while watching Three Smart Girls. I go further into Deanna Durbin's first feature-length film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night at Tubi with some spooky Fantasy Island. As lovely as fantasy can be, it can also be frightening, as we learn in this third season episode. Professor Alan Briar (George Maharis) wants nothing more than "Aphrodite," the perfect woman. He thinks he finds her when a statue (Britt Ekland) of the goddess comes to life, but she's more likely to drive men to madness than to perfection. Meanwhile, psychlogist Dr. Elisbeth Griffin (Rosemary Forsyth) takes a potion that unleashes her wild side in "Dr. Jeckyl and Miss Hyde" in order to figure out why her younger sister (Maureen McCormick) is in love with a man who preys on women. 

Friday, June 18, 2021


Kicked off the morning with breakfast and Body Language. Came in for the second half of the episode, just as Betty White's contestant won. White's normally a great game show player, but unfortunately, they ended up being disqualified from the bonus round due to using props. 

They had slightly more luck on Blockbusters. The young woman and uncle/nephew pair went back and forth the entire episode. One would get a round, then the pair did. It took so long and moved so slowly, they never did get to the Gold Run in this episode. 

Switched to DVD for Hogan's Heroes while doing the dishes, making the bed, and doing things around the apartment. Started with the first season episode "The Flight of the Valkyre," or tried to. The first appearance of annoying British officer Colonel Crittendon (Bernard Fox) must have gotten scratched when it popped out of the case. The episode kept breaking up on me. 

Moved on to "The Late Inspector General," which worked fine. Colonel Klink is thrilled when he gets a promotion to run all the prisoner of war camps in Germany. The guys most definitely are not. After all, they might not be able to con another general. The five do everything they can to make Klink look bad in the eyes of his superiors. (Or at least worst than he usually does.)

(Incidentally, I intend to buy more slim DVD cases during the Amazon Prime Day sales this weekend. The huge clear cases used for full-series sets like Heroes and the one I have coming next month, WKRP In Cincinatti, don't seem to hold the discs very well. They tend to fall out when you open them.) 

Went into Match Game '76 while getting organized. Loretta Swit of MASH made her first appearance on the show since 1974, prompting a welcome kiss from Gene. Meanwhile, Betty White was of course the only one who answered "dog" to a question about whom the farmer married, Richard Dawson helps out a funny older lady (whose orange outfit matched the set) with the Head-to-Head, and big George Kennedy had a rare miss on a question.

Headed out after the episode ended. Though the laundromat was busy, I still needed to get my small load done. Strolled down to Family Dollar while it tumbled in the washer. They had the cans of mandarin oranges I wanted, but not much suntan lotion. I'll have to get that at the Acme tomorrow. Worked on story notes while everything was in the dryer.

Ran more Hogan's Heroes while I put the laundry away. Hogan and the guys learn the hard way that there's "One In Every Crowd" when American prisoner Jack Williams offers to exchange information for his freedom. They pin their latest act of sabotage on him to get the Germans to arrest him for good.

It was too nice for me to stay inside for long. The sun shined brightly, the sky was a brilliant blue, and while it was a bit warmer, it remained breezy and dry. Besides, I felt like celebrating. I survived two crazy work weeks, and the local kids just had their last day of school for the summer. Bought a slice of cheese and a slice of broccoli-tomato-ricotta from Phillies Phatties and ate it on the patio, watching girls chatter about the end of the school year and their friends and getting together later.

The Puddin' Palace replaced The Square Meal in the business district on West Clinton Avenue a few weeks ago. I've been wanting to try them, but I haven't had the time, and they sold out last weekend. The Square Meal's semi-rustic mis-matched tables and chairs were replaced by a clean white-and-silver wood-and-metal look. 

As you can guess, pudding is on the menu, every kind of pudding possible, from Sweet Cream to Red Velvet and Strawberry. I treated myself to one of the "deluxe" cups of Strawberry Shortcake, which I ate at their new metal picnic benches. Vanilla pudding with real strawberry slices mixed with strawberry crumble over strawberry-white cake. Yum! Too decadent to have all the time, but as a special treat, it was amazing. Creamy, rich, smooth, sweet. 

Went home after that and into the pool. That's something else I've wanted to do, but haven't had the chance due to work. I was hoping to get it to myself, but a couple of neighbors and their daughters were there. I still swam for a half-hour, enjoying the relaxing warm waters.

Press Your Luck was on when I got in and dried off. The first half was surprisingly quiet, with everyone winning money and only one Whammy. Things picked up considerably in the second half. The two women both hit Whammies hard, leaving the one guy to pick up a trip to the Grand Canyon and a ton of money.

Worked on writing for a while after that. Brett's annoyed initially when Charles the Mad Hatter insults her hair. She starts to enjoy herself more after a few blackberry cordials and watching Charles and Orson the March Hare explain why it's not a good idea to put butter in a watch, even if you are friends with time.

