Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Warm Afternoon In Late Spring

Began my morning with breakfast and Body Language. Wacky Jm J. Bullock and Lynn Swann were the ones acting out the puzzles today. It ultimately came down to their two contestants in a tie-breaking puzzle. Jm's lady did win the tie-breaker, but they had a harder time with the bonus round, just missing the last word.

Blockbusters started off with the uncle-nephew pair winning their second round. The nephew had a shaky start on the Gold Run, but he did finally win them 5,000. They were mid-way through their first round with another gentleman as the show ended.

Went straight into taking down the spring decorations and putting up what I have for summer and the 4th of July after I ate. I know summer doesn't technically start until Sunday, but given it was in the 90's last week and is supposed to stay in the 80's this week, I think we're already there. I don't really have much for summer anyway besides a few sunflower-themed hangings, a small sunflower and vine wreath, and three stuffed flamingoes. I do have more patriotic decorations for the 4th, including three angel wooden blocks with "USA" on them, a red white and blue door knob bell, two mini-Beanie Bears and a Care Bear with patriotic prints, large flags I hung over the living room/kitchen windows, a banner I strung in front of the large window in my bedroom, and a huge cardboard flag I taped on the door to the main house. 

Ran a couple of third season Hogan's Heroes episodes as I worked. Schultz runs into a "Clearance Sale at the Black Market" when he overhears Klink and several dealers discussing the shipment of goods. Klink's superiors assign him to the Russian Front to get rid of him. Worried that his replacement will be a lot tougher, Hogan and the guys do whatever it takes to keep him around.

It's "Klink Vs. the Gonculator" when he catches the guys making a rabbit trap, and Schultz is convinced it's a super-secret weapon. The guys aren't happy at first, until they realize they can use Klink's mistake to lure an electrical expert to the camp.

Headed out for a quick Dollar General run on a sunny, warm day shortly after the episode ended. I forgot canola oil and vanilla at the Acme on Saturday. They were out of the real vanilla, but I was able to get the oil. Treated myself to my favorite pecan roll. Evidently, Pepsi revived their "Dew S. A" fruit mix flavor from a few years ago for the summer, possibly in honor of the Summer Olympics. Picked up a bottle of that for later. 

Went straight into Match Game '76 as I got organized when I arrived home. Fannie Flagg comes in for ribbing about her spelling of "Minnie Pearl" in the opening. Later, the others help contestants named Maggie Smith and Ed Sullivan figure out what type of food Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke really eats. 

Went online for an hour before starting my Zoom appointment with my counselor Mrs. Stahl. I spent it explaining everything that's happened since last February. For the most part, I've been fairly lucky. The pandemic doubled my hours at work. Between my increased paychecks, a larger-than-usual tax refund, and the stimulus checks, I'd have money in the bank even if Dad hadn't died. I do miss Dad, but at least he went at home, surrounded by people he loved. Breaking my arm last year could have been worse, too. It gave me the time to fully focus on moving. 

My only complaints, other than I wish they'd fully open the libraries, are work and having to move soon. Considering the tiny size of the apartment, I probably wouldn't have stayed here 15 years, even if Dad had lived. Trouble is, it's hard to find any type of dwelling around here, even apartments. I'm seriously fed up with the Acme, too. No wonder everyone would rather wait and see than rush back to work. Wish I could get away with that, but I need the health insurance.

Had a quick berry smoothie lunch while watching more Hogan's Heroes. Skipped ahead a bit to "Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?" The Blue Baron was once a classmate of Klink's. The boys would love to find out the location of the secret airfield where he works and holds a party to reunite them. There's just one problem - the Baron crashed with Klink during training and hates him. Hogan has to figure out how to get him to come, regardless of his feelings about the head of the camp.

Did the dishes during the second half of Tattletales. Happily married dancers Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce came from behind to be the big winners, over comedian Shecky Greene and his Hawaiian wife Nelani Kele and Greg Mullavey and Meredith MacRae. Went through papers on top of the printer while Press Your Luck was on. The Whammies didn't really hit until the second round. The winner not only hit one, but picked up two trips and a pool table for his trouble. 

Moved the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Flash Gordon novels out to the half-empty shelf in the hall while the show was on, then moved the smaller shelf to the living room for overflow DVDs. Vacuumed after I realized how many leaves were getting in from the front patio and how bad the hall looked.

Worked on writing for a while after I finished. Brett, Richard, and the others sit down at the tea table, only for Orson the March Hare to tell them they shouldn't sit down when they're not invited. Charles the Mad Hatter lets them stay. Brett starts to regret it when he offers her wine and there isn't any and asks weird riddles that have no answers. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had chicken legs poached in wine sauce, steamed snap peas, and brown rice for dinner while watching more Match Game '76. Darlene was finally defeated in the previous episode by a lady with the last name Stuckey, apparently a food emporium Gene once did a commercial for. Fannie's dyslexic spelling comes in for jokes near the end here, too.

Made the Fruit-Oatmeal Bars from Molly's Cooking Studio with real fruit instead of dried fruit after dinner. Match Game PM was another very funny episode from 1979. A bearded Bill Daily was especially wild here. He stripped off his suit vest (which somehow ended up on Lee Merriweather next to him) and ate his bad answers. Patti Deustch was extra-sarcastic under her lack of bangs, too.

For some reason, Sale of the Century flipped back to their Varsity Week during the summer of 1988. Today's teen contestants were a volleyball player, a cheerleader, and a linebacker whose shoulders were even wider than Jim Perry's. The kids were close during the first half, but the volleyball player bought both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash and won the Speed Round hands down. Had no trouble with the Bonus Round, either. 

Finished off the night with One Sunday Afternoon on TCM. I go further into this 1890's comedy-drama with Dennis Morgan and Dorothy Malone on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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