Friday, June 11, 2021

All Gummed Up

Kicked off a cloudy, gray morning with breakfast and Body Language. Mindy Cahn of The Facts of Life and Tom Villard of One Crazy Summer lead two teen girls through the last week of Teen Month. Though Cahn and her girl got all the guesses in one puzzle and earned the kid a Commodore computer, Tom's girl answered the final tie-breaker puzzle. They didn't have as much luck with the bonus round, though.

The solo lady did better on Blockbusters. She only missed two questions on the Gold Run. The episode ended half-way through her first round with a pair of brothers.

Despite a soft shower, I had to head out. I had that dental appointment in Westmont at 11:30; made it with five minutes to spare. This time, I was seeing the gum doctor, or periodontist. No needles, filling, or drilling necessary. They just took more x-rays and the doctor poked around in my mouth a bit. 

Verdict...yeah, I have some gum disease. It's likely at least partially inherited; Mom and Rose have both complained about gum problems, losing teeth, and needing root canals. He said that, ironically, they may not be able to save the tooth that's in the midst of that root canal, but may be able to fix the bad one behind it...and are going to do everything they can to make sure no other teeth need to be pulled. He said I need to come back for a scaling next month, after my root canal. 

Since the rain still came down at that point, I went next-door after my appointment to Dollar Tree. Bought regular sponges and softer ones I use for my dry erase board. It was a bit busy there, but then, it was also noon, and a lot of people stop at Westmont Plaza to do shopping going to or from the offices on Cuthbert Road and Cherry Hill. That could explain why I had trouble crossing Cuthbert on my way home as well.

Went inside for a quick smoothie lunch when I got in. It took me so long to decide on a TV show, I just went with an episode of Cheers from the third season. "Sam Turns the Other Cheek" when he accidentally shoots himself in the rear after calming a customer's jealous husband. Embarrassed, he lies and tells everyone he foiled a robbery. Diane knows better than to believe him, though...and so does the husband. Meanwhile, Cliff is more than a little surprised when Norm accepts his low offer for a house.

It continued to shower lightly as I went outside to wait for Jessa. She and her Yorkie-Shizu-tizu mix puppy Midnight arrived for me around quarter of 3. Between Midnight's presence and the bad weather, we finally decided we were better off eating at my place. I ordered her a grilled chicken hoagie and me a chicken gyro and Wild Cherry Pepsi at Phillies Phatties.

Super Password ended as I put on Buzzr and we had our lunches, me at the kitchen table, Jessa at the futon. Gene Rayburn and his beloved wife Helen were the big winners on Tattletales, over Bill Macy and his then-girlfriend Samantha and Patty Duke and John Astin. Press Your Luck started off quiet, but really picked up in the second half when everyone but the eventual champ got slammed with Whammies. (Midnight spent the hour sniffing around the table for crumbs, trying to paw himself a little nest on the futon, and cuddling into his mommy.)

Went into writing after they left. Richard and his sons Gary and Mark further explain their situation. Richard's wife fled over the sea, leaving their sons in his care. He's teaching them the ins and outs of being knights. Brett explains about her sons running off and that she's not overly happy with their father right now, or that Richard and his men couldn't help the animals at the Caucus Race. Richard explains the Red Knight, his rival, detained them.

Broke at 6:30 to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Watched Match Game '76 as I looked for recipes. Anitra Ford ended her run on the show with Gene happily showing off her brief top and tight star-spangled pants. The contestant continues her winning run, but runs into a few bumps with Richard "Dickie Do" Dawson and the Head-to-Head.

Started the cookies by the time Match Game PM began. Charles answers the Audience Match "Code __" with "Code of Arms"...which does turn out to be in the 100 dollar spot. Charles is so annoyed with it being there, he tears his name off the Star Wheel! Meanwhile, Joyce Bulifant tries to help the very blue-clad contestant with "Mill ___" in the Head-to-Head.

Slid the perfectly chewy cookies out of the oven during Sale of the Century. We had another close game this time, at least in the beginning. The champ started pulling ahead around the time he bought the Instant Cash. He won decisively in the Speed Round, but had more trouble with the Bonus Round this time.

Ended the night online with two Love Boat episodes. "The Captain's Ne'er-Do-Well Brother" is Marshall (Gavin McLeod in a double role), who romances rich women to in order to finance his upscale lifestyle. He's floored when his most recent conquest, a wealthy oil field owner (Diane Ladd), actually falls for him. A woman (Connie Stevens) who found out a handsome young man (Kent McCord) is her "Perfect Match" via a computer dating service wants him to be the father of her baby, but he wants a real relationship. Julie's recently widowed aunt (Florence Henderson) is shocked when a passenger (James Broderick) is her deceased husband's double, then doesn't know how to act when he turns out to be less like "The Remake" than she thought.

Gopher's shocked when his widowed mother (Ethel Merman) turns up on the Pacific Princess with a handsome man (Gene Rayburn) in tow and spends the cruise having wild parties and doing crazy activities with him. She says "Not So Fast, Gopher" when he tries to break up her fun, thinking that she's not honoring the memory of his father. A beautiful British socialite (Haley Mills) asks a handsome young man "Haven't We Met Before?" He nervously tells her he's a banker when he was really a waiter. A Korean reporter (Momo Yashima) who is proud of her heritage is upset when a comic (Johnny Yune) makes jokes about Korea that she finds offensive in a "Foreign Exchange." It takes Gopher's mother to explain why others consider him to be funny. 

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