Broke for a quick smoothie dinner at 6:30. Betty White, Mary Ann Mobley, and Dick Gautier joined Gene and the regulars for the evening Match Game '76. While they all make jokes about where egg landed on when Humpty Dumpty had an affair, Brett and Betty exchange witticisms, and everyone admires a contestant's massive Afro.

Gary Burghoff took Charles' place on Match Game PM tonight. He and Vega$ hunk Bart Braverman make jokes about what a geisha girl wears when she walks on your back and where George has a giant thumb. Meanwhile, Bill Daily is more nervous than usual when he has to help the contestant win $10,000 with "__ Rub." 

Sale of the Century finished their Varsity Week with an all-around swimmer and diver, another volleyball player, and a runner. This time, the swimmer bought both Instant Bargains and won the Speed Round hands-down. He had more trouble with the Bonus Round...but he did hit the right number to win the tournament and get the jeep and a trip to Seoul, South Korea for the 1988 Summer Olympics. 

Finished the night online with Pee Wee's Big Adventure at Tubi. Pee Wee (Paul Reubens) loves his amazing, tricked-out red bike more than anything else, including his girlfriend Dottie (EG Daily). When a spoiled neighbor (Mark Holton) steals his bike, then sells it, he tracks it down from the Alamo to the real Warner Bros Studio in Culver City. He meets a lot of crazy, kooky, and even kind folks on his journey, people who remind him to follow his dream no matter what, even if it's just getting back his most treasured possession.

God, this movie is weird. You can tell it was the first big-screen assignment for Tim Burton. My sisters and I loved it when it turned up frequently on cable in the mid-late 80's. Nowadays, it's a bit much for me to really love, but there's enough I liked that I'm glad I saw it again, including Rubens' and Daily's pitch-perfect performances. If you're down with Reubens' style of child-like lunacy and Burton's grotesque in-your-face madness, you might still find a lot to enjoy here.

Went to The Love Boat on Paramount Plus for a trip on calmer waters. Kleptomaniac Maggie (Joan Van Ark) falls for a handsome psychiatrist (Stephan Keep), but can't figure out why he avoids her after they have a wonderful night together in "She Stole His Heart." "The Return of the Captain's Ne'r Do Well Brother" brings back Steubing's charming brother Marshall (Gavin McLeod) who is set to marry a silver heiress (Arlene Dahl), if his old flame (Zsa Zsa Gabor) doesn't get in the way. It's "Swag and Mag" when a tough-guy TV star (Ron Ely) tries to impress his agent (Erin Gray) and Vicki by taking on a belligerent passenger (William Boyett). 

Jumped all the way back to the first season for a "Family Reunion." A wife (Dori Brenner) traveling with her camera-obsessed husband (Robert Hayes) is crushed to discover her adored father (Bob Crane), who was believed lost at sea, is really a perpetually drunk scoundrel of a ship steward. Honeymooners (John Rubenstein and Kathy Bates) find their trip "Too Hot to Handle" when everything that can go wrong, does. A supermarket assistant manager (Bruce Solomon) finds himself in a "Cinderella Story" with the help of the crew when they pass him and his wife (Judy Luciano) off as rich advertising executives. 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Rushed Day

The alarm went off at 7. I turned over, closed my eyes for five minutes...and the next time I looked it, the clock said 7:53. Yikes! I had to work at 8:30! I rushed breakfast, changing into my work uniform, and packing lunch as fast I could. Dashed out the door and made it work just in time.

Work was the same as yesterday...which is to say, it started out all right. Once again, the weather was glorious, sunny, breezy, and just warm enough. I spent the morning rounding up the trash and recycling, sweeping the store, and pushing carts. I did get stuck in a register once, but only to go in for someone's break. Things didn't get crazy until after lunch. Then, they suddenly wanted me to do everything at once - clean the bathrooms, put away cold items, sweep the store, clean up messes - which meant the carts ended up empty. I had no help at all this time, either. The head bagger was a cashier today; the evening bagger came in as I left. Thank goodness I was able to spend the last hour refilling them. 

Dashed out as fast as possible when 4 PM hit. Even though Nicholson Road was busy with people heading home from work or to Audubon Crossings for shopping, I still took the long way home. It was too nice not to at least enjoy some of the weather. Those huge storms may have disrupted a lot of things around here, but they've sure helped the flora. The trees and grass are emerald green again, and the roses gleam in Technicolor shades of red, pink, peach, and lavender. 

Put on an episode of Hogan's Heroes when I got home while I changed, had a snack, and got organized. Hogan convinces Klink to "Color the Luftwaffe Red" when he insists on him and his boys painting their new headquarters. Kinch wants to plant bugs...but things get more complicated when Hogan grabs a top-secret map and Schultz insists on taking them into town for beer.

Went online after the episode ended to do some writing. The Doormouse (Gary Burghoff) pops his head out of the tea pot long enough for Orson the March Hare to remind him that they have other guests. He retrieves Brett's sons Adam and David, who ended up there while looking for their mother. Brett's thrilled to see them again. She wants to take them home, but they're hungry, so Brett figures it wouldn't hurt to stick around a little longer for tea sandwiches...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made egg salad with spring vegetables while watching Match Game '76. Gene and Brett happily encourage a female contestant who insists that she might be the first woman president someday. Interestingly, the Audience Match question is "Ladies ___."

