Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Yes, It's Hot Enough for Me

Started off the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "Movies are Your Best Escape" for the guys as they try to help two couriers make it to London with important papers. They finally decided to convince Klink and the other Germans in the camp that the war is going badly for them.

Dashed off to work even before the episode ended. Though I did do the outside trash and recycling and swept in the morning, I spent most of the day doing carts in the 90-degree heat. I slathered myself with suntan lotion at least three times and went inside frequently for water. I also ended up missing a sweep when the afternoon bagger left early to care for her daughter, as she didn't trust the sitter with her. Needless to say, I ran home as soon as possible, dodging rush-hour traffic. 

(And the next person who asks if it's hot enough for me will end up eating a cart. Yes, it was crazy-hot again today, but this time, it was humid, too. A stiff breeze did help somewhat.)

Went into writing as soon as I got in and changed. Everyone takes off from the tea party at once. The Red King sends his men after Orson, Gary, and Charles as they run into the woods with their tea things. Richard manages to get Jack on the ground long enough for Brett to flee with her boys. They wonder if they're lost again, until the Cheshire Catwoman (Lee Merriweather) reveals a door in a tree that takes them back into the main hall where they came from. 

Broke at 6:30 for a very quick leftovers dinner. Ate while watching Match Game '76. Joey Bishop keeps is dismayed when he can't get a kiss from the (male) contestant. He ends up trying to kiss the others - including Gene - anyway.

Settled down on the futon for Match Game PM. Tonight's was definitely one of my favorite later PM shows. Started out with Bill Daily taking off his jacket in the hope of calming a contestant and finished with a delighted Rita Moreno helping a gentleman win 20,000 for "Loud and __." And that doesn't even count all the times Fred Grandy managed to work the word "goat" into his answers.

Sale of the Century was another close one. The contestant bought two of the three Instant Bargains, but the one guy got two of the three Fame Games. He ended up jumping ahead in the Speed Round and just barely winning. He too opted to return for better prizes later.

Finished the night online with The Bellboy at Pluto TV. This is one of two Jerry Lewis movies my family owned in the 90's (the other was The Nutty Professor) and used to watch a lot. It was a particular favorite of Dad's. As the Paramount executive (Jack Kruschen) explains in the opening sequence, there's no real story to this one. Lewis plays Stanley, the weirdest, quietest, and most incompetent bellhop at the Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. It's a series of mostly pantomimed skits showing Stanley's adventures at the hotel, from conducting an imaginary orchestra to dealing with his exasperated boss Bob (Bob Clayton) to meeting the real Jerry Lewis and Milton Berle (himself) when they visit the hotel.

Obviously, your enjoyment of this one depends on your fondness for Lewis, slapstick, and silent pantomime. I think it's one of his better and more unique solo vehicles, but your mileage may vary. 

And I don't know where it came from, but sometime between Sale of the Century and the Match Game '91 premiere, a huge thunderstorm rolled in. I think it's gone now, and I'm hoping it won't be as bad as they say for the next few days.

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