Monday, June 28, 2021

Having a Heat Wave

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Fruit Picking Day" at the Enchanted Garden. Prince Wednesday and Daniel are disappointed when they can't reach the cherries and apples. Prince Wednesday's hand, however, is just the right size to find the special golden pear. "Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad" paint the door of his new playhouse and help his mother hold the cabinet door while she screws a handle on. 

Worked on writing for a while after breakfast. Jack (Klugman) the Red Knight yanks Brett by her arm, saying she's his prisoner. Brett claims she's nothing of the kind, and her older son Adam is even angrier. The Red King also wants to take prisoners. These people aren't playing his way. They're about to attack the tea table when Richard jumps in front of everyone...

Broke for lunch at noon. Had a Berry Smoothie while watching Match Game '76. This episode from the end of the year is the one where George, the sweet contestant with the big smile who would continue winning games for the next two weeks, picks up his first win. It ends with Gene practically attacking a cue card man for not holding his cue up properly. 

Hurried off to work as the second episode began. Work was on-and-off busy...but when it was on, we had lines around the aisles and not enough help to deal with them. Not to mention, I was dead tired and in the express line all afternoon. All I did was panic. We were so busy by 7, a manager went in for me so I could get out on time.

Hurried home, ignoring the stifling heat, and went straight into scrambled eggs and vegetables for dinner and Sale of the Century. The champ from the previous two days must have been really nervous, since she kept popping in before she had the answer to questions...and everyone missed two of the three Fame Games. The other woman finally bought all of the Instant Bargains and just jumped ahead of the one man, barely beating him in the Speed Round. She too opted to return for more prizes.

Finished the night online with The Sword of Monte Cristo at Tubi. Lady Christianne, aka "The Masked Cavalier" (Rita Corday), is a staunch crusader for justice against Louis Napoleon in 1858 France. She claims to hold the sword that can reveal the location of the Count of Monte Cristo's lost treasure. The minster of France, La Roche (Berry Kroger), wants the treasure for himself. He hopes to force Christianne's uncle (Robert Warwick) into cracking the code that'll reveal the treasure. The sword is found by Captain Renault (George Montgomery), but La Roche arrests him when the Captain realizes that La Roche intends to overthrow the Emperor. It's up to Lady Christianne to rescue him and make sure the treasure ends up in the right hands.

Too bad this is never more than a standard programmer, because I love the idea of a lady being the masked hero. Kroger has more fun as La Roche than anyone else does in the entire movie. Ok to check out on a boring night if you love swashbucklers like me.

Moved to Paramount Plus for The Love Boat after the Match Game '91 premiere. A retired journalist (Dennis Morgan) wishes it was "Another Time, Another Place," so he could love a nun (Jane Wyman) who is an old flame of his. A lady wonders "Doctor Who" when she mistakes a dry science professor (Arte Johnson) for a man who wrote a book on sex (Bert Parks). "Gopher's Engagement" is intended to be a joke in order to get a pushy mother (Jane Meadows) to back off her shy daughter (Maureen McCormick). Not only does the girl take it seriously, but the ring Gopher offers her turns out to be real and worth thousands.  Gopher and Issac have to figure out how to get the girl to back off, without hurting anyone's feelings. 

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