Dick Martin takes Charles' place in a Match Game PM episode from 1979. Gene decides to sit in Brianne Leary's lap while reading a question for Bill Daily, which doesn't amuse Brianne one bit! Brianne has even less luck with the Audience Match "The Red __." 

Varsity Week continues on Sale of the Century. This time, we had a girl swimmer and a boy and girl cheerleader. The female cheerleader picked up both Instant Bargains, jumped ahead in the Speed Round, and won the Bonus Round with time to spare.

As I closed the curtains in my bedroom, I heard voices laughing outside, just under the window. Jodie apparently recruited the neighbors to help her weed the garden in front of my bedroom. Some of those weeds were half-way up the window! They were just trying to cut them down as I closed the curtains and hit the bathroom for my shower.

(And I don't know why Jodie didn't ask me to do the weeding. I used to help Mom when I was a kid. I would have helped her.)

Finished the night with Two Sisters from Boston at TCM. I go further into this nostalgic tale about a woman from a strict Boston family who ends up singing in a Bowery dive at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Beautiful Day for Heroes

Began the morning with breakfast and more fourth season Hogan's Heroes. "Guess Who Came to Dinner?" Beautiful German informant Heidi, who claims she wants to get out of the country. The guys are all for it, until they learn that her previous underground contact was arrested. Hogan convinces Klink to hold a dinner for her and find out if she's trustworthy.

Caught the first half of To Tell the Truth before I headed to work. Tom Kennedy joined Bill Cullen, Peggy Cass, and Kitty Carlisle in this episode. My mother, who loves crafts, would likely appreciate the lady who spins her own thread from any animal that can make it and weaves her own cloth. The panel was split between sensible #3 and sweet #1; I went with #1. Turned out to be #3, who even showed off her creations.

Headed off to work as soon as the panel made their decisions. It wasn't really busy in the morning. The weather was too gorgeous to be busy! It was sunny, breezy, and warm but not humid. Perfect for mid-June. 

I did have to clean up a broken soy sauce bottle early in the day, but it didn't really get crazy until later in the afternoon. The afternoon bagger also happens to be one of the people who is able to take orders for at-home shoppers. They got backed up on online orders and recruited her...which meant I suddenly had no help. They told me to put away cold items...then in the middle of that, told me to sweep...and before I could do that, told me to mop up the floor next to a register that was supposedly so dirty, no one would come in it. Of course, by the time I dragged the mop over, someone opened that very register and had a long line. After that, I gave up, left the mopping to the incoming evening bagger, and spent my last hour gathering carts.

Needless to say, I rushed straight home after that. Had a snack, then went into writing. Charles the Mad Hatter and Orson the March Hare's antics are increasingly driving Brett nuts. They're not helping Richard with recruiting them to help the White King, either. Charles finally pacifies Brett when he tells her they have other familiar guests...

Broke for dinner and Match Game '76 at 6:30. Ethel Merman returned for her second and final week on the show in tonight's episode, joined by goofy Joyce Bulifant and Avery Schriber. While Ethel tried to get Brett to pipe down, the others gave some interesting answers to the Audience Match "Body ___." 

Match Game PM got a little wilder. Connie Stevens, Don Galloway, and Marcia Wallace joined Gene and the regulars to answer why it's so strange for a man to order off the menu in French at a __ restaurant. Connie ended up having to try to help the pretty college student contestant win 10,000 with "No ___."

Varsity Week continues on Sale of the Century. This time, we had a swimmer, another massive football player, and a track star. Just like yesterday, the kids started out close, but the boy jumped ahead in the second half and just won the Speed Round. He too did well in the Bonus Round and picked up the money with time to spare.

Finished the night at Sundance TV online with the third season episodes of Hogan's Heroes currently there. Hogan wants to know "Is There a Doctor In the House?" when Klink gets the flu and is in danger of being sent away for his health. LeBeau insists that his grandmere's mustard plaster is just the thing to cure him. Not only does it work, but it helps in other ways when they need a distraction from the escapee they're helping.

Klink's happy to say "Hogan Go Home" when Hogan's called back to the US. The others aren't as thrilled, especially when his replacement turns out to be daffy Colonel Crittendon (Bernard Fox). Hogan has no desire to leave his men in the addle-brained officer's hands, especially when he realizes the train that's supposed to take him to another camp is due to be blown up by his troops!

Newkirk gets into a major jam in "Sticky Wicket Newkirk" when he's caught contacting a beautiful spy. Not only is he in danger of being transferred to another camp, but it turns out that the spy isn't what he thinks she is. They have to convince the Nazis that the spy isn't telling the truth.

