Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Rainy Daze

Began a late and rather gray morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Went with the show's second episode. The guys try to "Hold That Tiger" when they steal a tank, send its blueprints to the Allies, and reassemble it under Klink's nose. What they're not expecting is for "Tiger" to also be an attractive female spy with the French Resistance who is as clever and strong-willed as Hogan himself.

Went online after that to check a few things. A customer mentioned there was a fire at Dollar General a few weeks ago. Didn't see any mention of it being closed online, so I figured it wasn't a big fire and they reopened quickly. Checked my e-mail and saw a post mentioning that one of my Amazon Prime Day orders would show up earlier than expected. Good. I wanted more USB sticks to use for eventually scanning or creating covers for my DVD cases. 

Walking to Dollar General when I did was a big mistake. No sooner did I step out the door than it started raining. It wasn't hard at first, but it picked up just as I got across the White Horse Pike. It's a good thing all I needed were sugar, cooking spray, and oatmeal. Turns out I didn't have enough in my checking account to cover the whole thing. I had to partially pay for it out of my laundry money for the week.

Went online to check a few things when I got home, then had a berry-banana smoothie for lunch and made Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies while watching Moon Over Miami. I go further into this early tropical vehicle for Betty Grable at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Pulled the Chocolate Chip Cookies out of the oven as the second half of Tattletales began. Jack Albertson and his elegant wife Wallace were the big winners today, over kooky couple Donald Ross and Patti Deustch and diminutive ingĂ©nues Jackie Joseph and Ken Berry. The last question was especially funny, since Patti admitted that Donald pretty much lived in his own world and "only just learned the Watusi." 

My Amazon boxes arrived just as Press Your Luck began. Not only did the ports come, but the DVD cases for Hogan's Heroes, Soap, and WKRP showed up early as well. I switched Hogan's, Soap, and many of the cartoon sets to slim 4-disc cases while watching a young man dodge Whammies long enough to win two big trips and a pool table. 

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Brett joins Charles the Mad Hatter to perform "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat" on top of the tea table. The others eventually play and sing along, turning their act into a big hit. The boys want encores, but Richard would rather try to remind them that they're there to recruit the tea-loving trio to fight against the Red King.

Broke for eggs and steamed snap peas for dinner while watching Match Game '76. Gene's garish bright red coat prompted several jokes throughout the episode, including Brett running out to hug him and a crack from Richard about them visiting Disneyland. Meanwhile, Mary Ann Mobley tries to explain an especially weird clams answer from her and Brett and Charles argue in the beginning. 

Brett and Charles continued to bicker into Match Game PM as I returned to switching DVDs. Conrad Bain from Mork and Mindy, Dick and Dolly Martin, and Marcia Wallace got to join the fun here. A handsome young man who made donuts appreciated Brett helping him with "Free and __" in the Head-to-Head.

Sale of the Century once again started close, with everyone buying or winning something. The champ just barely jumped ahead in the Speed Round. He decided he really wanted to wait on some of the prizes and opted to return tomorrow. 

Finished the night online with free offerings at The Roku Channel. It's a two-for-one mystery on Charlie's Angels in the third season episode "The Jade Trap." The girls have to figure out who killed a woman millionaire living at a residential hotel for wealthy folks and how a cat burglar manages to steal treasures from supposedly secure safes in the hotel.

The ladies of The Facts of Life are excited when a real princess comes to their school in the season 4 episode "A Royal Pain." They're thrilled to have her in their room, until little Tootie (Kim Fields) learns the truth - she's run away from four schools and intends to run from theirs as well. It takes a midnight meeting after her parents don't visit to convince the girl she's better off staying and making new friends than constantly running. 

(By the way, the rain continued off and on until around dinnertime. The sun didn't come out until I was finishing my eggs.)

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