Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Nothing But the Tooth

Started off a fast morning after oversleeping with breakfast and Blockbusters. We had a lady going up against a father-son duo in a close game. The lady won and they were working on their second round when I grabbed my purse and hurried out.

I ended up being five minutes late for my second dental appointment. They were waiting for me when I arrived. For all the plastic the doctor put around my tooth and all the needles used to numb my mouth, he didn't end up actually doing the root canal today. Turns out not only is the one tooth really bad, but the one behind it at the left bottom end may not be savable, either. He did drill and fill one of the teeth; apparently, if the bone heals by the time of my appointment in July, he'll continue with the root canal and not pull anything else.

Went straight home after I left the dentist's office. Watched Match Game '76 as I got organized and had a snack. Didi Conn, best known today as Frenchy in the Grease films, joined for these episodes as a long-time winner was finally defeated in the first episode. In the second, the contestant who replaced her drew a rather embarassing blank on "Arc ___," going with "Arc Rival"...and I think you can guess that Richard didn't say that. 

Headed out as soon as the show ended. Needed to get my laundry done. I would have put it off, but it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I had a fairly large load, too. Between the tooth and the toe, I wasn't up to a lot of running around. Besides, there isn't much I need right now. It wasn't that busy and I probably could have sat inside, but...I think I like sitting outside. It's nice to be out in the fresh air, working on story notes and watching the cars go by.

When I got home, I signed my TV up for Paramount Plus, then put on The Love Boat in honor of the late Gavin McLeod while making a Tropical Smoothie for lunch. A wine-tasting contest on a cruise to the Virgin Island brings together a pair of wine connoisseurs (Leslie Uggams, Robert Gulliame) who are "Two Grapes On the Vine." A couple (Tanya Tucker and Michael Goodwin) get a "Deductible Divorce" every year to file their taxes cheaper, but an old friend of hers (Robert Walden) may make her rethink their constant divorce-marriage cycle. Julie's "Aunt Sylvia" (Carol Channing) tries to help her friend Betsy (Betty White) catch the eye of handsome and wealthy Elliot Banning (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), but he's more interested in the vivacious aunt.

Had just enough time for Press Your Luck after the show ended. A Russian immigrant discovers the delights of capitalism when he's the only one in the second round who isn't slammed with Whammies. He eventually picks up over 2,000 dollars for his troubles. (Left the rent on Jodie's side of the house while the show was on, too.)

Worked on writing for a while next. The much-vaunted White Knight turns out to be Richard Dawson; his young squires are his sons Gary and Mark. Sir Richard gallantly pulls out a carrot and hands it to Brett, who does manage to get it into her mouth. She ducks out the back while the others argue over whether or not to burn the house down.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made salmon with maple-vegetable sauce, roasted asparagus, and tri-color pasta while watching more Match Game '76. Ron Pallilo of Welcome Back, Kotter made his first appearance on the show (and must have enjoyed it, as he would return several more times in '76 and '77). This was one of the episodes that turned up on the YouTube Memorial Day Marathon on Monday. An Army officer had a rough time with his questions, including one about an elevator rider complaining about the operator stopping fast and what ended up around her knees.

It was a showcase of beloved game show hosts as Bob Barker joined with Gene, the regulars, and sweetly silly blondes Joyce Bulifant and Eva Gabor on Match Game PM. Bob couldn't resist slipping in a few Price Is Right references, especially in the beginning. While Eva and Joyce proved that they aren't as thick-headed as their reputation suggest, Richard Dawson got to help a contestant with "__ It Away." Made Chocolate Muffins while the show was on. 

Despite her concerns after yesterday's close game and everyone going home with something, the champ dominated most of today's Sale of the Century. They've moved on to celebrating New Year's, with a trip to New York among the prizes. The champ blew everyone away in the Speed Round, but she still had trouble with the Bonus Round.

Finished the night online continuing my Gavin McLeod marathon. McLeod's other famous role would be Murray Slaughter, the good-natured, sarcastic head newsroom writer on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Began with "The Slaughter Affair" from Season 2. Murray took a second job as a cab driver to make money to buy a car for his wife Marie (Joyce Bulifant), but he's not good at hiding it. He's falling asleep at work, and Marie thinks he's having an affair with Mary.

"Murray Faces Life" in Season 3 when a former classmate won an award for writing. Lou and Mary try to get him out of it, but it doesn't work. It takes Mary crying over his bad mood to finally make him realize he's got a lot to live for.

Murray's saying "I Love a Piano" in Season 5 when he meets a charming divorcee (Barbara Barrie) at one of Mary's parties. They hit it off so well, he considers having an affair with her. The others advise against it.

"What Do You Want to Do When You Produce?" Sue Ann Nivens (Betty White) asks Murray in Season 6 when she hires him to be the producer of her show The Happy Homemaker. While the job may make more money, it also entails mostly him being a glorified whipping boy for demanding Sue Ann. Lou (Ed Asner) and Mary take matters into their own hands after Marie comes to them crying because her husband has changed so much.

Returned to The Love Boat for the final show of the night. Doc's family friend Erica Dupont (Jennilee Harrison) works on the cruise ship to pay for her wedding, but is first afraid she'll be caught by her wealthy fiancée's snobbish parents, then by her fiancée himself (Stephan Shortridge) in "Here Comes the Bride - Maybe." A woman with two suitors she thinks are after her fox hound thinks she's being "Sly as a Fox" when she tells them the dog has run off...but they both come back anyway. The crew do everything they can to dissuade "The Captain's Replacement" (McLean Stevenson) from taking command. 

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