A lovely spy also figures into "Duel of Honor." Hogan convinces their current contact to come onto Klink in order to distract him and let them get an important list out of Germany. It works too well, upsetting the ranks and getting Klink into trouble.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Warm Afternoon In Late Spring

Began my morning with breakfast and Body Language. Wacky Jm J. Bullock and Lynn Swann were the ones acting out the puzzles today. It ultimately came down to their two contestants in a tie-breaking puzzle. Jm's lady did win the tie-breaker, but they had a harder time with the bonus round, just missing the last word.

Blockbusters started off with the uncle-nephew pair winning their second round. The nephew had a shaky start on the Gold Run, but he did finally win them 5,000. They were mid-way through their first round with another gentleman as the show ended.

Went straight into taking down the spring decorations and putting up what I have for summer and the 4th of July after I ate. I know summer doesn't technically start until Sunday, but given it was in the 90's last week and is supposed to stay in the 80's this week, I think we're already there. I don't really have much for summer anyway besides a few sunflower-themed hangings, a small sunflower and vine wreath, and three stuffed flamingoes. I do have more patriotic decorations for the 4th, including three angel wooden blocks with "USA" on them, a red white and blue door knob bell, two mini-Beanie Bears and a Care Bear with patriotic prints, large flags I hung over the living room/kitchen windows, a banner I strung in front of the large window in my bedroom, and a huge cardboard flag I taped on the door to the main house. 

Ran a couple of third season Hogan's Heroes episodes as I worked. Schultz runs into a "Clearance Sale at the Black Market" when he overhears Klink and several dealers discussing the shipment of goods. Klink's superiors assign him to the Russian Front to get rid of him. Worried that his replacement will be a lot tougher, Hogan and the guys do whatever it takes to keep him around.

It's "Klink Vs. the Gonculator" when he catches the guys making a rabbit trap, and Schultz is convinced it's a super-secret weapon. The guys aren't happy at first, until they realize they can use Klink's mistake to lure an electrical expert to the camp.

Headed out for a quick Dollar General run on a sunny, warm day shortly after the episode ended. I forgot canola oil and vanilla at the Acme on Saturday. They were out of the real vanilla, but I was able to get the oil. Treated myself to my favorite pecan roll. Evidently, Pepsi revived their "Dew S. A" fruit mix flavor from a few years ago for the summer, possibly in honor of the Summer Olympics. Picked up a bottle of that for later. 

Went straight into Match Game '76 as I got organized when I arrived home. Fannie Flagg comes in for ribbing about her spelling of "Minnie Pearl" in the opening. Later, the others help contestants named Maggie Smith and Ed Sullivan figure out what type of food Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke really eats. 

Went online for an hour before starting my Zoom appointment with my counselor Mrs. Stahl. I spent it explaining everything that's happened since last February. For the most part, I've been fairly lucky. The pandemic doubled my hours at work. Between my increased paychecks, a larger-than-usual tax refund, and the stimulus checks, I'd have money in the bank even if Dad hadn't died. I do miss Dad, but at least he went at home, surrounded by people he loved. Breaking my arm last year could have been worse, too. It gave me the time to fully focus on moving. 

My only complaints, other than I wish they'd fully open the libraries, are work and having to move soon. Considering the tiny size of the apartment, I probably wouldn't have stayed here 15 years, even if Dad had lived. Trouble is, it's hard to find any type of dwelling around here, even apartments. I'm seriously fed up with the Acme, too. No wonder everyone would rather wait and see than rush back to work. Wish I could get away with that, but I need the health insurance.

Had a quick berry smoothie lunch while watching more Hogan's Heroes. Skipped ahead a bit to "Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?" The Blue Baron was once a classmate of Klink's. The boys would love to find out the location of the secret airfield where he works and holds a party to reunite them. There's just one problem - the Baron crashed with Klink during training and hates him. Hogan has to figure out how to get him to come, regardless of his feelings about the head of the camp.

Did the dishes during the second half of Tattletales. Happily married dancers Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce came from behind to be the big winners, over comedian Shecky Greene and his Hawaiian wife Nelani Kele and Greg Mullavey and Meredith MacRae. Went through papers on top of the printer while Press Your Luck was on. The Whammies didn't really hit until the second round. The winner not only hit one, but picked up two trips and a pool table for his trouble. 

Moved the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Flash Gordon novels out to the half-empty shelf in the hall while the show was on, then moved the smaller shelf to the living room for overflow DVDs. Vacuumed after I realized how many leaves were getting in from the front patio and how bad the hall looked.

Worked on writing for a while after I finished. Brett, Richard, and the others sit down at the tea table, only for Orson the March Hare to tell them they shouldn't sit down when they're not invited. Charles the Mad Hatter lets them stay. Brett starts to regret it when he offers her wine and there isn't any and asks weird riddles that have no answers. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had chicken legs poached in wine sauce, steamed snap peas, and brown rice for dinner while watching more Match Game '76. Darlene was finally defeated in the previous episode by a lady with the last name Stuckey, apparently a food emporium Gene once did a commercial for. Fannie's dyslexic spelling comes in for jokes near the end here, too.

