Thursday, June 10, 2021

June Is Bustin' Out All Over

Began the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel does "Sharing at the Library" when he and O the Owl want to take out the same book, then decide to read it together. Likewise, Dan encourages Katerina to share the puppets rather than doing the whole show herself. "Daniel Shares With Margaret" when his baby sister wants to play with his sticker book. The funny places she puts her stickers leads to him making up some pretty creative stories about them.

Switched to Disney Plus for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while doing the dishes and getting ready for work. The gang is called to help their favorite big guy cat take "Prince Pete's Catnap." He just can't fall asleep, no matter how hard he tries. The others try to find ways for him to fall asleep.

Hurried off to work shortly after Mickey ended. Work was pretty quiet when I arrived. In fact, I spent most of the morning helping shelve piles of candy. I even received a few lovely compliments on my new watch from kindly customers. It picked up after about 1:30, to the point where we were short on help again and had long lines, Thankfully, they died quickly, and I was able to rush out without a relief or the need for one.

No wonder we were so quiet. The weather was gorgeous today. While it remains humid, it was also windy and a bit less warm, probably in the lower 80's. Took the long way home down Nicholson Road to celebrate my being off until Sunday. It was busy until I got into Oaklyn, after which the traffic disappeared. The rain has helped local gardens; everything is so green now. Gardens overflow with lilies, roses, and hydrangeas, Emerald green leaves wave in the breezes. 

Went straight into writing when I got home. Sir Richard Dawson explains why he's there when he gives Brett a lift to the Mad Tea Party. The Red King has attacked Looking Glass Land, where he's from. He's trying to drum up support for his White King Gene and White Queen Helen to rebel against the Red King's strict rules. He took in his three Card Guards (Greg Morris, Bert Convy, and Larry Hovis) after they were exiled by the Queen of Hearts for accidentally planting white roses instead of red.

Broke to have nachos for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '76 while I ate. I'm so glad Buzzr got original Price Is Right model Anitra Ford to allow the week she was on to finally be seen in 2018. It's one of the funniest weeks of the entire year. Richard spends the week flirting with a gorgeous blonde who apparently was his date when they were on The Dating Game together a few years before. She calls him "Dickie Do," to the amusement of the others. 

Match Game PM brings in Foster Brooks next to Brett for a round of drunk jokes (to Charles' annoyance). Charles is happier when answering what game show Charles Manson appeared on, and later with the Audience Match "Cocktail ___."

We had another really close game on Sale of the Century. This time, no one bought any Instant Bargains, but they did buy the Instant Cash. In the end. the champ won the Speed Round by one question and breezed through the Bonus Round.

Finished the night online with Bells are Ringing. I go further into this romantic comedy for Dean Martin and Judy Holliday that proved to be the final film for the latter at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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