Made the Fruit-Oatmeal Bars from Molly's Cooking Studio with real fruit instead of dried fruit after dinner. Match Game PM was another very funny episode from 1979. A bearded Bill Daily was especially wild here. He stripped off his suit vest (which somehow ended up on Lee Merriweather next to him) and ate his bad answers. Patti Deustch was extra-sarcastic under her lack of bangs, too.

For some reason, Sale of the Century flipped back to their Varsity Week during the summer of 1988. Today's teen contestants were a volleyball player, a cheerleader, and a linebacker whose shoulders were even wider than Jim Perry's. The kids were close during the first half, but the volleyball player bought both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash and won the Speed Round hands down. Had no trouble with the Bonus Round, either. 

Finished off the night with One Sunday Afternoon on TCM. I go further into this 1890's comedy-drama with Dennis Morgan and Dorothy Malone on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Monday, June 14, 2021

I'm All Right

Kicked off the morning with reading for Flag Day from the Colliers Harvest of Holidays. The longer pieces were a short story on Betsy Ross and how she came to make the first flag, and a really interesting story on three generations of woman flag-makers who crafted the flag that served as the inspiration for "The Star Spangled Banner." There were also several poems and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Had breakfast and put on more Hogan's Heroes after I got out of bed. This time, my fingers grabbed disc 1, season 3, so I did "Nights In Shining Armor." The inmates of Stalag 13 discover a load of bullet-proof vests dropped by the Allies outside the base. They try to figure out how to use the arrival of a German officer to get the vests to the French Resistance, with the help of Resistance member DuBois.

Worked on writing for a while after I ate and did the dishes. They arrive at the Mad Tea Party, an untidy tea table set for 20 with mismatched chairs between a New York brownstone and a Vermont fishing shack. Orson Bean the March Hare rushes out to tell them there's no room at the table, but he's unusually alone...

Broke for a berry smoothie at 11:30. Moved back a bit on the Hogan's Heroes disc for "How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis." The prisoners hope to turn a Swedish scientist who just created an explosions formula over to the Allied side, but he's more interested in his formula than the war. Hogan introduces him to a beautiful singer at a nightclub who definitely makes him reconsider his neutrality. 

Hurried off to work after the episode ended, waving to Rose cleaning the pool as I left. Work wasn't nearly as busy or as much of a problem as yesterday. We had more than enough help, for once, to the point where I spent most of the last two hours of my shift shelving candy. There was so much help by 6 PM, I was able to leave with no complaints whatsoever. 

Went straight into Southwestern Spinach Salad and Match Game '76 after I got home and changed. Darlene, the beautiful blonde who spent a lot of her time on the show flirting with Richard, became the show's all-time champ at that point when Fannie helped her with "Blow Your __." Meanwhile, Charles made jokes about finding the key to a certain motel room in Encino.

The Match Game PM episodes was one of my favorites from the later nighttime run. Vintage kids show puppet pair Kukla and Ollie became the first non-humans to appear on Match Game that week. While Brett flirted shamelessly with them, Eva Gabor helped a very sweet and nervous contestant with "Free and __" in the Head-to-Head.

Sale of the Century started close, with everyone winning or buying something. The champ pulled ahead by the second half and won the Speed Round by a wide margin. He had a lot more problems with the Bonus Round this time, though.

Finished the night on Tubi with Caddyshack. Danny Noonan (Dennis O'Keefe) works as a caddy at an exclusive country club in Illinois. He mainly caddies for gad-about rich man Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), the son of one of the club's founders. Danny's trying to cozy up to Judge Smalls (Ted Knight), the club's other founder, who is in charge of a college scholarship for caddies. The stuffy club is shaken up by the arrival of Al Czervick (Rodney Dangerfield), a loud and colorful golfer who just hit it big and is spending as much as he can as fast as he can. He and Smalls get into a rivalry right away, swapping wagers as Czervick continually gets on Smalls' goat, culminating in the duo holding a team golf match to see who is the better golfer. Meanwhile, Danny also has a crush on Smalls' niece Lacey (Cindy Morgan), to the frustration of his Irish waitress girlfriend Maggie (Sarah Holcomb), and loopy groundskeeper Carl (Bill Murray) wages war on a particularly pesky groundhog who is decimating the courts. 

For all the problems - the story lurches from incident to incident with no real rhyme or reason, some of the jokes are incredibly dated, Murray's scenes seem to have come from a different movie entirely -  there's still a lot of comic gold to be mined here. Murray, Dangerfield, Chase, and Knight all put in career-best performances, with Dangerfield's in particularly taking him out of the clubs and into major film stardom in the early and mid-80's. Extra points for so much of the film being improvised, including almost all of Murray's dialogue. Look for a killer soundtrack too, including the smash hit "I'm All Right" by Kenny Loggins. 

Highly recommended for fans of any of the major comics, sports comedies, or the "slobs vs snobs" comedies of the early 80's. 

Oh, and the rain that threatened off and on all day thankfully waited until I was long online and chatting with Lauren to come down. It's been thundering and pouring off and on ever since. And Jodie's finally home - I heard her really sneezing a few hours ago, once for five minutes in a row. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Just In Time

Began a pleasant morning with Strawberry Almond Pancakes and the original cast album of Bells are Ringing. Holliday appears on this one, too...and she does sound a bit better here, given she wasn't sick then. The biggest loss in the film version was the hit ballad "Long Before I Knew You," which was replaced by the not-bad duet "Better Than a Dream." Sue and the gangster also had a duet, "Salzburg," that didn't make it into the film, either. 

Worked on writing for a while after I ate. Sir Richard the White Knight explains as they gallop through the forest how the Red Knight used to be one of the White King's most trusted men...until the Red King captured and tortured him. Now he helps the Red King capture others who haven't followed his rules and won't play the game his way. Brett relates the Cheshire Catwoman's concerns that something may have happened to the Mad Hatter, that he may not be as mad as usual...

Broke at 11 to get ready for work. Listened to Prime Time Musicals in honor of Through the Looking Glass yesterday. This Verasae Sarabande CD features songs from vintage TV musicals like On the Flip Side and No Man Can Tame Me that are extremely rare today. (The exception is the Barry Manilow movie version of Copacabana and the Gene Kelly Jack and the Beanstalk, which are on DVD.) Other good ones include "A Ride On a Rainbow" from Ruggles of Red Gap, "One Day at a Time" from High Tor, and the lovely "Listen to Your Heart" from a version of Pinocchio featuring Mickey Rooney. 

Hurried out even before the CD ended. For once, I did get into work on time. It wasn't so bad in the early afternoon, when people were still at barbecues. By evening, they were all picking up groceries for the week, and we didn't have nearly enough help to deal with them. Two teenage boys called out; a young woman didn't show. (The latter is apparently pregnant, so she at least has an excuse.) 

And I'm not sure what happened, but sometime in the early evening, someone started screaming at the top of their lungs at one of the managers in charge of customer service. We even had to call the police in. It unnerved the customer who pulled into my register so badly, she swore she'd never shop with us again.

I think you can guess that I took off the second I finished. Even with a cloudy, windy, relatively cool day, I still figured I'd be safer on the road. At least it wasn't busy anywhere but Oaklyn's main drag on West Clinton. It was so busy, the brand-new Puddin' Palace was closed for the weekend because they'd sold out.

Thankfully, Hogan's Heroes: The Complete Series finally waited for me on the porch when I got home. I originally ordered it from Amazon...and then re-ordered it when it took a lot longer than it should have arriving. Considering how anti-war my parents were, they did enjoy their war sitcoms. Mom and Dad were big MASH fans, and Dad loved Hogan's Heroes (and McHale's Navy, too). 

Grabbed the first disc my hand could reach when I opened the case, which turned out to be the first disc of the fourth season. Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane) learns to "Never Play Cards With Strangers" when he spends several very boring dinner parties entertaining a high-ranking German official while the other guys try to blow up a factory turning out important war equipment.

Finished off the night after a shower on YouTube with Match Game episodes in honor of Pride Month. Two of my favorite panelists are homosexual actor, director, and acting teacher Charles Nelson Reilly and lesbian writer and comedienne Fannie Flagg, so I did episodes that featured them. They both made their first appearances early in the series in 1973. Charles showed off the shorts he wore with his suit jacket, while Fannie was the first lady Gene made feel welcome with a kiss (though on the neck rather than the lips). 

Fannie turned up in a Girl Scout uniform in a memorable 1974 episode that also featured a question joking about who gives the worst answers on the show...and the panelist almost everyone picked on. Charles name came up in an Audience Match the next week, though "Riley" wasn't spelled the same. 

One of, if not my favorite Charles episode is his return to the show in 1975 after a six-month hiatus to direct a Broadway play. Only Charles would "drop in" via flying harness and a stuffed bird! Later that year, Fannie has a major flirtation with a handsome contestant that leads to her fainting after he kisses her during the Audience Match and Richard shows off his own version of Fannie's infamous printed t-shirts and sweaters that says "Fannie Flagg Wears Falsies." 

Here's the earliest appearances of two of the show's most popular and hilarious panelists! Look for more from the later years of the show next Sunday.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Rainbow Connections

Kicked off the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Mickey's Choo Choo Express" is more-or-less this show's second Christmas episode. Mickey and the gang use a train to pick up the rest of their friends to enjoy Professor Ludwig Von Drake's non-melting snow. They have to stick to a timetable and figure out what to give Conductor Pete when he stops them and who their "mystery guests" are.

Headed out after the episode ended. I had a lot of errands to run, starting with a brief stop at the CVS on the border of Oaklyn and Collingswood. I needed a sparkling water and money for the farm market later.

The Collingswood Farm Market was packed when I finally pulled in around quarter after 11. The late spring and early summer harvest is in full swing now. Booths groan with giant yellow squash and zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, cherries, peas, asparagus, beets, and every type of leafy green there is. Dogs still aren't allowed and the food is still packaged and not to be eaten there, but otherwise, things are pretty normal. Musicians sang and played "The Rainbow Connection" as I strolled from booth to booth. Strawberries were already sold out, but I did pick up cherries, North Carolina blueberries, bananas from the tropical fruit wholesaler, snap peas, fresh feta from the dairy booth, and a cucumber. 

Rode to and from the Farm Market through Newton Lake Park. It couldn't have been a nicer day for a bike ride. While cloudy, it was also breezy and much cooler, likely in the upper 70's-lower 80's. The wind left bottle green ripples on the waters of the river and ruffled the deep green leaves on the shore.

Put everything away, then grabbed my laundry and went right back out. While I didn't have a huge load like on Monday, I still needed clean work clothes. Worked on story notes while they were in the washer, then strolled down to WaWa for a frozen hot chocolate and a soft pretzel.

As I walked back from WaWa, I noticed tents and crowds on the street between the empty grass lot where Newton Diner used to be and the art building. Strolled across the street and down the block to check it out. The booths sold rainbow-themed silk-screened shirts, jewelry, and other crafts in honor of Pride Month. Kids painted rainbow colors on rocks and their faces and pirouetted in colorful tutus, while their parents bought hot dogs and burgers from food trucks. Balloon artists twisted creatures from latex for the kids on the lot, while a man delighted the kids with massive bubbles from huge bubble wands.

Quickly folded everything and put it away when I got home, then went out once again. I noticed a sign on my way to the laundromat indicating a vendor fair. The town set up a small craft show on the road leading to the library. It wasn't nearly as large or as noisy as the one by the art building. I admired some of the crafts and moved on.

My last stop for the day was the Acme for grocery shopping and my schedule. Strawberries were buy one, get one this week; they'd make up for missing the ones at the farm market. Had online coupons for the expensive OGX shampoos and conditioners, Acme generic cereal, Turkey Hill ice cream, and free eggs. Found ground turkey and a crabmeat-stuffed flounder fillet with manager's coupons. Restocked milk, white flour, yogurt, and chicken drumsticks. 

My schedule next week is somewhat of an improvement. Still long hours and a lot of them, but at least they're separated. I asked for Tuesday off for counseling; got next Friday off as well. 

Went straight home after I finished. Had a Banana-Berry Smoothie for lunch, then made Blueberry Muffins while watching the 1966 version of Through the Looking Glass. I go further into this musical TV extravaganza at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Musicals On TV - Through the Looking Glass (1966)

Worked on writing after the movie ended. Richard and his sons explain that the Red King only wants to play games his way and run all of the Underground Realms by his strict rules. Anyone who doesn't follow his rules - to the letter - will be punished. That's why he attacked the Caucus Race earlier. They played games the Red King didn't approve of with no rules. 

Broke at 6:30. Made a delicious summer meal of flounder stuffed with crab meat, spinach salad with feta cheese, and roasted potatoes for dinner while watching Alice at the Palace. This 1981 filming of a Broadway stage version of Alice featured Meryl Streep as the curious title character, along with Mark Linn-Baker of Perfect Strangers as the sweet mime White Knight, Russian Mock Turtle, and both rabbits, Debbie Allen as a ruthless showgirl Queen of Hearts, and Betty Aberlin of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood as Alice's sister, one of the queens in Looking Glass Land, and the female singer in the Lobster Quadrille.

Finished the night online with one of my favorite animated films, The Secret of NIMH, at Tubi. Mrs. Brisby (Elizabeth Hartman) is supposed to be moving her children just prior to planting season on the fields, but her son Timmy (Ian Fried) is desperately ill with pneumonia. Crotchety family friend Auntie Shrew (Hermoine Badderly) suggests she visit The Great Owl (John Carradine). This awe-inspiring fowl directs her to the resourceful rats who live in the rose bush on the farm. Mrs. Brisby discovers that not only are they far from ordinary rats, but her late husband Johnathan once saved their lives when they escaped from an animal testing facility. Wise old Nichodemus (Derek Jacobi) gives her a special amulet and tells her they'll move her home, before they leave for good. Scheming Jenner (Paul Shenar) has his own ideas of where they belong. In the end, it takes an act of true courage for Mrs. Brisby to show everyone how strong a mother's love can be.

Gorgeous animation and a ravishing Jerry Goldsmith score makes Don Bluth's first effort by far the best of  his films. Great cast, too, with Hartman touching as stronger-than-she-looks Mrs. Brisby, Jacobi and Carradine appropriately majestic as the larger, more intelligent animals who help her along, and Dom DeLouise hilarious as bumbling crow Jeremy. Frank discussions of death, illness, and animal testing and two gristly on-screen deaths make this strictly for older kids who love animal stories or sword-and-sorcery-style fantasy tales. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

All Gummed Up

Kicked off a cloudy, gray morning with breakfast and Body Language. Mindy Cahn of The Facts of Life and Tom Villard of One Crazy Summer lead two teen girls through the last week of Teen Month. Though Cahn and her girl got all the guesses in one puzzle and earned the kid a Commodore computer, Tom's girl answered the final tie-breaker puzzle. They didn't have as much luck with the bonus round, though.

The solo lady did better on Blockbusters. She only missed two questions on the Gold Run. The episode ended half-way through her first round with a pair of brothers.

Despite a soft shower, I had to head out. I had that dental appointment in Westmont at 11:30; made it with five minutes to spare. This time, I was seeing the gum doctor, or periodontist. No needles, filling, or drilling necessary. They just took more x-rays and the doctor poked around in my mouth a bit. 

Verdict...yeah, I have some gum disease. It's likely at least partially inherited; Mom and Rose have both complained about gum problems, losing teeth, and needing root canals. He said that, ironically, they may not be able to save the tooth that's in the midst of that root canal, but may be able to fix the bad one behind it...and are going to do everything they can to make sure no other teeth need to be pulled. He said I need to come back for a scaling next month, after my root canal. 

Since the rain still came down at that point, I went next-door after my appointment to Dollar Tree. Bought regular sponges and softer ones I use for my dry erase board. It was a bit busy there, but then, it was also noon, and a lot of people stop at Westmont Plaza to do shopping going to or from the offices on Cuthbert Road and Cherry Hill. That could explain why I had trouble crossing Cuthbert on my way home as well.

Went inside for a quick smoothie lunch when I got in. It took me so long to decide on a TV show, I just went with an episode of Cheers from the third season. "Sam Turns the Other Cheek" when he accidentally shoots himself in the rear after calming a customer's jealous husband. Embarrassed, he lies and tells everyone he foiled a robbery. Diane knows better than to believe him, though...and so does the husband. Meanwhile, Cliff is more than a little surprised when Norm accepts his low offer for a house.

It continued to shower lightly as I went outside to wait for Jessa. She and her Yorkie-Shizu-tizu mix puppy Midnight arrived for me around quarter of 3. Between Midnight's presence and the bad weather, we finally decided we were better off eating at my place. I ordered her a grilled chicken hoagie and me a chicken gyro and Wild Cherry Pepsi at Phillies Phatties.

Super Password ended as I put on Buzzr and we had our lunches, me at the kitchen table, Jessa at the futon. Gene Rayburn and his beloved wife Helen were the big winners on Tattletales, over Bill Macy and his then-girlfriend Samantha and Patty Duke and John Astin. Press Your Luck started off quiet, but really picked up in the second half when everyone but the eventual champ got slammed with Whammies. (Midnight spent the hour sniffing around the table for crumbs, trying to paw himself a little nest on the futon, and cuddling into his mommy.)

Went into writing after they left. Richard and his sons Gary and Mark further explain their situation. Richard's wife fled over the sea, leaving their sons in his care. He's teaching them the ins and outs of being knights. Brett explains about her sons running off and that she's not overly happy with their father right now, or that Richard and his men couldn't help the animals at the Caucus Race. Richard explains the Red Knight, his rival, detained them.

Broke at 6:30 to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Watched Match Game '76 as I looked for recipes. Anitra Ford ended her run on the show with Gene happily showing off her brief top and tight star-spangled pants. The contestant continues her winning run, but runs into a few bumps with Richard "Dickie Do" Dawson and the Head-to-Head.

Started the cookies by the time Match Game PM began. Charles answers the Audience Match "Code __" with "Code of Arms"...which does turn out to be in the 100 dollar spot. Charles is so annoyed with it being there, he tears his name off the Star Wheel! Meanwhile, Joyce Bulifant tries to help the very blue-clad contestant with "Mill ___" in the Head-to-Head.

Slid the perfectly chewy cookies out of the oven during Sale of the Century. We had another close game this time, at least in the beginning. The champ started pulling ahead around the time he bought the Instant Cash. He won decisively in the Speed Round, but had more trouble with the Bonus Round this time.

Ended the night online with two Love Boat episodes. "The Captain's Ne'er-Do-Well Brother" is Marshall (Gavin McLeod in a double role), who romances rich women to in order to finance his upscale lifestyle. He's floored when his most recent conquest, a wealthy oil field owner (Diane Ladd), actually falls for him. A woman (Connie Stevens) who found out a handsome young man (Kent McCord) is her "Perfect Match" via a computer dating service wants him to be the father of her baby, but he wants a real relationship. Julie's recently widowed aunt (Florence Henderson) is shocked when a passenger (James Broderick) is her deceased husband's double, then doesn't know how to act when he turns out to be less like "The Remake" than she thought.

Gopher's shocked when his widowed mother (Ethel Merman) turns up on the Pacific Princess with a handsome man (Gene Rayburn) in tow and spends the cruise having wild parties and doing crazy activities with him. She says "Not So Fast, Gopher" when he tries to break up her fun, thinking that she's not honoring the memory of his father. A beautiful British socialite (Haley Mills) asks a handsome young man "Haven't We Met Before?" He nervously tells her he's a banker when he was really a waiter. A Korean reporter (Momo Yashima) who is proud of her heritage is upset when a comic (Johnny Yune) makes jokes about Korea that she finds offensive in a "Foreign Exchange." It takes Gopher's mother to explain why others consider him to be funny.